Aries Monthly Horoscope

A Mars-Uranus square and the Pisces new moon

Watch out, Aries: A showdown could erupt on March 9, when your ruler, fiery Mars, locks into a tense square with volatile Uranus in Taurus. TRY to keep it productive, Aries, even though people are likely to be triggered and act from a place of ego (including you). Rather than explode, think about what you need from the people in your life, especially collaborators. Do you want more autonomy, respect for your ideas or clear limits on how duties are divided? What are YOU willing to give up or compromise on to create this?
The answers to that could come sooner than you think. On March 10, the annual Pisces new moon, a powerful supermoon, falls in your twelfth house of transitions and healing. Wave the white flag and don’t forget to say those two magic words if you were in the wrong: “I’m sorry.” 
It’s a bit of a paradox to host a new moon of fresh starts in your twelfth house of closure. But endings can also be beginnings. As you loosen your grip on a situation and surrender the illusion of control, enchanting new options can appear. Let the universe co-pilot, Aries—you’ll be glad you did. 
The Pisces new moon also opens a door to spiritual and artistic pursuits. Your intuition can light the way today so make time get quiet enough to hear that guiding inner voice at this new moon. What does it want you to let go of now? You’ll have another chance to think about that on March 17, when the bold Sun makes its annual conjunction (meetup) with spiritual Neptune. Where do you shine as a healing force, an empathic leader or a trailblazing creative visionary?
And just like that…you're back! When the Sun marches into Aries on March 19, the cosmic spotlight is once again on YOU. Shake off those sleepy Pisces season vibes. With the spring equinox recalibrating you, you’ve got planetary permission to let passion lead the way into a new year of your life. It’s the spring equinox, your birthday is falling in the next four weeks, and there’s a HUGE fresh start coming with the Aries eclipse on April 8—so buckle up!
But first, the month closes out with the March 25 Libra full moon, which beams into your seventh house of committed partnerships. Today’s full moon also happens to be a change-making lunar eclipse, an impossible-to-ignore turning point for your closest ties. Who’s in your inner circle, Aries—and do they deserve to be? 
Eclipses can bring events to a fast fruition. A budding relationship could rocket into (or out of) official status in the blink of an eye. You could meet an ideal collaborator, so don’t rush to fill a position too quickly—this eclipse could bring a new kind of person into your sphere. Make sure it’s an upgrade, Ram!
Early heads-up: Mercury will be turning retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25, which can scramble signals with technology and communication. Use the last week of March to back up your data and devices before this tricky cycle begins. Make sure key people on Team Aries have clear marching orders on their projects. Sign on any dotted lines now or wait a month if you can—during Mercury retrograde, crucial details can slip through the cracks. 
Hold off on any big changes to your appearance with Mercury in your visible first house—that new hair color, tattoo or injectable could be your biggest regret of 2024. If in doubt, wait it out! 
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