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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

The Sun enters Sagittarius November 22

Sweep away the birthday cake crumbs, Scorpio. It’s time to buckle down one last time before the calendar changes. On November 22, the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your second house of work and finances. With Mars also leaving your sign for Sagittarius on November 24, the rest of the year will rev up revenues but also amplify money stress at moments. Easy on the gifting; you may need to discipline yourself to stick to a budget, especially since restrictive Saturn will be at odds with both the Sun and Mars for the rest of the month. 
Don’t slip into holiday hedonism yet—unless, of course, you combine business with pleasure and hit the industry events. The next four weeks could spawn some exciting job leads, income-boosting opportunities and the inspo to increase your bottom line. Don’t be afraid to think big! Just know that you don’t have to implement everything at once. One sustainable step at a time will add up to a bigger long-term win.
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