Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

August 2018

Go big…or at least fan out a few of those peacock feathers. You're in your full Sagittarian splendor as the vibrant Sun makes its annual turn through Leo and your expansive ninth house until August 23. Travel, learning, entrepreneurship and starry-eyed possibilities—all of your favorite things—are the hotspots of this solar cycle, and you can explore them to your heart's content. After a more low-key July, you're ready to burst back onto the scene and share your grand vision.
But before you press "send" on that mass email announcement or invite everyone to a screening of your documentary-in-progress, sit tight. With communication planet Mercury retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, you're in the middle of three signal-scrambling weeks that can mess with technology, travel and interpersonal matters. You might think you have a winning idea only to wildly miss the mark when you pitch it. Dream big but if possible, wait until after August 19 to start spreading the news.
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While loose-lipped Mercury is in your outspoken ninth house, keep those "clever" comments to yourself, both in person and online. You could accidentally offend someone, creating a PR debacle that you've got no time to clean up. If you're taking a vacation, put in extra precautions (make sure passports are up to date, get on the road early) and stock your devices with movies and books you can enjoy offline in case the airplane's signal goes "mysteriously" AWOL during a long flight.
One possible exception to the retrograde rulebook arrives on August 11, when a Leo solar (new moon) eclipse beams into your auspicious ninth house, magnifying everything. This could herald a major moment to do something bold, and possibly global, by seizing an opportunity that comes out of the blue. Eclipses deliver surprises and shake up business as usual; solar eclipses are known for ushering in brand-new chapters of life. This one could involve travel, a media opportunity or an overdue (yet necessary) conversation.
This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series that's been landing on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 10, 2017, shaking up your communication sectors. Projects involving writing, teaching, travel, study and publishing have gotten a special boost from these eclipses, which have arrived every six months. Both local and long-distance affairs may have heated up; many Sags adopted a new role in a neighborhood or community while others relocated or traveled regularly over the past couple years. A final eclipse in this cycle will arrive at the January 21, 2019, Leo full moon—a total lunar eclipse that could make you a household name or help you speak with new levels of honesty (even for you).
There's a saying that "God is in the details," but your big-picture sign isn't naturally inclined to hyper-focus on every piece of minutiae. But that's been shifting since May 15, when radical changemaker Uranus began an eight-year visit to Taurus and your sixth house of wellness, work and organization—its first trip here since 1942. For many Sagittarians, this Uranus cycle has been reshaping your lifestyle and habits or pushing you to examine how you handle day-to-day responsibilities. If you've found it hard to sit still and focus, or if you've struggled to follow your usual process, that's the influence of revolutionizing Uranus, which is prompting you to come up with a whole new flow.
On August 7, Uranus will start its annual five-month retrograde, and that's a great time to start saying "no" to stressful projects that sap your precious time and energy. Your top priority between now and January 6 should be staying healthy and serene. Uranus retrograde is a powerful period to focus on your wellbeing, especially if you've been running on fumes. Book those overdue appointments and get back to regular exercise. If you've been puzzled by a medical mystery (of your own!), you could find the doctor or healer who gives you an eye-opening perspective. Cutting-edge Uranus will gladly get experimental, but during the retrograde, you need to go easy on the self-diagnosing.
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Feeling fried? Dispel your tension with creative DIY projects and by spending time in nature—the outdoors is especially cathartic now. (As Sags, we've been obsessively gardening and crafting ever since Uranus entered Taurus!) Above all, slow down because anxiety and nervous energy could be running high. You're learning that there IS such a thing as "too much," even for a sign with an appetite as big as yours.
Uranus will dip back into Aries and your passionate fifth house on November 6 for one last hurrah, not to return until the 22nd century. Next March, it will settle into Taurus for the long haul, so all the tweaks to your work, eating and exercise habits will pay off handsomely in the spring. Meantime, set up savvy systems and schedules that allow you to enjoy plenty of restorative time between your grand missions and worldly adventures!
Plans begin to solidify during the last week of August as you switch from blue-sky thinking into master-planning mode. On August 23, the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Virgo and your tenth house of career, ramping up your ambitions. With el Sol in this structured zone, it'll be much easier to set goals and milestones—and stick to them.
A highly auspicious event occurs on August 25, when the Virgo Sun forms a rare grand trine with serious Saturn and innovator Uranus in your work and money zones. You could rise through the ranks swiftly without having to "sell out" or pretend to be someone you're not. With Uranus in your sixth house of helpful people and Saturn in your tenth house of mentors, the person who opens doors could be anywhere on the food chain, from the quiet intern who's secretly an Instagram influencer to the seasoned CEO who's been with the company for years.
Take a break for some downtime at the August 26 Pisces full moon, which illuminates your fourth house of home, family and self-care. If you've been looking to move or change your living situation, this full moon could shine a light on your next steps. And with motivator Mars soaring forward on August 27 after a two-month retrograde, you'll be even more driven to get plans underway.

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