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January 2023 Pisces Overview Horoscope

You’re stepping into 2023 as a brand-new Pisces, and the difference is palpable. For the past two years, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, was weaving in and out of your sign, setting a three-part reinvention tour in motion. It was exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure, and now you’re ready to be a little more steady. Good news: For the first five months of 2023, Jupiter is in Aries and your stabilizing second house. Now you can take all that self-discovery and start crafting it into something tangible. This is Jupiter’s second trip to Aries—you got your first taste from May 10 to October 28 last year—so get back to any ventures and plans that got sidelined over the holidays.

Pace yourself, though, because the year opens with Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, in a signal-scrambling retrograde until January 18. Motivational Mars is also retrograde until January 12, skidding backward through Gemini and your domestic fourth house since October 30. If you dealt with family friction over the holidays or your living situation is up in the air, resolution will start to seem possible in the second half of the month. Mars will remain in Gemini until May 25, so home will continue to be a hotspot for the first quarter of 2023.

Lean on your friends and keep your social life active while the Sun’s in Capricorn and your collaborative eleventh house until January 20. Then, take a little breather during Aquarius season, which lasts from January 20 to February 18. Work on releasing things that no longer serve you. Not only will you clear the decks for your next birthday, but structured Saturn is coming to Pisces on March 7, its first visit to your sign since the mid-1990s! You’ve got another life reinvention phase ahead, but this one will help you narrow your focus and take concrete steps to build your next Pisces platform. 

Meantime, the Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit begins on the evening of January 21, a cause to celebrate! This will usher in a simpatico 12-month energy since this prolific Chinese zodiac sign is linked to Pisces as its Western counterpart. Chaos is out, compassion is in! Now that’s more like it…

On January 22, unpredictable Uranus wraps up a five-month retrograde in Taurus and your communal eleventh house, getting a team project back on track. Once this happens, there will be NO retrograde planets, a clear sky to help move your dreams forward.

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It’s Capricorn season until January 20 (but Mercury’s retrograde until January 18)

Until January 20, the Sun is in Capricorn, your eleventh house of socializing and group activity, giving 2023 a light, celebratory start. Don't push too hard at work just yet. You can be plenty productive by getting out and reconnecting with people you didn’t see before the holidays. Meet for coffee, rsvp to events and host a few meetups of your own. That alone should keep you plenty busy now, Pisces. 

Team projects are in the spotlight during Capricorn season, so rally the troops and share the workload. You could be invited to join forces with some innovative people or to get involved in a world-bettering cause. 

However, don't commit in stone to any collaborations until later this month as communicator Mercury is retrograde until January 18. During this period, a group project can hit some speed bumps. Maybe you're the one resisting going with the flow or being contrarian for no good reason. If you're launching a digital venture, it's best to hold off until after Mercury retrograde as there could be technological mishaps and misfired messaging. You could experience computer software and hardware glitches or other tech faux pas. Back up your files and be extra vigilant with your communication. 

On January 18, the Sun and potent Pluto make their annual meetup, which could bring a powerful alliance or virtual opportunity. Someone you meet at a social event or work gathering could become a key player for you, so make friends with the VIPs! 

Be extra careful with your passwords and private information online today since Mercury’s about-face AND this Sun-Pluto meetup could cause sensitive data to leak. If you become privy to a friend’s secrets or a colleague’s confidences, zip your lips and keep that intel in the vault. Although you love a piece of hot gossip, “innocently” sharing it could come back to bite you. Delete those personal messages that you sent on a work email or account—better to be safe than sorry.

The January 6 Cancer full moon reboots romance

The temperatures outside might be dropping, but this January 6, your love life could heat up! The first full moon of the year lands in Cancer and your passionate, expressive fifth house. A romantic spark that lit under the mistletoe might turn into something kinda-sorta official now. For coupled Fish, this is a great moment to get some fun plans on the calendar. Book tickets to a show, a concert or a sporting event. How about that midwinter vacation somewhere tropical? Just make sure it’s all refundable—and read those TripAdvisor reviews—since Mercury retrograde can throw you a curveball! 

On that very note, the Cancer full moon will be in tight opposition to Mercury retrograde, making it tricky to wear your fully exposed heart on your sleeve. Misunderstandings could come from “putting it all out there.” Unfortunately, a fifth-house full moon often causes everything bottled up to gush out, which could have mixed results depending on what you've been holding in. 

A dollop of dramatic flair could work in your favor if you deliver a big announcement with Piscean subtlety. But there's a higher likelihood it will sound something like, "I'm quitting my job in 2023 to pursue acting!" or "I've been in love with you for five years, dammit!" Be careful not to create chaos when you unleash those pent-up feelings today. Done right, this fertile, flamboyant full moon can energize a relationship, awaken your inner artiste or, for Pisces of childbearing age, bring pregnancy news.

Check your own mood today, too. The Cancer full moon falls on a Monday, but there’s no need to go into the first official workweek of 2023 with dread and pessimism. The zodiac is counting on YOU to keep the holiday joy flowing into the new year. Remind everyone that you can be playful and productive at the same time…then lead by example.

The first full moon of any calendar year is always in either Cancer or Leo, and we believe it sets the tone for the coming 12 months. Bringing a creative, heart-centered and playful approach will be a theme that carries through 2023 for you. Instead of getting serious and too in your head, bring the spirit of childlike wonder to all that you do. Let lightness, love and levity lead the way!

A brief hibernation: The Sun enters Aquarius January 20

Energy crash alert! When the Sun slips into Aquarius and your twelfth house of rest and closure on January 20, you’ll be eager for a little R&R. For the next four weeks, put aside your hectic schedule and step into a more meditative zone. You need time for introspection and healing. Is there old emotional baggage you can release? A self-sabotaging pattern that's outgrown its (dysfunctional) use? Someone you can extend an olive branch to, even if it's only in your own mind? Take stock of how far you've come in 12 months. By going slow and tying up loose ends, you'll be ready to roar by the time Pisces season hits in four short weeks!

Enter the Water Rabbit! Aquarius new moon and Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 21

Here’s some hopeful news, Pisces: The 2023 Lunar New Year has your cosmic name stamped all over it! On the evening of January 21, we’ll bid adieu to the cagey Water Tiger, who’s been making life rather unpredictable since February 2022. The only constant of last year has been change. And while Fish are skilled at going with the flow, it was hard to know whether you were swimming upstream or down!

This January 21, we’ll welcome the Year of the Water Rabbit, the lunar animal that’s associated with your ruling planet, Neptune, and is considered the Eastern equivalent of Pisces. Between now and February 9, 2024, you’ll get celestial support from this creative and compassionate Chinese zodiac sign. One of your personal projects could get, er, hopping, so think about what you want more of in your life. Rabbits multiply, so whatever you pour your energy into could come back in abundance!

Uranus retrograde ends on January 22

On January 22, innovative Uranus wakes up from a five-month retrograde in your cerebral third house. Have you gotten stuck in a mental plateau, with a bout of tunnel vision? As Uranus corrects course, you’ll suddenly see options that you couldn’t before. You’ll also want to start paying closer attention to your words and thoughts, which can rapidly manifest as your reality. Feed your mind hopeful and inspiring material. We’re not suggesting you bury your head in the sand or lapse into toxic positivity. But you also don’t want to spiral into fear and worry, so be mindful of the information you consume and the messages you put out there. 

Spinning your wheels on a project? Explore novel ideas and offbeat approaches before rushing to take the safe route. With future-forward Uranus opening your mind to alternate routes, adopt a student mentality. Sign up for classes, check out new podcasts, ask friends to recommend helpful resources. 

If you’ve been itching to explore a new social scene, Uranus direct could connect you to kindred spirits who are on the same seeking path as you. Satisfy your curiosity through more interactions, whether it’s for a casual game night, a hobby or seriously mastering a new skill. These days, your “soul family” might be spread out all over the world. Although you can’t get together with all of them in person, make an effort to connect through calls or video chat when you can. Uplifting conversations will keep the winter doldrums away.

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