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Pisces Monthly Horoscope

It’s Scorpio season until November 22

Big and bold is just your speed this month, so unleash that Pisces power! The Sun is sailing through Scorpio and your visionary ninth house until November 22, putting you in the mood for new experiences that promise growth and adventure. You've got no time for small talk when you're percolating with this much passion. Get reacquainted with your bucket list and add a few new items to it. 
The ninth house rules travel, entrepreneurship, study and publishing. You're hungry for novelty—and eager to share the brilliant ideas that are blazing through your brain at warp speed. Find a platform or use the one you've got, Pisces. And don't feel like you have to do it alone. The Sun in this horizon-expanding sector heartily encourages you to team up with a diverse group of people. Don't worry if it’s just a handful of you taking on a giant challenge. Before you know it, your efforts could create a snowball effect. 
Until November 24, go-getter Mars is also zooming through Scorpio, heating up this visionary sector. You’re ready to go big with those entrepreneurial ideas! Mars only visits this realm of your chart every two years, so if you’ve been considering a leap of faith around entrepreneurship, Mars powers up your confidence to get an indie business launched. Travel, study and publishing also get a boost. While in your outspoken ninth house, Mars urges you to voice your truth and pursue your supersized dreams. 

Relief! Saturn retrograde in Pisces is over on November 4

So many lessons! On November 4, tough taskmaster Saturn wraps up a four-and-a-half-month retrograde backspin through YOUR sign that started on June 17. If you’ve felt restricted around personal goals or like life was moving at the speed of a geriatric tortoise, here lies the source of this maddeningly slow period. 
Saturn is making a long tour through your sign from March 7, 2023, until February 2026. This transit, which only happens every 29 years, is a profound period that can tear down and rebuild an entire part of your life. Your identity has been getting a total makeover (or, at least, a renovation) since March, and there are two more years to go. With Saturn in your first house of appearances, you may have already started some "exterior renovations" to your style as well as your overall look.
Saturn's main mission is to make you take an unflinching look at your priorities and pursuits to ensure they're aligned with your values. Are you spending your time and energy on things that matter to you? Investing in yourself? Or are you taking care of everyone else's needs first? During the retrograde, you may have had a no-BS look at this energy distribution and hopefully saw ways to correct course.
Now as Saturn straightens out, sit down and take inventory of your priorities, values and public-facing image. Are you representing yourself with the authority and credibility that matches your expertise? Do you need to add support to your life that will allow you to shine as the leader you are? These are not corners you can cut anymore, Pisces. With Saturn in town, there’s no more “fake it till you make it” or underachieving because you’re “scared of success.” Cut the excuses and do the real work. The world needs your contributions now more than ever!
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