The AstroTwins’ 2022 Astrological Forecast on Almost 30 Podcast

Ophi dishes The AstroTwins’ 2022 astrological forecast on the Almost 30 podcast with host Krista.

Recorded in January 2022, Ophi walks through the year’s major astrological themes from The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope Guide on the Almost 30 podcast.

“We call 2022 the year of ‘the new abnormal’ because we’re in this limbo state,” Ophi explains to Almost 30 podcast host, Krista. “People ask ‘when are we going to back to normal?’ (since the pandemic). We are not going back to that normal. We’re going to a new normal. The between space that we’re in, we’re calling ‘The New Abnormal.'”

Ophi says the planets are “lining up to author The New Abnormal, instead of waiting for some leaders to show up and take us there.”

2022 Astrological Forecast highlights

Ophi takes Krista through the major transits of 2022. We will all feel the prevailing energies of these astrological events and she explains what that means.

The main themes include:

Jupiter’s time in Pisces and Aries

The North and South Nodes

The Year of the Water Tiger

The 6 Universal Year in Numerology

A note about The Year of the Water Tiger

The Year of Water Tiger begins February 1, 2022. In water, it follows two years ruled by metal:

The Year of the Metal Rat in 2020 (ruled by Jupiter, representing excess and globalization of systems, e.g., online education)

The Year of the Metal Ox in 2021 (ruled by Saturn, representing structure and restriction)

“Water turns on the taps,” Ophi says about how to think of The Year of the Water Tiger, after two years in metal that “created infrastructure.”

The Year of the Water Tiger, ruled by Uranus, represents chaos and emotional detachment, but also innovation; we’ll see more science innovations. “This is the year to think differently,” Ophi adds. The Year of the Rabbit follows in 2023, also a water year.

Looking ahead: 2024 (Dragon) and 2025 (Snake), will be wood years. Ophi says that’s when we start to plant and build. “2024 is said to be when we will start to normalize things,” she says.

Other 2022 topics covered

Ophi’s 2022 astrological forecast on the Almost 30 podcast also covers Saturn Return, Chiron, Mercury Retrogrades, and many other topics of interest like the accurate prediction of the Black Swan event.


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