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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

The November 13 Scorpio new moon sparks social connections

An existing collaboration—or the start of a fruitful one—could take flight on November 13, when the year’s only Scorpio new moon beams into your eleventh house, sparking synergies. You might be invited to join a professional association that advances your goals. Or maybe politics is calling your name? 
Whatever the case, this new moon is here to expand your circle and bring some dynamic new thinkers into your orbit. It’s a great day to host (or attend) a party or an event that benefits a cause that you care about. With energizer Mars close to the new moon, this could be a lively time for networking and new contacts.
Keep the divas and drama queens off the guest list, however, Capricorn. The new moon will stand in opposite to disruptive Uranus in your fifth house of passion and self-expression. An attention-hungry person (who may have an outsized ego to boot) could try to steal the spotlight and derail progress. Belligerent behavior might even erupt at a party, so dodge any scenes that look like they could blow up into a bad reality-TV moment. If you’re leading a team or addressing a crowd, make sure everyone feels included and acknowledged. Under these stars, you might unwittingly come across as arrogant—SO not the look you’re going for, Cap. 
This new moon also marks a great day for a digital launch or sending one of your online creations viral. If you do put yourself out there on social media, watch for interference from the Uranus opposition. Tone down the snark and irreverence, and don’t post anything that could be seen as controversial unless you’re 100 percent willing to stand behind it—and take the heat.
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