Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 2018

Early hibernation, anyone? You're definitely gonna be late to the resolutions party this month…and it's a refreshing change, Capricorn. Not only is the Sun in Sagittarius and your restful, dreamy twelfth house until December 21, but expansive Jupiter is there from November 2018 to December 2019, a 13-month visit that only happens every 12 years. The magic for you now is in the "not doing"—so go on and explore the negative space or see where the universe takes you when you don't try to plan and control everything.
With the Sun and Jupiter in this closure-focused house, there may be some healing work to do this month. Whether that means recovering from an emotionally challenging time or mending fences through forgiveness, you'll find the courage to go there. Letting go isn't easy, especially for your tenacious sign. But are you "hanging in there" at your own expense—or doing more harm than good by refusing to budget? Reminder, Capricorn: Suffering is optional. Release a painful situation to the universe, and it might just alchemize itself.
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The perfect moment for that could arrive at the December 7 Sagittarius new moon. This lunation opens a powerful window for creativity and spirituality. It can also launch a new six-month chapter where you quit sweating the small stuff or replaying the same dramas. A refreshing concept!
You've probably had a front-row seat to some simmering conflicts with communication planet Mercury retrograde since November 16, stirring up confusion and misunderstandings. Mercury was in Sagittarius until December 1, which might have left you feeling vulnerable and raw—or sentimental about the holiday season (perhaps even with a touch of the blues). From December 1 to 6, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio and your collaborative eleventh house, which could make group dynamics tense. Watch for friction with friends—or pay attention to anyone in your circle who's more undermining than supportive. You don't have time for that!
The December 7 Sagittarius new moon is an especially good time to clear the air because that same day, assertive Mars and compassionate Neptune will make a rare meetup in Pisces and your third house of communication. You'll be able to lovingly but firmly make a point or initiate a productive dialogue that helps you clear the air. Brace yourself, Cap: In order to reboot this relationship, you may have to listen to some uncomfortable feedback about yourself. Take a deep breath and hear them out—and consider agreeing to some ground rules before either of you vents.
On the plus side, this is a sweet day to pitch a creative concept or to have a bonding conversation with someone special. Let your guard down and tell them how you feel, or take a minute out of your busy schedule to connect. And don't forget the all-important relationship with a very important person: yourself! This new moon—and really, the first three weeks of December—is all about refilling your tanks. Be careful not to deplete yourself!
You'll be back with a vengeance soon enough because on December 21, the Sun swings into YOUR sign for its annual four-week visit. Capricorn season also kicks off the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and begins the process of ushering in a little more light each day. Symbolically, you'll feel that energy returning bit by bit—just in time for the holidays.
On December 22, the second Cancer full moon of the year beams into your seventh house of partnerships, which could make a dynamic duo official…or seal your decision to go separate ways. Look back to January 1, 2018, and the Cancer full supermoon that started off the year. Has the quality of your most important ties improved or diminished? Are you feeling an equal give-and-take, or is something out of balance? Take a moment before the calendar turns to recalibrate your relationships—and to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them. (Hint: Actions speak louder than words!)
Christmas could find you a bit introspective and private as the moon lounges in Leo and your intimate eighth house. You might not be in the most merry-making mood today, so dodge the loud relatives knocking back the spiked "wassail" and bellowing with tipsy laughter. Your soul will sing if you can have meaningful one-on-one conversations—even if that requires hiding out in the kitchen and doing food prep while you have a deep, bonding talk. You can sneak a sprig of mistletoe into a quiet corner because these skies could turn sultry and sexy! If you're not celebrating, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are both ideal for slipping off the grid for some sacred solitude and much-needed privacy! Or tinker with a project that requires your full focus since your powers of concentration will be mighty.
Your social side returns with a vengeance just in time for New Year's Eve as the moon will hang out in Scorpio and your eleventh house of group activity. You'll be in the mood for fun and friends, the more the merrier—especially since the moon is making happy contact with enchanting Neptune in Pisces and your communication zone. This will put you in the mood to bond and connect, and might even be the perfect moment for a New Year's ritual where everyone shares what they want to leave behind in 2018 and manifest in 2019. You could make it extra-fun by having everyone jot their intentions on flying wish paper, which will add a magical touch to your celebrations.
With vibrant Mars in Pisces heating up your social third house until 9:20 pm EST, raucous laughter and lively conversations will keep the evening festive. You might decide to party-hop or make the rounds at your favorite local hotspots. But come 9:20, Mars will start its seven-week stint in Aries and your domestic fourth house. Depending where you live, you could suddenly have the urge to welcome 2019 from home sweet home, slipping into your coziest PJs and watching the ball drop from bed. No judgment, Capricorn—just start your revelries early so you can mix and mingle with everyone you want before you go into full-on hibernation mode until February 14!
Spoiler: Valentine's Day will bring a Mars transit into Taurus and your lusty, passionate fifth house…meaning Cupid may have a special delivery for you after this phase. And January 5 is the Capricorn solar eclipse, so your big "personal New Year" is actually in a few days. We're just letting you know in case you come down with a case of FOMO: Feel free to call it an early night because there's plenty more excitement coming down the planetary pike soon enough!

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