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January 2021 Scorpio Love Horoscope

At last, a little pleasure! If love has felt like an effort—or the chores of day-to-day life have left you too tired or distracted for romance—that’s all about to change. Since June 27, 2020, passionate Mars has been in a decidedly NOT sexy part of your chart as he took an extended trip through Aries and your sixth house of labor, wellness and service. Responsibilities, pandemic, scrambling for work: not exactly come-hither words, least of all in the sultry Scorpio lexicon.

But that all changes this month. From January 6 to March 3, Mars will march through Taurus and your seventh house of committed relationships, turning up the temps in your closest ties. A new connection can quickly move toward official status. Single Scorpios could meet someone with long-term potential when you least expect it. 

Attached? This is a time for solidifying any areas that are even slightly wobbly, especially around home and family. At times, you might fight a little more, but with sexy Scorpio mediating, you’ll likely settle your differences in the bedroom. That said, try to keep your temper in check to avoid fanning the flames of any conflict.

Love has felt more serious ever since Venus went into Sagittarius on December 15, but on January 8, she relocates to Capricorn and your breezy, flirtatious third house. With this lighthearted new energy, you’ll be even more magnetic. Enjoy it for the rest of the month, especially on January 9, when a Venus-Mars trine could turn friends into lovers and remind lovers to be best friends again.

Key Dates:

January 9: Venus-Mars trine
Bring on the lasting love! As affectionate Venus and passionate Mars harmonize in stable earth signs, you could have true romance with all the trimmings—sensuality and stability. Skip the “come here now go away” players and their mixed messages. A partner who makes you feel secure is suddenly the most attractive catch in town. Coupled? Mark a long-term relationship with a thoughtful gift to let your mate know how much you cherish them. 

All your biggest love days, revealed.

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