February 2017

Chat 'em up, Archer! The Sun is in Aquarius and your talkative third house until February 18, putting you in social spirits. Start spreading a message and making your famously fiery opinions heard. The third house rules neighborhoods, so "go local" and see what you can discover (or stir up) in your own area. Connect with kindred spirits through meetups and social media, as these stars spark exciting synergies. With energizing Mars in Aries heating up your passionate fifth house all month, connections might turn romantic. Work the crowd when delivering a message. Share your ideas in a bold, attention-grabbing format by setting them to music or using fun memes instead of giving dry, factual bullet points.
All of these social distractions could scatter your focus. Tempering some of the chatty energy is your ruling planet Jupiter, which will turn retrograde from February 6 to June 9. The adventurous planet will backtrack through Libra and your eleventh house of group activities. This slowdown could thin the herds of your overpopulated contact lists. Prioritize the friendships and activities that give you the most bang for your buck. Instead of saying yes to everything, try a line like, "Can I get back to you on that tomorrow?" or "I would love to, but my schedule is already full."
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Jupiter has been in Libra since September 9, 2016, and will remain there until October 10, 2017. This short pause will give you a chance to catch your breath and make necessary course corrections before charging ahead again this summer. At that point, you can get back to joining committees and RSVP’ing “yes” to everything from barbecues to baby showers.
This will take discipline, though, Jupiter will travel in close opposition to unpredictable Uranus all month, bringing curveball dramas and tempting escapes. Uranus is in Aries, electrifying your fifth house of play, pleasure and creativity. You could have some lightning-bolt ideas that you want to start working on NOW—but wait, haven't you already promised 50 other people your time and attention? Your lofty aims could be distracted by a romantic dalliance, one that's riddled with mind games and mixed signals. Yours is the sign of the hunter, and a part of you finds the chase irresistibly h-o-t. But there’s a downside: Your sanity could suffer from obsessing about that next text message or fantasizing about a sexual conquest. Anger could also surge up under this volatile starmap, so try to keep a lid on your temper. While clearing the air can be healthy, be careful about burning bridges with an incendiary Facebook post or a knee-jerk accusation.
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Jupiter and Uranus only oppose each other every 14 years, and during this go-round they'll make three exact aspects. The first was on December 26, 2016, and the next two will be March 2 and September 28. Nonetheless, we'll feel the mounting tension of this aspect throughout February.
And if THAT isn't enough, more change is in the air because February is eclipse season! Two of 2017's four game-changing eclipses arrive this month, shaking up the status quo. Eclipses can push us off the fence when we've procrastinated or been wishy-washy. Unexpected events occur, and a whole area of our lives can change in short order. This can be exciting or daunting, depending how you look at it. Suffice it to say, it's best to stay on your toes and expect the unexpected during eclipse season.
On February 10, the Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse kicks off a brand-new eclipse series on the Leo/Aquarius axis, which will last until January 2019. This will revolutionize your communication, learning, travel and teaching sectors. Exciting! The Leo eclipse falls in your ninth house of global connections, publishing and entrepreneurship—the home court of Sagittarius, since you're the ruler of this zodiac sector. Get ready for a groundbreaking moment that could put your big ideas in lights. You could take a trip, make a long-distance connection or return to school (as student OR teacher).  
On February 18 the Sun enters Pisces for a month, a prelude to the eclipse in this part of your chart. Pisces rules your domestic fourth house, so the emphasis will be on family, your living situation and security (financial AND emotional). The February 26 Pisces solar (new moon) eclipse will catalyze the action. While February's first eclipse rocketed you out into the wider world, the second one brings you back to home base, anchoring you on terra firma. You could buy or sell a home, expand your family or deepen your bonds.
This is the grand finale of a Virgo/Pisces eclipse series that began March 2015, which has been transforming your personal and professional sectors for two years. You now know the meaning of "work-life balance" deep in your bones. And you'll get one final push to create a sense of place in the world over the next six months. Sag, you're the zodiac's traveler, but even you need a safe space to come back to between adventures. No matter where you seek shelter or what "home" looks like to you, get ready to discover it!

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