Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2017

Your birthday season is an active time in the stars this year. The planets are moving and shaking in December, and you'll feel their shifts more than any sign. (Don't worry—this is mostly good news!) With the Sun in Sagittarius until December 21, you're feeling energized and up for just about anything the cosmos throws your way.
The very first weekend of the month is packed with planetary action. On Saturday, December 2, your ruling planet, Jupiter, will form a golden trine to healing Neptune—the first of three rare, heart-opening trines that will occur between now and August 2018. This is good news for you AND the world, which has weathered some tough Jupiter aspects since 2016. The truth-telling planet has been clashing with power-tripping Pluto and radical changemaker Uranus for the past two years, excavating all the muck that's since come to light. From corrupt politics to the ills of society, Jupiter's "medicine" can be a bitter pill. Now that those shadows have been exposed, these two heavenly heavyweights can begin to apply some healing salve to our wounds.
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For Sag specifically, these trines will touch down in deeply personal parts of your chart. Expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio and your twelfth house of forgiveness, closure and surrender; Neptune is in your fourth house of home and family. If you've been on the outs with a relative, particularly a female one, you could start brokering a peace treaty this weekend. The twelfth house rules the afterlife, and you could have a vivid dream about a departed mother figure or receive strong intuitive guidance. This trine could give you a strong desire to reconnect with your roots in some way, perhaps by visiting an ancestral homeland.
The Jupiter-Neptune trine will also impact your living situation. Is it time to start searching for a more permanent place to call home or to look for a serene studio where you can get creative? If you're happy at your current address, you could transform your place into a sanctuary, perhaps by setting up an altar or a meditation room or road-testing the Danish design principle of hygge, since Jupiter and Neptune will touch the coziest parts of your chart.
Bonus: A little home-decor obsessing could keep you out of trouble this month. On Sunday, December 3, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde until December 22, scrambling technology, communication and travel plans. (Womp wommmmmp.) And this time, Mercury is backtracking through Sagittarius, putting you in the hot seat. Your outspoken sign is known for being blunt, and Mercury retrograde could give you a month-long case of platform-wedge-in-mouth disease. So think—and think again!—before posting, speaking or uttering any off-color comments. The world is going through a sensitive enough time, so err on the side of caution. Delete any questionable emails, photos and files now.
Also on December 3, the skies will light up with the year's only Gemini full moon (also a supermoon), which lands in your seventh house of committed partnerships. This might bring a seal-the-deal moment for both business and romantic ties. Coupled Archers might get engaged or take things to the next level. If you've been at odds, this is a good day to clear the air and reconnect. At the other end of the spectrum, some Sags may decide to part ways, since full moons can also mark endings or transitions.

An exciting offer to team up could arrive at the full moon. But don't rush to ink any contracts while Mercury is retrograde, as you could miss key details. Slow down and read the fine print, even while you keep this connection warm. Mercury retrogrades are tricky times for starting anything—doubly so while it’s in Sag. Naturally you want to "finish strong" by nailing down a victory before the year is through. But rushing would be a big mistake now. Use the retrograde to map out your behind-the-scenes plans and conduct due diligence. Then you can sign on the dotted line once Mercury corrects course on December 22. If it happens before the calendar turns, great! But don't force it.
You might see things with a new degree of clarity after December 18, anyway. That day kicks off a bustling cosmic week with a Sagittarius new moon—your personal New Year! No need to wait until January 1 to declare your intentions for the coming year. As usual, you're ahead of the curve, Archer, so spend some time reflecting on what you'd like to manifest in 2018. Your intentions will come together by the May 29 full moon in your sign. On top of that, the Sun, clever Mercury, magnetic Venus AND structured Saturn will all be in Sagittarius today, giving your efforts extra oomph. You could meet someone socially or online who has the clout and connections to take your dreams to the next level!
The headliner of the month arrives on December 19. That day, serious Saturn will end a heavy three-year journey through Sagittarius, which began back on December 24, 2014. You've been in astrological boot camp since then, forced to reinvent certain parts of your life and become more grown-up, responsible and structured. No fun, you say? We won't argue. Saturn is the personal trainer planet, known for breaking us down so we can build ourselves back up. You may have weathered challenging circumstances, from a job loss to a loved one's illness or passing to a painful breakup. But you can take heart in knowing that what didn't kill you truly made you stronger.
If you look back over the past three years, you’ll see just how far you've come. Through these tests of will and character, you've established stronger boundaries and healthier relationships. Maybe you've pared down your social circle, but Saturn's sweep is all about quality over quantity. At work, you could have risen to a leadership role or developed new levels of mastery. Although you've got an ageless spirit, Saturn has helped you embrace new levels of maturity.
And now, it's graduation day! Saturn departs your sign on December 19, and it won't return until 2044. You've got a long, Saturn-free stretch to start building on top of the firm foundation you've now lain.
Saturn's next move will be through Capricorn, from this December 19 until December 17, 2020. The ringed taskmaster will reshape your second house of work, money and self-esteem. You may need to tighten your belt over the next three years and learn to be a wise fiscal manager. Or you'll rise into new levels of security through hard work and humility. With restrictive Saturn in this material-minded house, you might adopt a simpler lifestyle, scaling back and "living more with less." You'll still enjoy your earthly pleasures, but in moderation.
As the zodiac's gambler sign, you might struggle to give up your extravagant tendencies. But Saturn will lay down the law if you live beyond your means—so take it easy. Are you filling a void with shopping and accumulating? Your confidence could be tested during this phase. Through any trials, you'll learn how to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. The second house rules morals and values, and Saturn here will help you clarify what you stand for. (Get the full scoop on Saturn in Capricorn for your sign in The AstroTwins’ 2018 Planetary Planner.)
The new Saturn phase will really start to kick in on December 21, when the Sun begins its monthlong sojourn through Capricorn. By New Year's Eve, the Sun, romantic Venus, Saturn and transformational Pluto will all be in the sign of the Sea Goat, which could make for a simple, sophisticated and sentimental turning of the calendar. With the moon in Gemini and your partnership house, you'll want to spend the night with one special person by your side—or in the company of rock-solid friends. As long as you’re loving your companionship, it almost doesn’t matter what you do. Whip up some gourmet appetizers and host a house party. Alternately, a night away at a spa or boutique hotel, where you can dress up and be pampered, could be divine. Or head out for a decadent farm-to-table chef's tasting menu, paired with wine and bubbles. Your inner snob might enjoy some exclusive treatment—in which case, happy small- batch, artisanal and handcrafted New Year to you!

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