The AstroTwins on the Dateable Podcast Share Astrology Insight on Modern Dating

Tali and Ophira Edut (The AstroTwins) guest appear on the Dateable podcast with hosts Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick, experts on dating, relationships, and connection in the digital world, to share their astrology take on modern dating.

Can you predict what’s going to happen in your love life using astrology? The Dateable podcast episode, “Your Dating Predictions with The AstroTwins” dives into dating trends through the astrology lens: from each zodiac sign’s outlook for love to general dating shifts that are happening. You can listen to the episode at the YouTube link below or on your favorite podcast platform.

The Dateable podcast episode with The AstroTwins also explores why dating is “in the middle of one big iOs update.” This article provides a brief summary of the episode.

2024 Relationship Trends and The AstroTwins’ Predictions

“Love is in the middle of a giant iOS update,” Tali says on the Dateable podcast. The “update” began in 1999 when Neptune and Pluto switched places (astro-speak), which pushed 3D relationships (the ones we’ve inherited with traditional gender roles) to 5D relationships (connection on an energetic level). “We don’t need relationships to survive, we choose them.”

The spiritual era we know today really kicked into high gear in 2012, with technology advancements (smartphones, the start of Tinder) and the mainstream acceptance of healthy and spiritual practices (yoga, juicing and even Tarot)—these and similar are shaping and reshaping relationships rapidly.

The AstroTwins say we’re in the Aquarian Age, the centerpiece of which is the 5D relationship, and connecting on deep, energetic levels. We no longer rely on our senses for connection—we don’t even have to be in the same room or the same country anymore to be in love with someone. “Time isn’t lineal to relationships now,” Tali tells the Dateable podcast hosts.

Astrology doesn’t just predict the future, it can explain the past

In astrology, the slower moving outer planets can take up to 20-30 years to go through a single sign, or hundreds of years to come back to a sign. That shapes generations, eras and how relationships evolve.

If you look at the cycles and see what trends were born during them, you can see themes show up again when the planets return to those signs. For example, the last time Neptune was in Pisces (the mid-1800s) there was a real spiritual movement. Neptune moved back into Pisces in 2012, which is when we started seeing the mainstream acceptance of the spiritual trends mentioned earlier.

Astrology is one of the fun tools to use to see where relationships have been and where they’re going, Ophi says. “I’m always surprised when people choose the old script. With astrology, we like to introduce people to other choices and options.”

So when will this relationship “update” end?

“Not anytime soon,” Tali says. “There’s no going back to analog. This is an exciting opportunity if you embrace it.”

Before the technology age we’re in, people stopped growing and developing at a point in time. For example, you’d turn 25 years old and life was pretty much laid out for you. But now we’re evolving and changing, so that you can be any age and enter a new phase of life and love. Relationships styles like polyamory, for example, are far more accepted than they once were, and will continue to be.

Tali says relationships are now about liberation, not control. And you are in control!

Other astrology topics covered on the Dateable podcast

Plus, predictions for love and relationships in 2024 and beyond, from The AstroTwins:

  • Jupiter in Gemini holds up a mirror during the Year of the Dragon
  • What Mercury retrograde really means
  • Marriage is going through “karmic fire” because the South Node of the moon is in Libra, the sign of marriage, and the North Node is in Aries, the sign of the individual, until January 2025. That’s when the North Node goes back to Virgo, and we’ll probably will want more rules and clear agreements on relationships.
  • We’ll continue to emerge with new labels for relationships (we predicted in our 2024 Horoscope book), influenced by the 2024 Eclipses.
  • AI devices can make us feel loved and hear the things we want to hear, but is it real?

Listen to the Dateable podcast with The AstroTwins to hear more about these topics, plus what each sign needs to give up and let go up to enjoy love!


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