Virgo Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Ready to rev those resolutions, Virgo? This month, you’ll have the right mindset to set your plans into motion. While the Sun visits Aquarius and your systematic, health-conscious sixth house—the zodiac zone ruled by Virgo—you’re in your element. Start your 2020 fitness plans and green up your plate. Invest in new kitchen equipment and office supplies. Put some hyper-efficient new processes in place. Geek out on gadgets as you declutter and spruce up your space.
With energizer Mars in Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house until February 16, the first half of the month is perfect for getting your home office in order or even to launch a cottage industry. Got a household project to tackle? Let your nature-loving sign roam around indoors: choose biodynamic seeds for a medicinal herb window box garden. Get plant-based inspo from Wild at Home author Hilton Carter’s verdant Instagram feed. Heck, you might even find yourself thinking about adopting a few chickens! (Stranger things have happened…)

Overanalyzing alert! With anxious Mars in this stressful zone, your mind could be racing at a million miles a minute. You could get overwhelmed by all the decisions you’re juggling or the sheer volume of info you’re absorbing. Easy does it, Virgo!
Take a time-out to tune in at the February 9 Leo full moon, which illuminates your spiritual and healing twelfth house. It’s a Sunday, so you’ve got license to sleep in, putter around and pamper yourself—and to do absolutely nothing. (What a concept!) With la luna in your subconscious sector, your dreams could be rich, even prophetic. Do you have any forgiveness work to do? This full moon could be the time to finally put bygones into the past. A tenuous relationship or situation may come to a natural ending today. Don’t fight what’s happening on its own, Virgo. Let it go and let it flow. If it’s meant to come back to you, it will. But today’s moonbeams sound the call to surrender the struggle. Maybe the universe has a better plan?
Communication is the key on Valentine’s Day as the moon hovers in Scorpio and your expressive third house. Stay local and keep the plans low-key. It’s more about finding quality time for great conversation, not pulling out all the Hallmark stops. La luna is forming an enchanting trine to fantasy planet Neptune and communicator Mercury—which are both in Pisces and your partnership house. Talk could turn to commitment…and it might happen in a totally organic and adorable way. Maybe it’s while you’re spooning up ice cream and flourless chocolate cake—or maybe while YOU’RE spooning. With romantic Venus in Aries and your erotic eighth house from February 7 to March 4, there’s plenty of sizzle in the air!
Take full advantage of the bonding opportunities in the first half of the month because on February 16, Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will turn  retrograde until March 9, wreaking havoc on these areas. Mercury is your ruling planet, so you’re especially impacted by its backspins. This go-round it will reverse through Pisces until March 4, hitting your seventh house of committed relationships and contracts. During this time, an ex could appear out of the blue, or an old argument could flare up. You might have second thoughts about moving forward now too. 

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Negotiating a deal? Think twice before signing on the dotted line. During this tricky transit, key information could be obscured. Even after reading the fine print, you could still miss important details. Ask ALL your questions and conduct due diligence. When in doubt, wait it out!
Also on February 16, red-hot Mars will blaze into Capricorn and your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Let your glamorous and colorful side out to play! Did Valentine’s Day fail to deliver? You’ll have until March 30 to make up for lost opportunities as the red planet anoints you the zodiac’s head-turner. Mars is “exalted” in Capricorn, meaning it’s in one of its most powerful positions. You’re confident and charismatic—and people will take notice! You could be fielding a roster of admirers in short order! Mars in this feisty, flamboyant zone can attract attention, but make sure it’s the kind you want. With Mercury retrograde, there IS such a thing as bad publicity, which is a reason to keep your temper and ego in check. There’s a fine line between swagger and plain old extra-ness, and it’s easily transgressed under these stars.
If you’re an artist or performer, driven Mars could push you into the spotlight. The red planet only visits here every two years, so use its momentum to share your gifts with the adoring public. When Mars bounds into a harmonious trine with pioneering Uranus in your travel and expansion house on February 21, you could take a last-minute trip or get wildly experimental—anywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom. This is the perfect day to take a creative risk and put yourself out there in a bold way. Teaching, learning or publishing your work could be on the roster along with a cutting-edge opportunity to put your talents on display.
On February 18, the Sun moves into Pisces and your seventh house of committed partnerships for a month. Bring on the dynamic duos! Mercury retrograde will continue to demand some repair work—there’s no getting off easy here. But this solar-powered boost will attract serious people who want to sign on for the long haul. You’ll also have the confidence to negotiate solid terms and stand up for yourself.
Ready to make things official? The February 23 Pisces new moon brings a lunar lift to your relationships, both business and personal. This lunation opens the door to a six-month cycle, which will culminate at the September 2 Pisces full moon. Between now and then, a key connection could grow into something truly solid. You may want to wait till March 9—when Mercury goes direct (forward)—before inking your name to any permanent agreements. But you can certainly hammer out the deal points or hash out your concerns. Getting on the same page is worth the effort since this new moon will forge alliances that are built to last.

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