The AstroTwins on the Astro All-Starz Astrology Podcast Unpack the Power of “Supercouples”

Vanessa Montgomery, resident astrologer for Glamour magazine, chats with astrologers on her Astro All-Starz podcast. She recently hosted Ophi Edut, one half of The AstroTwins, on an episode highlighting the book Ophi wrote with her twin sister, Tali, about relationship astrology: Supercouple: Astrology Secrets for a Sexy, Soulful & Satisfying Relationship with Any Zodiac Sign.

In the hour-long Astro All-Starz podcast, Vanessa and Ophi discuss how composite charts and synastry charts are used in astrology and how in the Supercouple system, the two chart types are used together to create a powerful third chart.

“As a twin, I’ve always born into this dynamic duo energy,” Ophi tells Vanessa. “So I know very well there’s something that happens when you blend your energy with people, there’s a chemical compound that forms.”

This third chart is a “new space” that is almost neutral, Ophi explains. It’s not your chart and my chart, it’s our chart. And how you can use that Supercouple chart to inform your relationship dynamics. And it can be any type of relationship, not just romantic!

The AstroTwins dish some Comic Love BTS with Astro All-Starz!

Vanessa notes it’s interesting that Supercouple comes on the heels of The AstroTwin’s Amazon Prime show, Cosmic Love, in which they used the elements of the cast member’s unique birth charts to make matches. Each of the 10 episodes examines a different part of the birth chart and is fun to see it play out on a reality dating show using astrology, the first of its type!

Ophi shares with Vanessa some behind the scenes of the astrology of Cosmic Love!

“We did all the astrology and composite and synastry charts, and it was really fun,” Ophi says on the Astro All-Starz podcast. “It was a social experiment to see if astrology can do a better job than Tinder or whatever. What did happen, because they thought there was this greater force at play, [the cast] thought, ‘let me just try the experiment.”

Ophi says that while you’re always going to be physically attracted to someone, the cast of Cosmic Love, because they were learning the elements of their astrology birth charts, they didn’t jump first at the person they were attracted to. They tried connecting in this way and surprised themselves when they gave astrology a chance at chemistry first.

The power of the Supercouple book’s third chart

“I can see the book is really about a lover, but I think it’s really valuable as well just looking at the themes for any relationship and friendship,” Vanessa says. “You’ve really nailed, boiled down the ideas and things between couples and the signs.”

It can be used by family members and coworkers, Ophi adds. Any type of relationship that you want to drill down on the dymanics to better understand yourself, the other person, and how to navigate!

Supercouple goes planet by planet, Ophi says on the Astro All-Starz podcast episode. So if you’re struggling with communication, for example, you can look at your composite Mercury (the planet that rules communication).

“Any two people can combine their energy,” Ophi says. “A third chart forms.”

Vanessa tells Ophi she feels The AstroTwins’ astrology, comes through in the Supercouple book’s writing. “You both have great advice,” she says. “Sage Sag in your own chart, and soulful stellium of Scorpio. I think it really comes through in the wisdom. This is good advice. It’s very positive but it’s not ignoring the hard stuff. It’s a humerous and fun read.”

People thinking about their relationships, what’s difficult, the book can be helpful, Vanessa adds on her Astro All-Starz podcast conversation with Ophi of The AstroTwins, which you can listen to on Spotify or other podcast providers. Vanessa and Ophi do a deep dive into a lot of celebrity Supercouples!

What zodiac sign is your relationship?


What zodiac sign is your relationship?

Learn the secrets of the composite (blended) chart in SuperCouple, a cosmic care and feeding manual for any relationship. Written by The AstroTwins, astrologers and matchmakers for Amazon Prime Video's Cosmic Love.


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