Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

March 2017

Slow down, Sagittarius. The Sun is in Pisces and your domestic fourth house until March 20, calling for nurturing and reflection. Your go-go-go sign tends to fire on all cylinders, but once a year, the stars mandate a rest period. Enjoy downtime at home, making your nest feel like a sanctuary or bingeing out on your favorite TV series. Shut out the world a little (no guilt!) and focus on self-care. Women play a special role with the Sun in this feminine sector, so catch up with the ladies in your life.
Getting a break won't be effortless though, since your ruling planet, Jupiter, will have two cosmic dust-ups this month. Expansive Jupiter, which is retrograde from February 6 to June 9, will tangle with rebellious Uranus and power-monger Pluto. These tense aspects could wildly disrupt the balance in both personal and political arenas. Over the course of a year, Jupiter will have three rounds of these celestial clashes. The last two were in November and December 2016, so expect another round of whatever came up over the holidays. Hopefully this midpoint will bring more resolution than revolution—but it's likely to be a mix of those two at best.
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On March 3, Jupiter, which is in Libra and your eleventh house of groups, friendships and technology, will form a tense opposition to unpredictable Uranus in Aries and your fifth house of romance, drama and creativity. Part of you wants to rise above a high-voltage situation, but you can't stop yourself from getting involved. Distractions abound. You could feel overwhelmed by a million projects or be involved in one too many activities or obligations. You're no stranger to biting off more than you can chew, Sag, but with these two hotheaded planets at odds, you just might snap. Before you unload on a colleague or romantic partner, pause for a cause. If you can't clear the air productively, call a time-out. It's better than burning a bridge. Trying to mix too many oil-and-water types will backfire now. While you're normally gifted at bringing vastly different people together, today’s an exception. The bigger lesson here: Know your limits—and respect them. Despite your superhuman abilities to pull things off in record time, the chaos could be too much, so reduce your speed and proceed with caution.
A clear-eyed moment arrives on March 12, when the Virgo full moon illuminates your tenth house of structure, career and long-term plans. Take a giant step back, Archer. This is a marathon, not a sprint—and you may find peace in remembering that. This full moon is the culmination of events sparked by the September 1, 2016, Virgo new moon, which was also a potent solar eclipse. A professional goal could come together with a flourish, along with hard-earned public recognition. If you've been unsure which direction to take on your path, la luna could bring long-awaited lucidity, perhaps through a mentor or an unexpected opportunity. An important man in your life, possibly your father, may play a major role in these events.
Your joie de vivre returns with a vengeance on March 20, when the Sun blazes into Aries, heating up your playful and passionate fifth house for a month. Bring on the spring fever! Shake off those reclusive Pisces-season vibes, put on something sexy and enjoy a few glamorous nights out. Dive into a creative project and let yourself have fun, even if things get a little messy in the process.
The March 27 Aries new moon is a huge moment for love and self-expression. That day, the bold Sun, communicator Mercury, innovative Uranus AND romantic Venus are all together in Aries. Here's a giant green light to be your fiery Sagittarius self! Don't hold back one iota of your outspoken and trailblazing energy. Just be sure to channel it into an uplifting message and spread the love—no trolling allowed! A refreshing burst of "live and let live" authenticity, though? Yes, please. By flying your freak flag at full mast, you'll give others permission to be themselves. Since the fifth house rules romance and fertility, this new moon could kick off a fresh chapter for amour or bring news of a pregnancy. With shock jock Uranus in the mix, expect the unexpected…and have fun being spontaneous.
The festive vibes could be rudely interrupted on March 30, when Jupiter in your group activity zone locks into a tense square with controlling Pluto in your second house of work, finances and security. Things could get majorly intense with a friendship or collaboration, especially if money is involved. Team dynamics could devolve into power struggles, and your own micromanaging could be the culprit. Unfortunately Pluto is the cosmic "blind spot," so you might not see that at first. Instead, people can come into your orbit who mirror your unsavory behaviors. Don't shoot the messengers, Archer; learn from them. Where do you need to be more patient or willing to collaborate?
This is the second of three Jupiter-Pluto squares: The first was on November 24, 2016, which was also Thanksgiving in the U.S. Look back to any tense moments that may have erupted then for clues as to what might be coming down the pike. The next clash will be on August 4, so between now and then, work on creating a balanced distribution of power in group situations. Once again the stars remind you: Rome wasn't built, or zhushed, in a day, and neither will your empire be. Cool those centaur hooves and try to enjoy the process, instead of squeezing all the life out of it.

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