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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Gather! It’s Scorpio season until November 22

Team up for the win! With the Sun in Scorpio until November 22, cutting-edge collaborations could take flight now, so start adding more like-minded people to your circle. Scorpio rules your eleventh house of groups, collaboration and technology. Just because you CAN do it all by yourself doesn’t mean you should. Joining forces with a complementary crew can help you soar this month.
This month, it really is about who you know. Nurture your existing bonds AND go forge some new ones. Got a digital project to launch? The first three weeks of the month are prime time to use all the tech platforms to get your visionary ideas out there further.
Motivational Mars is also in Scorpio until November 24, revving up your networking engines and adding steam to your team. That could include a few heated debates where you’ll have to “agree to disagree” or respect each other’s contrasting opinions. In the current political climate, it’s harder than ever to pull this off, and Mars can make everyone a bit hotheaded. Try to step back and pour your efforts into proactive, impact-driven efforts that help your community and humanity at large.
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