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What Sign Is Your Relationship?

Every match has its own zodiac sign and chart. Here’s how to find yours.

When two people come together in a relationship, they create a third entity: the Composite Chart. This is a special astrological chart that shows the midpoint of all the planets between the two individuals. In other words, it’s a map of your relationship and can reveal what needs to be done to keep it thriving.

The Composite Sun sign is technically your relationship’s sign. And it might exude a VERY different than you two do individually. For example, mix a passionate fire sign with a social air sign and you’ll wind up with either an emo water sign or a grounded earth sign as your Composite Sun. Suddenly, you both have to adjust in significant ways to make your relationship work.

But it doesn’t stop there! Just like your individual birth charts, your Composite Chart has a zodiac GPS for each of the planets. By understanding these planetary placements, you can get a better sense of what makes your relationship tick and what needs to be tended to in order to keep the peace.

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What Sign Is Your Relationship?

Here’s what every Composite planet (and placement) represents:

Sun Your relationship’s personality

Moon How to feel secure

Ascendant (Rising) Your outward expression as a pair

Mercury Your communication style

Venus Date planning and seduction

Mars Sexual compatibility

Jupiter Where you’re lucky together

Saturn What structures you need to thrive together

Uranus Where you’ll rebel together

Neptune Dreams and fantasies to explore

Pluto Your shadow work as a couple

Lunar Nodes Your shared karma and destiny

What zodiac sign is your relationship?

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