June Monthly Horoscope: From Chaos to Clarity

The planets are talking to each other—loudly—in June. It might take a little work to uncross their wires, but we’ll be better people once we do. Or here’s hoping!

It’s getting noisy in here! Or is that just all the voices in your head talking? With the Sun in expressive, analytical, multi-everything Gemini until June 20, our minds are on overdrive and our juggling skills are in high demand. We’re being pulled like pizza dough in every direction, and the stretch can be uncomfortable to say the least.

This tugging and resisting reaches a fever pitch on June 3, when the stars lock into a Grand Mutable Cross —a rare four-way showdown that involves the Sun and Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. While they won’t all be at the exact same degree, their proximity is close enough for us to feel the intensity of their dueling demands. If you find yourself pushed to the brink, this could be your wakeup call: It’s time to set some boundaries, prioritize or take on less. This Grand Cross echoes a similar one that fell on May 8 (Mother’s Day), so you may see some recurring themes.

The June 4 Gemini new moon arrives not a moment too soon, helping us turn a fresh page and sparking productive dialogue. Since this new moon is conjunct harmonious Venus, it won’t be long before proverbial olive branches are extended. But again, be careful not to over-promise and under-deliver: this new moon will also oppose structured Saturn. Make sure you can back up your words with solid action.

This month brings two major aspects that can be felt throughout June: a tough Saturn-Neptune square and a barrier-breaking Jupiter-Pluto trine.

The square between Saturn and Neptune reaches its apex on June 17, and it’s a bit of a head trip. Saturn is all about establishing clear boundaries, while Neptune specializes in blurring them. How rigid should you be? How trusting is too trusting? Negotiating the line between tough love and gullible enabling will be our challenge. Saturn wants us to lean in, do the hard work, stick it out with grit and face “reality,” while dreamy Neptune tempts us to escape into denial. Sometimes ignorance IS bliss…after all, when we focus on our fears we can manifest them. Skeptical Saturn’s bumper sticker says “Seeing is believing,” while New Age Neptune’s says “Believing is seeing.”

Luckily, we have a lovely and harmonious trine between expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto, which reaches its peak on June 26. Both in stabilizing earth signs, their cosmic confab can shatter the glass ceiling around our work, money and material realities, or just break us free of any limiting beliefs and other ruts. This is the second of 2016’s two rare Jupiter-Pluto trines (the first was on March 16). After that, they won’t meet in a trine again until 2024.

June 20 is another power-packed day: the summer solstice, the Sun’s shift into emotional and nurturing Cancer, and the year’s rare second full moon in Sagittarius (the first was May 21). The Cancer Sun helps us settle into deep and secure roots, while the Sagittarius full moon inspires us to dream big and put our grandest visions out into the world.

The month ends with more great news: On June 29, energizer Mars ends a retrograde cycle that started on April 17, creating hair-raising conflicts, arguments, stalled ambitions and in some cases, laziness! Having the go-getter planet reverse course did not bode well for those spring fitness plans. And since it’s been backing through Scorpio since May 27, a sexy but not-so-trustworthy ex may have crept back into the picture. Whether you hopped into bed for a steamy reunion or just obsessed about this person in your head (and on late-night Google searched), the red planet powering forward should help turn your intense focus to the future instead of the past. Amen!

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