The Mars in Pisces Transit Pumps Up Passion, But Where Should You Direct It?

Mighty Mars shoves its way through flowy Pisces from March 22 to April 30, 2024, the first time since 2022! Here’s what to expect during the Mars in Pisces transit, plus your horoscope.

Mars in Pisces is not exactly directional—but it IS quite dreamy.

Going with the flow could be the quickest path to productivity for the next five and a half weeks as make-it-happen Mars floats into dreamy Pisces.

Just as you sit down to focus on your daily tasks, you could get diverted by your imagination, or some other random but intriguing quest. How to deal? Carve out time for creativity, but keep one eye on the clock. Reminder alarms are a saving grace during a Mars in Pisces transit cycle.

What does Mars in Pisces mean?

This cycle is a time to lean into the courage of warrior Mars and the compassion of peacekeeper Pisces.

The Mars in Pisces cycle is an ideal time for:

  • plumbing the depths
  • exploring life’s mysteries
  • bringing more compassion into daily your interactions
  • healing a wound/getting to the core of a traumatic emotional pattern

In other words: add more soul to your goals. Think about how you can:

  • uplift others
  • make them feel seen
  • let them know they’re valued
  • inspire others

The Fairy Tale Potential of This Mars in Pisces Transit

Life could resemble a page-turning fairy tale as lusty Mars joins Venus in Pisces (until April 5). During this passionate, poetic cycle, love’s fast-moving current could sweep you off to enchanted shores.

But since Pisces is the sign of healing and fantasy, you could get pulled into a quixotic or even clandestine attraction. Part of you will relish getting caught up in these wild feelings, but deception (including self-deception) could be at play.

This transit is ideal for a couple’s retreat or long-overdue healing work.

In an increasingly divided world, this Mars phase can act as a soothing salve and, since Pisces rules the feet, an invitation to walk a mile in each other’s shoes. It’s time to shift your closest relationships—and the collective conscience—by choosing love over fear and hate.

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Your Mars in Pisces Transit Horoscope

Below are horoscopes for every zodiac sign for the Mars in Pisces transit, from March 22 to April 30, 2024. You can read for your Sun sign or your rising sign (ascendant). Visit our Cosmic Calculator section if you want to calculate your Rising sign or discover more about your personal astrology.

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Aries (March 21-April 19) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Your visionary powers are supersized starting March 22 as your ruling planet, Mars, shifts into Pisces and your surreal twelfth house until April 30. On the one hand, this can make you boundlessly creative. You’ll dream in 5D, seeing colorful possibilities where before you only saw despair. Mars’ motivating energy could also prompt you to clean house in a major way. You’re more than ready to let go of any excess that’s dragging you down, from the clutter in your junk drawers to the obligations that are no longer serving you.

In the process, you may also experience a surge of guilt. Tough emotions could arise during the Mars in Pisces transit, so make sure you have ample support around you when you feel overwhelmed or are struggling to deal. Aries Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Taurus (April 20-May 20) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

All for one and one for all! Motivator Mars posts up in Pisces and your teamwork zone from March 22 to April 30, inspiring new ways to collaborate, both IRL and virtually. Although you’ll have to share the glory, you stand a better chance of taking a mission to the finish line when you work with others. As you reassess your 2024 goals, search for people who are willing to be innovative despite the odds.

Since the eleventh house rules technology, you could find a fresh source of revenue by learning software, 3D printing, AI or a new digital marketing skill. Taurus Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Go-getter Mars heads into Pisces and your tenth house of ambition, revving up your professional plans. Career comes first with Mars here, March 22 through April 30, and you may even schedule your socializing around strategic networking opportunities. Join (or start!) a mastermind group with the movers and shakers. Boldly slide into that influencer’s DMs with a savvy pitch they can’t refuse. Your work life will be busy, which can also add stress.

If you’re going to burn the midnight oil, be sure to take breaks. Keep up your fitness routine and get out for walks where you can. You need to stay strong and vital! Gemini Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Pack your bags, Cancer! Go-getter Mars blasts into Pisces, soaring through your adventurous ninth house March 22 to April 30. Your wanderlust hasn’t been activated quite like this in two years, so start exploring travel opportunities that fall in line with your extracurricular interests. That cooking class in Tuscany or the book lovers’ literary cruise could be calling.

Truthbomb alert! Mars in this position can fire you up to “call it like you see it,” but you could forget to use tact. Reminder: This is your life, not a reality TV show, so don’t start treating loved ones like misbehaving castmates. Cancer Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Leo (July 23-August 22) Mars Pisces transit horoscope

Out of sight, out of mind? Mars slips into your eighth house of secrets and hidden information, March 22 to April 30, forcing you to deal with anything you’ve swept under the deep-pile rug. Your moods may run to extremes: One minute you’re fired up, the next you’ll be cool and level-headed. With life imitating a Six Flags ride, cut out as many stressful activities as possible from your agenda.

The good news is, Mars in the eighth house is a time of great transformation. You’ll have the mojo to give an unworkable part of your life an extreme makeover. Plus, you’ll look utterly sexy doing so since the red-hot planet is ramping up your mojo for the next five and a half weeks. Sultry! Just beware bouts of jealousy. Your lovers are not your possessions, Leo. Leo Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Spicy Mars zips into Pisces, heating up your seventh house of relationships from March 22 to April 30. The red planet spurs bold action. As you flip from “distancer” to “pursuer,” you can come on pretty strong! Make sure you aren’t pressuring people to operate on YOUR timeline. That could put them in resistance mode, making it harder for you to nudge the partnership in your desired direction. If your love life is on the rocks, aggro Mars won’t let you sit idly by. The trick is to confront the issue directly while toning down firepower.

Remember: You want to BUILD bridges, not burn them. Negotiate, compromise… and you’ll find an ecstatic medium. Virgo Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Libra (September 23-October 22) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Spring training begins March 22 as energizer Mars bursts into your sixth house of healthy living until April 30. Stress could wear on your health during the Mars in Pisces transit, which is all the more reason to burn it off with some home sweaty workouts, long bike rides and living room dance parties. To manage all the responsibilities landing in your lap, you’ll need to be running at optimal prime. There’s no time for crashes now.

Ready to bring some order to your court? Mars in the sixth house spells clean-up time, Libra. Don the proverbial rubber gloves, and scrub your life free of toxins—from the junk food in your cupboards to the energy vampires who infect every group thread with doom and gloom. Libra Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

No one puts Scorpio in the corner! Fierce, feisty Mars moves into your fifth house of fame from March 22 until April 30, pumping you up with starpower. For a change, you’d rather be the star of every TikTok than lurking in the comments thread. If you’d rather  let your work speak for itself, find outlets to put your latest creations on display. Your romantic life revs up under Mars’ influence, and even in quarantine, the passion could get red-hot as you trade spicy love notes and naughty sexts.

Warning: If you’ve been butting heads with your amour, this tempestuous cycle could add more fuel to the fire. Don’t rip your sweetie to shreds just because you’re dissatisfied. Nothing is ever resolved in anger, so take some time to cool down before you address any issues in your relationship. Scorpio Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Home sweet home? Fiery Mars camps out in your fourth house domestic sector from March 22 to April 30, bringing both excitement and aggravation to your nest. On the one hand, Chateau Sagittarius could become a lively workshop for all your innovative ideas. But what about those moments of rest that you (and the other people under your roof) require? Mars can be a bit of an agitator, making it hard to find a spot of solitude. You will have to be firm with roomies and relatives so they don’t tramp into your turf while you’re in the zone.

The provocative planet could spark your urge to play interior designer. Before you go crazy, get clear about the project’s scope and make sure you have the moola—and mojo—to take on the mission. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Say what? Your words have more power than ever as assertive Mars moves into Pisces and your third house communication sector from March 22 to April 30. With your firepower dialed up, you might not realize how strong you’re coming on. To avoid intimidating people, lean in to the compassionate and poetic vibes of Pisces.

Take time to warm up the crowd before you get down to business, and you’ll set the stage for long-lasting alliances. Existing duos become dynamic, or dynamite, under Mars’ influence. You’ll either be collaborating brilliantly or butting heads during the Mars in Pisces transit. Cooperation won’t come easily, so it’s important to clearly delineate responsibilities to avoid conflicts. You might even draw up a contract or spell things out in a spreadsheet for the sake of clarity. Capricorn Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Go-getter Mars cruises into your second house money zone, blessing you with the Midas touch from March 22 to April 30 (and beyond). Your thoughts could be consumed by business opportunities as you fill out applications, touch up your resume or get the wheels in motion for a new entrepreneurial venture. You’ve been hosting the red planet since February 16, which no doubt brought a whirlwind of visionary ideas. During the Mars in Pisces transit, you’ll FINALLY have the focus you need to get into production mode.

Mars’ agitating energy can also lead to overspending, especially when it comes to luxury items. Tension with coworkers may heat up too, especially if you get a little too “Martian” on them (read: bossy, aggressive and intimidating). Don’t forget your role is as the zodiac’s team player, Aquarius, not military dictator. Aquarius Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Mars in Pisces transit horoscope

Mermaid unleashed! Red-hot Mars grooves into Pisces from March 22 to April 30, blessing you with added passion and productivity. If you’ve been dragging your fins, it’s time to take action. Those big changes you KNOW you need to make—well, you’re finally ready to tackle them head-on and see them through to the finish line. This may require you to make a clean break from any wild goose chases you’ve been racing on.

Caution: Stress levels can rise when Mars visits your first house, making it uber-important to exercise and burn off angst. Most of all, be self-directed. Mars only visits Pisces every other year, prompting bold, fearless action. Put yourself first. When you’re successful, everyone’s successful—that’s how generous Pisces rolls. Pisces Daily Horoscope: Read Yours!

Where will Mars be in 2024?

Mars is also the last of the personal inner planets—the planets before Jupiter which are closest to the Sun. The red planet hangs out in a zodiac sign for approximately 6-8 weeks, directing the global temperament and fighting style. Lusty Mars is the forthright companion to seductive Venus and can bring out the “cosmic cave(wo)man” in us all. Our raw desire is on display during certain Mars cycles, while other zodiac signs provoke a more discreet style of pursuit.

Mars transits 2024:
• Mars in Capricorn, January 4-February 13
• Mars in Aquarius, February 13-March 22
• Mars in Pisces, March 22-April 30 (you are here!)
• Mars in Aries, April 30-June 9
• Mars in Taurus, June 9-July 20
• Mars in Gemini, July 20-September 4
• Mars in Cancer, September 4-November 3
• Mars in Leo, November 3-January 6, 2025

Mars transits 2023:
• Mars in Virgo
• Mars in Leo
• Mars in Cancer
• Mars in Gemini (plus the retrograde, which occurs every two years)
• Mars in Libra
• Mars in Scorpio
• Mars in Sagittarius

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