Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

June 2017

Lean on your people, Sagittarius, and love 'em up too. This month, the Sun will visit the most partnership-driven zones of your chart. It's blazing through your opposite sign, Gemini, until June 21, putting the spotlight on your closest relationships and the balance of give and take in your unions. With the Sun at its farthest point from YOUR Sun sign, this can be a "low power" cycle. On the plus side, you have the gift of perspective, and you're able to really view your life from an objective distance. But a solar opposition can also bring occasional dark moods and loneliness. All the more reason to reach out to your tribe!
June is always a bit disorienting for your indie-spirited sign, because it pushes you to go out of character and team up wherever possible. Your "I'll just do it myself; it'll be faster" M.O. will leave you feeling isolated and stressed out, so set it aside. And if you're part of any dynamic duos—business, civic or romantic—use this month to make sure everyone is on the same equitable page.
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There IS one day when your focus is solely on yourself and your own passion projects. Circle June 9, when a full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your first house of independence and solo endeavors. This is the year’s ONLY full moon in your sign, which brings together all that you’ve been working on since your last birthday. The spotlight will find you naturally, but don’t hesitate to toot your own horn. If there was ever a day to self-promote, it’s when a potent full moon falls in your sign!

More great news arrives on June 9, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, wakes up from a four-month retrograde in Libra and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Friends who’ve been MIA since February pop out of the woodwork, and a choppy collaboration picks up speed. Jupiter is in Libra from September 9, 2016, until October 10, 2017, a cycle that only happens every 12 years. This is usually a fun phase for you, Sagittarius, as it draws kindred spirits and cutting-edge innovators into your sphere. During Jupiter's retrograde, you may have grown disenchanted with a couple of friends or gotten overwhelmed by all the committees, social engagements and obligations gobbling up your free time. You love people, but "too much of a good thing" has become your life's theme.
Now, as Jupiter powers forward, use the next four months to streamline and cherry-pick what you get involved in. A digital project, such as an app or online course, could take flight. Is it time to learn the finer points of SEO or earn some online affiliate income? A nonprofit or humanitarian venture could put your name on the map, turning into a nationwide or global endeavor. That pop-up playground or outdoor lending library you launched locally could become a hot front-page story, possibly leading to a new career path. This is also a great time to ramp up your social media presences, positioning yourself as an influencer (or sparking raw dialogue with your witty, on-point commentary). Global Jupiter could bring opportunities to teach or speak publicly about your inspiring message—and in some far-flung places, too, so cast a wide net!
But before you throw yourself entirely into a world-changing project, check in with base camp. Personal matters ramp up in the second half of this month, as sensitive Neptune makes its annual retrograde through Pisces, your domestic fourth house, from June 16 to November 22. Family matters, particularly with a child or female relative, could require your caring touch. Be careful not to veer into codependence, as boundary-blurring Neptune makes you an emotional sponge. You're susceptible to guilt trips now, so practice saying lines like "Let me get back to you on that" instead of signing on from a place of (resentful) obligation. With mystical Neptune in your house of kinfolk, a departed relative could contact you through intense dreams and vivid "signs", such as hearing their favorite song just as you think of them. Some Archers may find comfort in talking to a trustworthy medium, reassuring you that your loved ones are always with you.
Since Neptune is the lord of the seas and is associated with all kinds of water, be on the lookout for flooding or plumbing issues. Is it time to renovate the bathroom or get a new washing machine? Be sure to drink plenty of H2O while you're at it! Spending time near a lake, river or ocean can be healing—and hello, it's summer. Note: If you head to the beach, don't appoint yourself event planner. Neptune retrograde beckons you to enjoy more solitude and self-care. Slip away by yourself or with friends who don't require you to entertain them constantly. Putter around barefoot, bury your nose in that thick summer novel, make an elaborate dinner with seasonal ingredients (grilled peaches and fresh ramps, anyone?). Ahhhh, soul restoration!
Warning: June 25 is a minefield of potential power struggles, as competitive Mars locks into a tense square with outgoing Jupiter. Someone could be jealous or threatened by your breezy popularity. You could fight over money, especially if one of you has been picking up the tab or paying the bills more often than the other. Perhaps a friend or romantic partner feels sidelined: Do they deserve more of your undivided attention? Even if the answer is yes, you won't take kindly to them starting drama or making manipulative bids for it. Your own jealousy could flare to rage-fueled extremes, especially if you suspect a betrayal or disloyal behavior. Whoa! Under these hotheaded skies, everyone is jumping to conclusions. Try not to let your inflated emotions overtake you.
Luckily, the next day (June 26) brings a healing trine between Mars and Neptune in the most sensitive and sentimental zones of your chart. Lean on a supportive loved on or have a deep, empathic talk with your S.O. You could receive a financial gift from a family member, like a loan or an inheritance. You're much more willing to listen compassionately now and give others the benefit of the doubt. And hey, if one of you WAS flirting with the cute bartender or making snarky, undermining comments, just apologize and set new ground rules. We all behave badly from time to time. As long as it doesn’t become chronic, deal with the hurt feelings and move forward, vowing to do better.

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