Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


August 2016

Your energy levels return with a vengeance this month, Sagittarius—and not a moment too soon. For the last two months you've been dragging a bit, feeling moody, insular or just not at your peak. Blame it on motivational Mars, which has been slogging through Scorpio and your sleepy, hazy twelfth house since May 27. Bid those "bummer summer" vibes good riddance. From August 2-September 27, Mars soars into Sagittarius and reignites your spark. The action picks up and things start going your way…and now you've got the get-up-and-go to take on exciting new challenges. With all this charisma you could attract a sexy new romance or some fame for your original ideas. Can we get a hell yes?
Elevating the feel-good vibes, the Sun is in Leo and your expansive, ebullient ninth house until August 22. As the natural ruler of the zodiac's ninth house, you're in the zone now. Get back to those big dreams and visionary plans. Travel and connect to long-distance kindred spirits; the Sun in your worldly ninth house makes you a global ambassador of optimism and goodwill. (Who WAS that somber person walking around in your clothes a month ago anyway?)
The August 2 Leo new moon could kick off a fresh cycle for entrepreneurial ventures, travel and study. Big opportunities and cross-cultural connections could pick up momentum over the next six months. This new moon will also form a golden trine to structured Saturn in Sagittarius, helping set your plans on a firm foundation. Advocate for yourself and share your ideas, but do so from a position of strength and maturity. Be the calm voice of reason speaking up for change. You'll gain the support of both trailblazing radicals and the powerful old guard.
Speaking of Saturn, the ringed taskmaster will end its five-month retrograde (backward) spin through your sign on August 13, lifting more burdens from your weary back. Saturn only visits each sign every 28-30 years. It's been in Sagittarius on and off since December 24, 2014 and it will remain here until December 19, 2017, slowly but steadily reshaping your life and pushing you to new levels of hard-won wisdom. Saturn—the "make better choices" planet—is schooling you on some tough but crucial lessons about growing up and taking personal responsibility for your actions. Sagittarius singer Taylor Swift certainly got a taste of Saturn's cold shoulder when her ex-boyfriend AND arch-nemesis' wife both blasted her on social media, subsequently breaking the Internet and leaving her with some hard choices. You might have a mini Taylor moment of your own, as projects or alliances built on a shaky foundation crumbled under Saturn's weight.
If you were born December 1-9, you felt harsh Saturn's retrograde the most (hello, present December 2nd-born company included!), as it passed directly over your Sun. But what doesn't kill you CAN make you stronger…as long as you grasp the bigger message of Saturn: Grow up, step up, own your power. Sagittarius, your tendency is to rush into things, relying on a combination of hustle and luck to make everything go your way. Saturn forced you to backtrack and quit taking shortcuts. There were no velvet ropes, no helicopters to whisk you over the crowds, no deals to be made with the devil OR the divine. Patience, time and hard work are Saturn's specialties. The silver lining? You've learned the limitations of cutting corners, and you're going back to the drawing board to ground your plans on an unshakable foundation.
Got an important message to share? Your best #micdrop moment comes on August 18, when the Aquarius full moon fully lights up your third house of communication. You could also hear exciting and long-awaited news today, as this full moon links back to the corresponding February 8 Aquarius new moon. Seeds planted then could come full circle. This also happens to be a penumbral eclipse—or an "almost eclipse"—so any news, meetings, conversations and ideas now could have the potential to create seismic change.   
On August 24 Saturn and Mars will meet in an exact conjunction in Sagittarius, a volatile blend that has to be channeled with great care and consciousness. If you play your cards right it could lead to a massive breakthrough in a personal goal, as you come out triumphantly (but humbly) on top. You could also feel majorly stressed, pulled in competing directions. Reckless Mars likes to rush, rush, rush, while stalwart Saturn urges caution and due diligence. You don't want to miss a big opportunity by being too methodical, but leaping without looking could lead to a giant crash. A personal issue or emotional overload could also skew your judgment on August 26 when Mars locks into a tense square with foggy Neptune in your domestic zone. You may need to tend to a family member, being distracted from your goals by a relative in need, a pre-planned vacation or even the pressure of someone's guilt trip.
But take it easy Sagittarius—the stars continue to prescribe patience and persistence. On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo and your tenth house of career and success for a month. Set your sights on long-term goals and work steadily toward those. Your father or an important male could play into events of the next month, too.
Although Saturn is direct, you may need to continue repairing, rebuilding and fortifying your foundation. From August 30-September 22, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo and your career zone. Your ambitious undertakings may not go off without a hitch, so plan accordingly. Delay your launches until after this cycle, or know that you may have some irritating slowdowns. Mercury retrograde can cause delays in signing contracts, miscommunications and issues with travel or technology. A decision-maker or authority figure could be uncooperative or hard to reach. Use this time to do behind-the-scenes work, tweaking or revising your master plans. Since retrogrades rule the past, reconnecting with old colleagues, clients and ideas could also be fruitful. Hold off on signing any major contracts or making hasty career moves for now.

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