Christopher J. Essex

Pisces Single
Season 1

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Christopher J. Essex

Country music crooner Christopher J. Essex is a 26-year-old Pisces living in Nashville, Tennessee. A successful recording artist and performer, Christopher spent several years as a touring actor and musician in Broadway’s Million Dollar Quartet. While he stays busy writing, producing and performing his own music, this Pisces charmer is also a dancer in the show Ranch Hands Cowboylesque, as well as an instructor for line dancing and Country Two-Step. Meet more Cosmic Love cast members »
Chris Essex cosmic love astrology chart
Christopher J. Essex, Cosmic Love Season 1

Christopher’s Astrology


Zodiac Sign: Pisces (Water)
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Rising Sign: Virgo
Venus Sign: Taurus
Mars Sign: Pisces
North Node: Libra
Chinese/Lunar Year Sign: Fire Rat
Numerology: Life Path 7

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