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Your January Numerology Revealed

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Our resident number-guru Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, joins us on AstroStyle every month to give you a new kind of forecast, one that will complement your Monthly Horoscope.

To find your monthly Numerology prediction, you have to do a wee bit o’ math to calculate your Personal Year Number—see instructions below—which influences your whole year (from January 1 until December 31). Tap into the energy to plan your month ahead!


Find your Personal Year Number for 2016

• Take your birth date (for example): 3/24/1984
• Now replace the year you were born with the current year: 3/24/2016
• Now add those numbers together like a long addition math problem:
3 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 18
• Digit down to a single-digit number, so keep adding: 1+8= 9
• If this were your birthday, you’re experiencing an “9” Personal Year in 2016



If you’re having a 1 Personal Year
January is a 2 Month:


2016 is a time to take stock of where you are, where you’d like to be, and where you’re going. And for you, there’s no better time than right now to begin fresh. 2016 is lift-off time, so understand that you need to be persnickety about what stays and what goes. Just know that when you plant a garden without expert and mindful planning, without preparing the soil properly, or with old and outdated seeds, you’ll not get a lush harvest down the road. The same goes for you this year. Be mindful of what you focus your energy and attention on, because you’re setting up the growth process for your next nine-year cycle. With that said, understand that January is a slower month for you. Step back and enjoy the delays and the “hurry up and wait” dominating the month. January is a time to focus your energy and attention on the joys of loving relationships, partnerships, and serving some sort of group effort or dynamic. Spread your focus away from “me” and instead spend some concerted effort on “us,” whatever that might mean to you. It’s a month where you might actually be feeling a bit of a 9 Personal Year “hangover” from last year. There may be some leftover issues or unresolved “stuff” that needs to be wrapped up and put to bed. If so, January is the perfect time to finish it up.

If you’re having a 2 Personal Year
January is an 3 Month:

2016 is a year devoted to the development of patience with a capital “P.” Prepare yourself for a slow down. It’ll be two steps forward, three steps back throughout the year. Yet don’t despair. While it may not be an opportune year for expanding your business enterprise exponentially or conquering life “fast-and-furiously,” it’s a great year for focusing on love and on your loving relationships. Also understand that during the entire year you’ll be feeling a higher octave of emotional sensitivity. If you’re already emotionally sensitive, you’ll want to pay close attention to balancing and modulating your emotions. If you’re not usually emotionally sensitive, your responses to certain things might take you by surprise. Me? Cry? Never! This is the time to learn how to discipline your emotions—to engage them, investigate them, and move through them lovingly and with strong yet supple boundaries. You’ll be challenged to step into your sense of self, approach things with diplomacy, and not be a doormat. Yet you won’t feel the full impact this month—first, January gives you opportunities to develop some of creative ideas and abilities that may usually lay dormant. You might find yourself waking up on January 1st with a sudden itch to explore artistic realms that you haven’t previously investigated. Go with your creative flow.

If you’re having a 3 Personal Year
January is an 4 Month:


2016 will feel refreshing to you after the slower, patience-building year you’ve just exited. The entire year is potentially much lighter, social, fun-filled, and supports any kind of heightened communication and creative self-expression. When you set your sights on spiffing up your personal image, fine tuning your communication skills, and delving into healthy emotional expression, you’ll be right on target for the entire year of 2016. This is the time for all things self-improvement. Take care of the additional work coming your way in January and the year will get off to a positive start. Make sure to complete the required—and most likely arduous—details. January is your month to put the proverbial nose to the grindstone and get that work done—even if you don’t particularly feel like it. You’ll feel conflicted—should I go out to that party or should I stay late and finish this project? For best results: Finish the project and then (if possible) arrive late (and with a flourish!) to the party.

If you’re having a 4 Personal Year
January is a 5 Month:


Get ready for a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of year devoted to getting your “house” in order. What do I mean by that? This is the time to set up some systems that will serve to make your life easier and more productive for the next four years, if not for a longer duration of time. This can be work-related systems and it can be systems that you use in your home and personal life. This is the “cement pouring” year, where you’re setting up the foundations for the building blocks you see coming in the near and distant future. Yet be prepared to feel as though you’re shot out of a canon in January. There’s a lot of activity and excitement heading your way this month and it might feel as though you can’t decide which fabulous opportunity to run with first. Also expect lots of opportunities for social activity and perhaps some romance. Spend time with friends and yet understand if you need to choose between getting a project done for a deadline and going out for Happy Hour, you need to skip Happy Hour and get the work done.

If you’re having a 5 Personal Year
January is a 6 Month:


As the New Year begins, much of your activity revolves around your family and home life. 2016 holds great potential to be a red-letter year for any adventurous pursuits you’ve been pondering. It’s the perfect time for extra travel, especially if the excursions challenge your sense of fearless abandon. So rather than a vacation to see the opera and visit museums, you’ll be much more in tune with a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon, an adventurous safari, or an excursion where you learn to hang glide. “Freedom” is your siren call and anything related to cultivating and acting upon your idea of freedom is the point of this year for you. The warning label reads like this: Make sure you harness in all the opportunities coming your way and use some focus and self-discipline along the way, or the year will jet by without much to show for it. Say “yes” to parties and get-togethers. Use your social life to enhance your business life—this is an optimal time to network and promote your products or services. Yet January holds some more pressing responsibilities on the home front. Make sure to take care of the task at hand. You’ll have plenty of time to get out and about throughout the year.

If you’re having a 6 Personal Year
January is a 7 Month:


January is going to be a contemplative month. Why? It’s focused on spiritual pursuits, deep learning, and meeting up face-to-face with experiences that challenge us to dig deep into who we really are on a core level. You might feel like retreating into a little cave and contemplating your own navel. Be that as it may, 2016 holds promise for an entire year where relationships are at the forefront. It’s a “marriage and divorce” year for you and you can’t escape reevaluating all of your relationships—first with yourself and then with everyone in your life, from your intimate relationship to your family and friends to your co-workers. Understand when I say “marriage and divorce,” I mean both literally and metaphorically. This term simply suggests that you’ll be faced with intense decisions around elevating and strengthening your relationships or choosing to resituate or let go of some of them. In any event, relationships are under scrutiny all year long. It’s all up for review. And January will offer opportunity for some deep soul searching in regard to all things relationship-oriented.

If you’re having a 7 Personal Year
January is a 8 Month:


Business and financial affairs are front and center. This is a clarifying “push” month for you where you’ll feel energized to move forward with power and persuasion. Thinking “business” and in business-like terms will be greatly beneficial this month as you ready yourself for action and achievement. Action is the theme for January. Understand that you’ll be required to step into your sense of self-confidence and personal power. Yet much of it has to do with phasing out some of your less-important obligations in order to give yourself time for personal and private matters. Understand that during the month you’ll feel financial pressures and will most likely be presented with some people and situations that test your sense of personal power. It’s the month to stand up for yourself and put a line in the sand. Although this may all sound well and good (thank-you-very-much), the push-me-pull-you effect will come on quite strong. What do I mean? You’re entering into your 7 Personal Year—a time where a retreat is more in alignment with your over-all energies than—say—getting that promotion. You’re beginning a year of planning rather than action.

If you’re having an 8 Personal Year
January is a 9 Month:


Are you feeling it already? As though you’re Sleeping Beauty, awakening from 2015 and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes? Get ready to take the plunge. 2016 is a year of action where personal power and finances take the front seat. Get ready for a year focused on finances and know that money will come and go with great rapidity. But don’t let it freak you out—easy come, easy go. Just know that you must focus on being abundance-minded rather than scarcity-minded. This is an optimal year to train your thoughts to think about money in a new and dynamic way. As you sow, so shall you reap. Is it safe to say that you’ve been waiting to get your various ventures on the move? Even though 2016 is underway, you can feel that that there are still some matters to take care of before you begin the big push forward. Take January to complete projects related to 2015’s study or contemplative activities. This month you can devote yourself only to the necessary business-related work already in play, with the idea that you can go full-steam ahead on new ventures in the months to come.

If you’re having a 9 Personal Year
January is a 1 Month:


Time to get your bearings. 2015’s been nothing if not an action-packed year that’s challenged you in pretty much every way possible. Do you feel strong? Do you feel like you’ve risen to the challenge? Have you gotten your financial trajectory in order and your sense of personal power polished and shined? 2016 is the end of a cycle for you, so here’s the plan. Visualize yourself diving gracefully into a stream with a lively current. Lay on your back (add some floaties to your arms if you want to) and get ready to ride the current for the next twelve months. Yet you’re hitting the ground running. It’s the month to take charge. Emphasize your independence and individuality as the year gets underway. You won’t be able to avoid this transition period requiring the completion and closing out of many things in your life. The issue is this: The month holds the energy of action, taking the lead, and independence. Yet the energy that you’re moving into for the entire year is very different. It’s about conclusions, letting go, and surrender. The 1 energy for the month is all about beginnings and the 9 energy for your year is all about endings. So expect a bit of confusion as you move through it and make your best choices and decisions.



Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.08.26 AMFelicia Bender, Ph.D is “The Practical Numerologist” and the author of Redesign Your Life:  Using Numerology To Create The Wildly Optimal You. To learn more numerology from Felicia, order custom reports and book a reading, visit www.FeliciaBender.com


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