Libra New Moon Ritual: Attract Love

Make it a doppia! It’s twosome time with our Libra new moon ritual for the arrival of the moonbeams in this sign.

This Libra new moon ritual ignites the spirit of partnership and cooperation. Libra is the sign of balance, ensuring that opposites will attract.

Libra new moon ritual: Cupid’s Candle

The intention of making a candle for Cupid is to attract love or to improve a relationship you are in.

First, be sure you are attracting an available partner into your life. In other words, don’t devote this candle to someone already in a relationship. If you are in love with someone who is taken (we realize that happens), you could devote the candle to divine timing. Ask the universe to reveal to you the right moment for a sacred union to manifest and to set release you from attachment until that time arrives. Another option? Ask Cupid to send you someone to love even more than that unavailable paramour.

What you’ll need for this Libra new moon ritual

  • a pink candle (pink is the color that represents romantic love, reconciliation, and a heart-centered connection)
  • a carving tool, like a small knife or just a safety pin
  • a candle or votive (be sure the candle is free of glass or container)

With your tool, carve your name into the candle wax and then carve the name of your beloved or simply “my future love.” Don’t fuss with how you carve the letters, so long as you can read them! If you feel like etching a heart into the wax, go for it! Our friend Gala Darling likes to roll her candles in glitter (bling is very much in alignment with the sparkle of a Libra new moon!)

Create a lovely space to burn your candle. We like to collect vintage metal trays on which there is often space for other objects like crystals, love notes or wish lists of your romantic desires. Set a small piece of aluminum foil under the candle to collect melted wax. Let the candle burn down fully while you are present or light it during the course of a week while visualizing yourself receiving the love you desire.

Other Libra new moon ritual ideas

  • Celebrate peace. Watch a documentary about an activist bringing harmony and love to the world. Invite friends to join you on Netflix Party and have a salon-style discussion.
  • Libra loves to get fancy. Throw a socially distanced cocktail (or mocktail) party to give your friends an excuse to dress up.
  • Take a painting or ceramics class, a crafting workshop, or a guitar or singing lesson.
  • Frame photos of the people you adore to surround yourself with reminders of love and community.
  • Write a pros and cons list about anything that’s left you feeling indecisive (Libra needs to see both sides before making a decision).
  • Photo by George Becker from Pexels


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