Style Horoscopes by Zodiac Sign

Style horoscopes reveal your sign’s personal style. How you dress and present yourself to the world is written in the stars. Plus tips for the best color for your sign to wear and more.

Style horoscopes, by zodiac sign

Aries Style Horoscope

You like to be the first (and the only one) to debut a daring style. And you could care less if your sartorial experimentation brings a citation from the fashion police. You know they’ll be attempting the very same look in a season.

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Taurus Style Horoscope

Ruled by tasteful, beauty-conscious Venus, you think of your clothes as investments and may have an impressive collection of classic designer pieces hanging in your carefully curated closet.

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Gemini Style Horoscope

A social butterfly to the core, outfits must be versatile enough to morph from day to night. Layers are the key to going from “boardroom appropriate” to “bar-opening sexy” with a change of shoes and jacket. With so many people to mingle with along the way, t’s not like you’re going to make it home to change in between events!

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Cancer Style Horoscope

Although you can be thrifty, you’ll splurge on bespoke finds. You also love upscale vintage, especially hand-selected pieces sold in quaint little consignment shops. As the sign of the motherhood, you can make “granny chic” look good in the right measure: crocheted pullovers, floral prints and shawls.

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Leo Style Horoscope

Whether you’re embracing maximalist glamour or power dressing in a tailored suit, you want all eyes on you when you step into a room. As the sign that rules drama, you like to look as if you’re on a Hollywood set: Jackie O glasses (she was a Leo), giant hats, and bright colors from head to toe. Or, you may sing an ode to the jungle with animal prints, safari-inspired neutrals, tribal jewelry and colorful patterns.

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Virgo Style Horoscope

You have a complex preparation ritual and you hate to be rushed. Give yourself ample time, whether you’re blowing out your hair, applying lashes, or steaming your suit until it’s free of every last wrinkle.

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Libra Style Horoscope

Your sign rules balance, and that’s key. A little color or detail goes a long way, so keep it subtle—but not so much that you fade into the background. You love anything coordinated, like a pantsuit or dyed-to-match shoes. Libras look great in jewel tones, and should avoid dull or heavy colors. Patterns truly pop on you, whether you’re wearing printed yoga wear or delicately batiked silks.

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Scorpio Style Horoscope

Your style may be sexy, even a little vampy. A black leather jacket and moto boots are style staples. Fishnet and spiky-heeled knee-high boots just work on you, and you probably have at least one tattoo or piercing. You look great in a vintage band tee or lumberjack plaids. And of course, what you’re wearing underneath it all (if anything) may be the most intriguing part of your outfit.

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Sagittarius Style Horoscope

Casual, non-confining elegance with a bohemian twist suits you best. Denim is a style staple: stock up on jeans, denim skirts, and shorts in unique rinses and hues. Since your sign rules the hips and thighs, it’s essential that you find the right pocket style and cut to accentuate your curves. Always have a cardigan or blazer to throw over your shoulders since you might be gone from sunup well past sundown.

Capricorn Style Horoscope

Keep it simple. You’re a classic earth sign who looks great in well-tailored basics, and you should build your wardrobe around that concept. On casual days, Capricorn style is right at home in muted colors, fisherman sweaters, Breton striped tops, and designer denim.

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Aquarius Style Horoscope

Originality is a must for you, whether you’re the sporty Aquarius or the hippie type. A good section of your closet should be dedicated to one-of-a-kind pieces from indie designers, vintage shops or tiny bazaars from your travels around the world. You love to accessorize with jewelry from local artisans, or even pieces that you’ve crafted yourself. You’re a people-person, and if your clothes are conversation pieces, all the better by you. 

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Pisces Style Horoscope

Your dreamy sign is connected to the ethereal realm, and some Pisces draw sartorial inspiration from mermaids, fairies, angels and other magical creatures. Flutter about in wing-sleeved shirts, filmy layers, sequined shrugs, floaty dresses that shimmer and sparkle. A born mystic and old soul, you might incorporate fortune-teller touches like shawls, capes and headwraps.

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