Aries Full Moon Ritual Idea: Draw the Spotlight

Flaunt your talents with our Aries full moon ritual! This moon revives our fierceness and life-force energy.

Blending into the background is hardly an option with this Aries full moon ritual. Brace for some big personalities to take the stage, including your own, with the moon in firecracker Aries.

Aries Full Moon Ritual: The Walk of Fame

Modesty is overrated! This Aries full moon ritual wants you to check humility at the door and take a self-authorized walk of fame. This is the day to fully own the things you love about yourself and your life. Yes, you’ll be bragging—and why is that a bad thing? It’s not. And this full moon sure isn’t judging you.

For this ritual, devote the day to pumping yourself up. No self-deprecating commentary allowed! For example, maybe you scored a major victory at work. Instead of just texting your BFF the good news, post about it on social media and celebrate with your close friends.

If you’re self-employed, market and promote your services, direct people to your website with photos and links. Consider doing a flash sale or a free introductory offer to generate leads. You could turn a few followers into happy customers. A true win-win.

If you recently remodeled or restyled a room in your home, set up a photo shoot or give everyone an IGTV tour. Or maybe you’re the canvas and it’s time for a photo shoot to show off the work you’ve been putting in at the gym or your amazing new haircut.

Remember to set good intentions!

There is an art to this, so before you unleash, check your motives. Are you being vengeful, as in “I’ll show you!” or could your bragging incite a needless round of jealousy? If your actions are pointed to make others feel “less than,” revamp your messaging. Remember, you don’t need to put others down to build up yourself. In its noblest form, Aries wants to inspire, uplift and celebrate individuals. Just visualize Aries feminist grand dame Gloria Steinem or powerhouse ram Chaka Khan singing “I’m Every Woman.”

The Walk of Fame may require a new way of presenting yourself. If you’re the self-deprecating type, la luna lays throws down a boundary and calls for a mindset shift. Instead of making a disparaging remark (even as a cynical “joke”) say something nice about yourself instead. When people compliment you, don’t “correct” them or rush to give them a compliment in return. Instead, say thank you and make eye contact as you smile at them appreciatively. Sure, you might feel like passing out the first time, but we promise, you WILL get used to this!

Other ideas for an Aries Full Moon Ritual

  • Try a martial arts or boxing class to summon the Aries warrior spirit.
  • Feel the fire! Write an angry letter—and burn it (safely) instead of sending it to the person who pissed you off. You’ll be able to express yourself more diplomatically once you’ve unleashed the initial flare of rage.
  • Invest in your self-development by signing up for a class or book a private session with a coach or consultant.
  • Try on something red, from a cape coat to a bold bag. It’s fiery Aries’ favorite hue.

Photo credit: Lucas Ottone


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