The Astrology Hub Podcast with The AstroTwins Explores Fascinating Compatibility Using “Supercouple” Charts

The AstroTwins’ new relationship astrology book, Supercouple, is the subject of an episode of the Astrology Hub podcast with host Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh.

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, the CEO and founder of Astrology Hub, says she’s been following The AstroTwins for years and was so excited to have them on the Astrolgy Hub podcast recently. “You’re exceptionally good at taking the very complex subject of astrology and making it understandable, accessible, and fun,” Amanda tells the twin astrologers, Ophi and Tali.

The Astrology Hub podcast dives into The AstroTwins’ book, Supercouple. “[The book] is a great example of what I was just saying,” Amanda says: “they’re taking the subject of composite charts and making it something that anybody can understand and apply in their lives.”

Astrology and relationships unlock in composite charts

Amanda asks Ophi and Tali: “What inspired you to write a book about composite charts? Why did you feel composite charts was something that needed to be shared with the world?”

“It’s a best kept secret,” Ophi tells Amanda, because it goes beyond the comparing and contrasting of Sun signs, which is typically done or understood by so many.

“The world is so divided now,” Ophi continues. “People don’t know that there’s this middle way that they could take. It’s great to know about differences and understand them, and they get you so far, but we need to work together, too. Always know that we can find that common language.”

“It’s the higher octave of us–of what happens when you come together into this third entity,” Tali adds. “When your charts blend into a composite, it takes it out of the realm of, ‘I want this, you want that.’ It’s more like what’s best for us?”

Composite charts are also useful beyond romantic relationships, The AstroTwins explain. Whether it’s a business relationship or a romantic relationship, any relationship can benefit from this analysis, which is deeply explored and explained in their book, Supercouple.

“I’ve never done an astrology reading where we didn’t talk about at least one other seminal person,” Tali says. “Like Ophi said, with all the division in the world, we needed a new conflict resolution tool, and composite charts are one of the best ones that we personally know!”

Your Supercouple chart is essentially your chart and another person’s chart combined. You can cast a free Supercouple chart here. If you’re new to astrology birth charts, start here!

Composite charts vs. synastry charts and Supercouple charts

A note about these types of charts, helpful to know before casting a Supercouple chart!

Composite charts: A composite chart is a blended chart and you read the midpoint, so, for example, your Sun and their Sun, your moon and their moon, your Venus and their Venus, etc.

Synastry charts: A synastry chart is a side-by-side (or inner wheel/outer wheel comparison)

The Supercouple book takes a deep dive into every planet in your astrology birth chart and what it means for your Supercouple sign.

Can a Supercouple chart predict the outcome of a relationship?

Amanda asked The AstroTwins on her Astrology Hub podcast: “In terms of relationships and astrology, do you, do you feel like astrology can predict the outcome of a relationship?”

“It can predict the challenges, the strengths and the weaknesses, but the outcome is where your free will comes in,” Ophi says. “You can choose to work on a relationship as long as you want. You know, you may not have a willing partner. The composite chart and the synastry charts are there for you as guideposts and instruction manuals and roadmaps, and you can try to use them to the best of your ability.

“However,  if you have a partner that’s not willing to do any of the work whatsoever, whether it’s from astrology or their own personal responsibility, then you have to ask yourself: What are you getting out of it? It’s always a choice.”

More on the Astrology Hub podcast with The AstroTwins

The Astrology Hub podcast with The AstroTwins also explores more about the Supercouple charts and relationship challenges, relationship karma and astrology readings, in addition to the Supercouple book and these topics:

• How The AstroTwins got into astrology and became astrologers
• The AstroTwins’ Amazon Prime series, Cosmic Love, the first-of-its-kind reality dating show using astrology!
• Reading astrology birth charts and the planets in a chart
• Soul direction: the North Node and Rising signs

A video version of the Astrology Hub podcast with The AstroTwins may also be viewed on YouTube, below!

What zodiac sign is your relationship?


What zodiac sign is your relationship?

Learn the secrets of the composite (blended) chart in SuperCouple, a cosmic care and feeding manual for any relationship. Written by The AstroTwins, astrologers and matchmakers for Amazon Prime Video's Cosmic Love.


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