The Astrology of I*AM: The 13 Points of Your Birth Chart That Determine Your Archetype

The I*AM system uses a method in astrology called the modalities (or qualities) to distill your birth chart into an I*AM archetype: Innovator, Authority or Maven, to unlock your Astrology Advantage.

The I*AM algorithm we created and wrote about in The Astrology Advantage (Simon Element, 2024), encapsulates the full magic of your birth chart—13 points of it, to be exact!

These 13 points are the Sun, moon, ascendant (rising sign), lunar nodes, and planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Your I*AM score is determined by how many of these points in your chart are in each of the qualities. Your score determines which archetype you are: Innovator, Authority or Maven, which then allows you to unlock your Astrology Advantage in life, work, love and more.

The beautiful part of the I*AM system is that you don’t have to remember where Venus was when you were born (or Saturn or Mars or any other planet). We’ve tested this system to great success with thousands of clients, students and business owners. You can use use this system without knowing everything about astrology.

That said, this article is a BTS on the astrology of I*AM—the system behind the system—for those who want to get under the hood!

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I*AM charts vs. Astrology birth charts

Your astrological chart (also called a birth chart, natal chart or star chart) is a map of the sky overhead based on your time, date and location of birth. It’s a blueprint of your personality, strengths and challenges.

Your I*AM chart is calculated using all the same planets and points we’d look at in a traditional birth chart reading. But the I*AM System allows you to use your astrological birth chart as a guiding tool without having to learn the complex craft of chart interpretation or to know any astrology at all.

Are these charts the same? Essentially, yes. But the I*AM System employs one of astrology’s two main subclassifications of the 12 zodiac signs, called the modality or qualities. (The other subset is the Elements: fire, earth, air, and water.)

The Modalities (or Qualities): 3 distinct groups of zodiac signs

Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Calculate your I*AM Archetype below if you don’t already know it!

Find your modalities, find your I*AM Archetype

Your I*AM score is determined by how many of the 13 main points in your birth chart are in each of the qualities.

Innovators have mostly Cardinal signs: Cardinal signs begin every season and have qualities of initiating, leadership and trailblazing. Thus, they are the signs that drive the Innovator archetype.

Authorities have mostly Fixed signs: Fixed signs fall in the middle of each season and are the workhorses and producers, contributing to the Authority score.

Mavens have mostly Mutable signs: Mutable signs fall at the end of every season. They are the adapters and communicators that inform the Maven archetype.

The 13 parts of the I*AM algorithm

The I*AM algorithm looks at 13 specific data points in your birth chart, calculating the zodiac sign that each was in at your exact time of birth. The 13 points are:

1. The Sun

Your Sun sign represents the essence of your personality and reveals how you shine. This is the fuel you burn and the way you light up the world.

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2. The moon

Companion to the Sun, the moon, is in charge of your inner life and emotions. Your moon sign shows what you need to feel safe and nurtured.

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3. Rising/Ascendant

The zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at your birth reveals your rising sign, also called the ascendant. Your rising sign reveals the first impression you’ll make on others and how you like to be seen in the world.

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4. Mercury

Your Mercury sign influences the way you communicate and socialize, and also governs how you learn, problem-solve, and digest information.

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5. Venus

Your Venus sign directs the way you seduce, how you style yourself and your aesthetic sensibility.

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6. Mars

Mars is pure passion and drive; where it lands in the zodiac at your birth directs your turn-ons and what you’ll fight for, too.

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7. Jupiter

Bountiful Jupiter is your lucky charm. Your Jupiter sign shows where things come quickly and easily to you.

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8. Saturn

Stern, disciplined Saturn is Jupiter’s cautious, curmudgeon-y counterpart. Where your Saturn sign lands can be a challenging area of life; where you’ll struggle but grow stronger.

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9. Uranus

Uranus represents your higher consciousness. Want to disrupt the status quo? Look to your Uranus sign for clues about your activism and ideals—and where you can’t be fenced in!

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10. Neptune

The Astrology Advantage

Neptune represents your subconscious. Neptune is in charge of your spirituality, fantasy, and the dream realm. Your Neptune sign is the creative director of your chart.

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11. Pluto

Pluto represents the unconscious). Pluto governs the unconscious realm, and its position in your chart reveals your “blind spots”—places where you may project your own traits onto others, grapple with addictions, or go into denial. This is where you’ll need to do “shadow work”—the act of assimilating parts of yourself that you consider undesirable into the rest of your personality—in order to evolve.

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12. Lunar South Node

The South Node reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.

13. Lunar North Node

The North Node represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn—or the language we are learning to speak.

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