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August 2022 Pisces Overview Horoscope

Ready to bring some order back to your life, Pisces? It’s cleanup time, AKA Leo season, until August 22. While others are getting fierce and flamboyant, you’re already over the summer party scene, ready to get back to the gym and eat clean after a hedonistic July. It’s a scheduling issue: Your month of decadence happens during Cancer season. Leo rules your sixth house of fitness, organization and common sense, making you the obvious choice for “designated driver” if you’re out with friends. Consider yourself notified! 

In addition to being super-busy with all your tasks, you’ve got something important to say right now. On August 1, headstrong Mars, radical Uranus and the karmic north node will make a super-rare summit in Taurus and your third house of communication. One of your cutting-edge ideas could gain a lot of traction, perhaps even out of the blue. You could be invited to partner up with someone who “thinks different” or you may get an offer to write, speak or teach. Pisces with a powerful message could have an unexpected chance to share it!

Just put a little thought into the impact of your words now, as you could be argumentative and confrontational (you may not realize you’re coming across like that, so check in). While being provocative is okay to a point, during this ultra-sensitive transit, you want to make sure you’re sharing an inclusive and empowering message. No need to alienate anyone intentionally, Pisces. Lift people up instead of dragging them down to the ocean floor.

Looking for a new place to call home? On August 20, action planet Mars will begin an extended trek through Gemini and your domestic fourth house, staying until March 25, 2023. Home and family become a heat zone, and there could be big changes in this part of your life. Mars can increase the friction under your roof. Are you considering a move, buying property or expanding your family? Motivator Mars will speed up the process. 

But don’t rush into anything if you’re not 100 percent on it. This seven-month cycle (which is five times the usual length of Mars’ visit to a sign) will contain a retrograde period later in the fall. Start exploring options—and yes, pursuing them—but know that it might take until early next year for everything to fully unfold.

When Virgo season arrives on August 22, it will be easier to get your personal life back in balance. Virgo rules your seventh house of partnerships and contracts. Team up with a kindred spirit whose skills complement yours or consider joining forces for a win-win. In love, you might be ready to make things official in the coming four weeks. Single Pisces could meet someone with serious long-term potential.

Order in the Pisces court: It’s Leo season until August 22

Gather those loose ends and bring some order back to your life, Pisces. The Sun is making its annual trek through Leo and your sixth house of health, organization and systems. You're ready to dial down the intensity (even the fun kind) and simplify, getting life back into a steadier, more manageable groove. This year, Leo season has an extra zing from all the Taurus energy. Expect lots of messages, ideas and invitations under these supercharged communicative skies. Make sure to jot down those brainstorms, as you’ll be both wired and inspired. You never know: One of those could turn into something really big!

Tempers erupt at the August 7 Mars-Saturn square

Don’t fight your feelings, Pisces! Look deep within and explore your most intense emotions this August 7, when energizer Mars in your ideation zone squares off against structured Saturn in your spiritual twelfth house. One minute you’re overanalyzing and stuck in your head, the next you could be procrastinating with some avoidant or escapist behavior. You want to free yourself from that anxious loop, not get sucked in further. Engage in activities that allow you to tap into your spiritual side. Dive into an extended journaling session, Zoom with a gifted healer or simply call up a good friend to talk about what you're going through. 

The August 11 Aquarius full moon brings a healing conclusion

Got something to release? You can do it on August 11, when the year's only Aquarius full moon illuminates your twelfth house of closure and transitions. This is a double dose of letting-go energy, so surrender all that inner heaviness to those alchemizing moonbeams, Pisces! 

Since control is an illusion anyway, rather than trying to corral the chaos, just let the chips fall. On the upside, this could be a richly creative or romantic full moon. Your imagination is at its peak, and artistic Pisces could produce some of your finest work. In love, a heightened fantasy could become reality, so if you're looking for dates to escape off the grid with a sexy companion, this is it!
Have you been in denial about a person's true motives or caught in a codependent trap? This full moon could bring a moment of healing and spiritual clarity—even a big epiphany about where you're headed next. Focus on conclusions, not illusions. Read the writing on the wall and get the support you need. Your subconscious has a LOT to process now, so you might just want to disappear for some solitude, self-care and sleep. Take a much-deserved rest now if you can.

This year’s Aquarius full moon brings a plot twist, though, forming a tense T-square to the Leo Sun and a volatile Mars-Uranus combo in Taurus. Make sure you’re not getting mixed signals…or send them off yourself. Communication could get really wonky today and it will be hard to tell truth from fiction!

Dynamic duos ignite: Virgo season begins August 22

Two is your magic number once Virgo season arrives for a month on August 22, heating up your seventh house of relationships and mutuality.. Had it with the flakes? Start partnering up with people who truly have your back. Give your energy to those who are capable of an equal give-and-take. Work out any kinks that are disrupting your most important bonds—and move the superficial folks to the sidelines.

The best day to bring up commitment arrives August 30 with the annual Virgo new moon. This fresh-start lunar lift helps you broach the topic of a formal alliance. Really listen to where the other party is a "yes" AND a "no." Use the time to consider any hesitations or objections from both sides. Developments today will unfold in the coming six months. Give this decision the time it deserves and don't rush it!

Uranus turns retrograde August 24

Say what? You’ve been quite the pot-stirrer for the past few years, Pisces, thanks to disruptor Uranus, which is in Taurus for a long seven-year visit that began in 2019 and will end in April 2026. On August 24, Uranus will turn retrograde until January 22, backtracking through Taurus and your third house of communication and neighborhoods.

Uranus turns retrograde for five months every year, a time when things slow down and settle a bit—which can be a relief! Change is fun, but constant change is exhausting. With Uranus retrograde in your communication and community realm, it’s time to check in on your relationships. A friendship that's been unstable or even damaged by a feud could benefit from an air-clearing conversation. Or you may decide to really keep your distance for the next few months. Your relationship with a sibling or colleague could also go through a Uranian overhaul. With the planet of liberation and authenticity tearing through this zone, you won't hold back! But if a softer delivery is called for, the retrograde could help you with that.
The third house rules multimedia, teaching and writing. Got a trailblazing message to share with the world or an educational product that will blow minds? Maybe you've dreamed up a killer life-hacking app or platform. With tech-savvy Uranus here, there's hardly a better person to spearhead this idea—it's certainly worth exploring! 

The retrograde makes the rest of this year best suited for research and development (with a launch once Uranus powers forward in January). If you have a business of any kind, work on your marketing and social media profiles. Keep things out of the realm of "controversy" for the time being, as Uranus retrograde could attract trolls and other things you simply don't need now.

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