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September 2016

There's no falling gently into THIS fall for you, Sagittarius. September is action-packed straight out of the gate and the rapid pace continues all month. Among the headline events are TWO eclipses and your ruling planet Jupiter making its once-a-year sign change. There's even a rare second new moon at the end of the month that will shake things up for you even more.
Your career is a hotspot this September, with a cluster of cosmic activity in Virgo and your tenth house of ambition and professional success. The Sun is making its monthlong tour of Virgo until September 22, however, communication planet Mercury is also retrograde here for the same timespan. Take precautions against any possible setbacks, including technology crashes, misunderstandings and projects getting mired in red tape. Keep plugging away, but know that there could be some delays getting the full green light. 
Still, nothing can stop your ascent, Sag. On September 9, expansive Jupiter is wrapping up a 13-month tour of Virgo that began on August 11, 2015. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so your sign is particularly affected by its transits. Jupiter changes zodiac signs every 12-13 months, and it's that time again. As Jupiter departs Virgo and your status-driven tenth house, you can certainly admire your own hard-won growth. You've had a year of massive development—on your professional path and with your values overall. Dishing out tough love—and learning to take it—was part of this journey.
The tenth house also rules men and fathers, and with big-picture Jupiter here, your relationship with an important male has evolved. Maybe you've moved beyond an unequal parent-child dynamic, an uncomfortable but necessary transition. Overall, Jupiter demanded a lot more "adulting" (much as we hate that word) than your fun-loving sign really likes. But what didn't kill you made you stronger. Jupiter sounded the call for leadership, helping you step into your own authority, set clear boundaries and make smarter decisions for the long haul. It's been a marathon more than a sprint—but an eye-opening one indeed.
Now, things start to lighten up a little! From September 9, 2016 until October 10, 2017, Jupiter will visit Libra, your eleventh house of group activity and technology. Exciting friendships and collaborations could dot your horizon, both in real time and virtually. The next 13 months are ripe for your social life, digital endeavors and playing well with others. Right up your Sagittarian alley! Jupiter was last in Libra from September 25, 2004-October 25, 2005, so look back to that time for clues of what could resurface.
With Jupiter in Libra, teamwork really DOES make the dream work, so go forth and connect with your tribe. Humanitarian and avant-garde pursuits could call. Your utopian visions could soon become a reality, as you explore innovative ways of easing life's burdens through the "sharing economy." Maybe you'll explore the growing trend of co-housing, joining a small cooperative community like this one. Or you could get inspired by the experimental WeLive flexible housing model a hip, startup-era spin on the 1970s commune.
However, the fun-loving vibes may not really kick in until Libra season begins on September 22 (more on that in a minute). First, you have to power through two eclipses, Virgo season and Mercury retrograde. Not that this is a bad thing, but don't kick up your Prada heels just yet. There's still a little more work to do!
The winds of change sweep in on September 1, when the Virgo solar (new moon) eclipse recalibrates your long-term goals. It's part of a larger series of eclipses running from March 2015 until February 2017, which is configuring a whole new work/life balance for you. This eclipse could thrust you into a bold new professional chapter. If you weren't already playing in the big leagues under Jupiter's governance, you will be soon enough. Solar eclipses bring bold beginnings, so this one could set off a six-month chapter of seismic career growth. Look back to September 13, 2015 (or around that time), when the first Virgo solar eclipse triggered events that could reach another turning point now.
Opportunity is knocking (hard), but don't expect to have much time to mull it over. Eclipses demand swift action and decisiveness. Racheting up the tension, this one is forming a stressful square to structured Saturn in Sagittarius. Your personal goals may not neatly mesh with the grand offerings coming your way. Prepare to grapple with an existential mini-crisis: Do you make a career-defining move, even if it means completely reorganizing your lifestyle? Saturn also sounds the caution bell: Be sure you're not selling out just to "make it big." You may also need to stand up to a powerful authority figure, someone you admire or feel intimidated by. do your chart for free   
Complicating matters, Saturn is forming a second square all month long with hazy Neptune in Pisces, your fourth house of home and family. So not only are you feeling torn about reconciling your career demands with your personal needs, you've got domestic drama to boot! A needy relative (likely female) could be giving you a guilt trip. If you're a parent, it could be hard to satisfy your need for personal space—a must for independent Sag. Your self-care could suffer under the stressful demands of your life, especially if you're the one holding down the fort for everyone. Hard as it may be, ask others to step up to the plate and share the burden. This Saturn-Neptune tension reaches its exact alignment on September 10, and also on September 2, when the two planets lock into a hair-rising T-square with the Virgo Sun. The missing link? Partnership. You need to surround yourself with capable equals in life, love and work, whom you can entrust to handle important responsibilities.
Family and/or personal matters reach another peak moment on September 16, when a Pisces lunar (full moon) eclipse sweeps through your domestic fourth house. Lunar eclipses shake up the status quo, spotlighting areas that are out of whack. Since full moons bring endings or transitions, this one could clear away something that no longer serves you. Maybe it's an outmoded pattern of relating to people such as coddling them, or enabling a codependent dynamic.
The fourth house rules women and at this eclipse, a female relative, colleague or maternal figure could play a role in events. You might have a deep hankering to visit your hometown or connect with your ancestry. This eclipse also sounds an urgent call for self-care. You've been working SO hard, Sagittarius—but is it at the expense of your own emotional well-being? Pause and escape somewhere near water if you can. This eclipse could bring a sudden move, a pregnancy or a change around home and family. Perhaps a roommate moves out (or in), or a relative makes a big announcement. You might also decide to radically renovate or change your living situation in some way. Look back to the March 8 Pisces new moon, which was also a solar eclipse, for clues of what could culminate now.
Sweet relief! On September 22, the Sun cruises into Libra and your outgoing eleventh house. Let the fall mingling begin. Mercury ends its retrograde on this day too, clearing up workplace drama and frustration. And on September 26, the Sun and your ruler, lucky Jupiter, make their once-a-year conjunction. This could be one of the brightest days of 2016 for collaborations and joining forces with your tribe. The September 30 Libra new moon could also bring a new friendship or team project into your sphere.
Things just keep looking up as the month ends. On September 26, shadowy Pluto ends a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your money house. From power struggles with coworkers to old scarcity fears around finances, Pluto retrograde churned up some of your unprocessed issues. You may have confronted some limiting beliefs around material and emotional security, or seen slowdowns around your career and goals. Now that Pluto resumes forward momentum, your money mojo and magnetism returns with a vengeance!
On September 27, go-getter Mars will join Pluto in Capricorn, heating up your work and financial prospects until November 8. This also means that Mars wraps its run through Sagittarius, where it's been since August 2. While this has been an energizing period, hosting the red planet in your sign can also be stressful and exhausting. Feel like you haven't gotten a break? Pat yourself on the back for all the you've heroically taken on…then prioritize. Channel your energy into a few carefully-selected directions rather than scattering it everywhere, and your productivity could yield serious prosperity!

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