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October 2020 Gemini Love Horoscope

What are friends for? Well, probably NOT for love advice this month…and perhaps not for blurring the line between platonic and romantic. With lusty Mars retrograde in Aries and your eleventh house of technology and friendship, both online and casual dating could go awry. The red planet is reversing through this zone from September 9 to November 13 as part of a much longer visit to Aries from June 27 to January 6.
The takeaway: Tread (and swipe) lightly. You may find that an attraction flares up fast then fizzles out just as quickly, or that a connection’s going strong (your thumbs are tweaked from all that texting!) when suddenly the person goes AWOL. In a relationship? You could be quick to break things off just as the connection gets a bit intense, which isn’t necessarily in anyone’s best interests, so make a concerted effort NOT to do that.
An ex might resurface or an old flame could respark—possibly someone you never fully brought out of the friend zone? If you’re committed and monogamous, watch for a chat or text thread that starts to cross the line because it could turn into a distracting and highly tempting obsession. Some coupled Geminis may consider the idea of an open relationship. That’s not something to rush into. Do some research and talk to a therapist or friends who’ve “gone there” to learn what it takes to actually pull that off and whether it’s what you truly desire.
Venus, the other love planet, is in Virgo and your domestic fourth house from October 2 to 27. This is a time to ramp up self-care and beautify your home, connect with family and loved ones and get rooted. A little time IN, and you’ll be centered and feeling great in your skin once Venus slides into Libra and your fifth house of passion and romance from October 27 to November 21 and turns up the heat in your love life. This month could get a bit messy and emotional, but love as the headline event in November should more than make up for that.

Key Dates:

October 10: Venus-Uranus trine
When curveball-throwing Uranus fist-bumps the love planet in your most internally focused sectors, take a risk by dropping your emotional guard and sharing a secret or confessing strong feelings. Single? Being this open and vulnerable could attract a soulmate type from out of the blue.

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