The Hottest Dates for Love this Summer, by the Stars

Pencil in these dates for passion—and find out how the stars and your love life align this summer.

Has the summer heat crept into your boudoir yet? From July 12-August 5, love planet Venus is in fiery Leo, turning up the astrological temperatures. Meantime, sexy Mars is in smoldering Scorpio until August 2, which could spark clandestine chemistry—or some intense obsessing! But with Leo in charge, you’ll be ready for some rowdy, raunchy escapades, whether you’re prowling the Tinder savannah or staking out an IRL connection. The zodiac’s Lion/ess epitomizes fierceness and show-stopping gestures, so be anything but subtle! This transit is your cosmic green light to flaunt your fierceness and peacock to your heart’s desire. Already swooning for someone special? Bighearted Leo inspires us to demonstrate our love in super-sized ways. Whether you declare your devotion on a Jumbotron or rekindle your lust on a black sand beach, remember: the bigger, the better!

Red-hot Mars will race into worldly Sagittarius from August 2-September 27, which could bring sizzling vacation hookups and cross-cultural chemistry. But not so fast! From August 5-29, Venus will move into down-to-earth Virgo, awakening our analytical sides. Virgo is the zodiac sign of the Virgin, but don’t expect a dry spell with Venus here. Sensual Venus is quite the seductress this season, making SIX contacts with other planets in August.

Here are the hottest love dates—and the trickiest ones—for the rest of summer 2016:

August 1: You want to do what…and where? Venus in Leo forms a swift trine to shock-jock Uranus in randy Aries. Who needs Rio when the Sexual Olympics can be held right where you are.

August 2: The only Leo new moon of the year opens our hearts and turns a fresh page in our romantic playbooks. This same day, sexy Mars scampers into up-for-anything Sagittarius, setting our erotic compasses for adventure!

August 6: Postpone any romantic plans when Venus (now in Virgo) and Mars (now in Sagittarius) do hand-to-hand combat by locking into a tense square. This aspect can make us blurt out critical comments and overanalyze everything. Ouch!

August 13: Another Debbie Downer of a date night arrives when Venus repeats the August 6 buzzkill with a square to heavy Saturn. Nothing and nobody seems good enough. The bonus: If you’ve been ungrounded, this transit can give you a helpful reality check.

August 14: Love goggles? You could have a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality when Venus in grounded Virgo is opposite delusional Neptune in dreamy Pisces. Check the facts before you get swept off your feet.

August 17: How deep is your love? Venus forms a gilded trine to penetrating Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of long-term plans. You could have a heart-stirring talk about the future or meet someone with soulmate potential.

August 27: Love wins! This could be one of the most romantic dates of the summer as Venus and lucky Jupiter are conjunct (united) in Virgo. Venus and Jupiter are known as the “benefics” in astrology due to their helpful and positive influences. This is their only hookup in 2016, so take a leap of faith or a bold romantic risk.

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