Zodiac Guide to Navigating Family Dynamics

woman washing hands with her son during the coronavirus outbreak showing the balance of life and work and family dynamics by zodiac sign during coronavirus article by the astrotwins for astrostyle.com

How do you make your “shelter in place” an office, a home-school classroom AND a relaxation space all rolled into one? That’s the big new question of 2020 and understanding your family dynamics by zodiac sign may help you find some answers.

by The AstroTwins

Family dynamics have just entered a strange new era as work-from-home mandates, “shelter in place” policies and quarantines are being enacted around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic. Relatives and roommates are being forced to reconfigure everything…virtually overnight!

How to share space 24/7? That’s the big question—one we will hopefully answer while the lunar north node hovers in nest-feathering Cancer until May 5, 2020.

While every household will play by different rules, understanding each zodiac sign’s innate domestic style can help you sort it out. Here’s a guide to reordering your base camp to make it through this unprecedented era.

Your Zodiac Sign Guide to Family Dynamics



Independent Aries needs lots of personal space within a family unit

As the zodiac’s most independent sign, family is a somewhat bizarre concept to you. Sure, you love your relatives, but you don’t need to be around them 24/7. It can be especially difficult for an Aries child to share a room with a sibling, as you need to carve out your own space to retreat to and work in private on your many creative projects.

Your maverick M.O. changes, however, if you have kids of your own. You’re a protective parent who is simultaneously hands-on and hands-off. You want your kids to fend for themselves in the rough and suggest world and you’ll teach them to be tough. You might fall into the trap fo stage-parenting from time to time, too. What can you say? Your kids are a reflection of you, and you want your desire for excellence to rub off on them.

Your favorite family members are the ones who will baby you when you need to be coddled and leave you alone when you want to fly free. Many Aries are notorious Daddy’s Girls. Your warrior spirit connects to masculine energy well, but you also love being spoiled and cooed over when you pull off one of your impressive feats.

Issue to manage for Aries: Disappearing acts

As the zodiac’s solo star, you don’t fit naturally into a unit, which can stress family dynamics. Checking in with other people before you make a move? So not your thing! You want to come and go as you please, and have been known to pull a disappearing act on the family when your’e reached your quote of people time. This doesn’t bode quite so well for your relatives. Anger and frustration can arise when they realize that say, you slipped away from the table without acknowledging that you wouldn’t be back. Learning to communicate your whereabouts and stick around for dessert from time to time can keep the harmony intact.

Activity ideas for Aries

This physical sign needs to move, so get the workout apps going or have a living room dance party together. Games of strategy like chess are also good for exercising the mind, and making trademark Aries bold, calculated decisions. Multiplayer video games are also soothing to the Ram’s nerves right now. Try also singing, acting out mini plays or maybe even setting up a YouTube channel for these creative expressions.


Traditional Taurus is a pillar of strength for family

Stable, loyal, hardworking Taurus, you are the mighty roots of your family tree. Simply put, your relatives know they can count on you to be there as an unwavering force in their lives. Many Bulls marry young because the desire to start a family is so innately woven into your emotional being. A moneymaker, you bring home the bacon from an early age. You might even contribute to the family bills before you graduate from high school.

You are a lover of traditions, so holidays are a big deal at Chez Taurus. You keep the sense of heritage strong by sharing family rituals, recipes, stories, and legacies with the younger generations and even the older ones. A great social organizer, you know how to get everyone talking, dancing, and generally relaxing at family gatherings.

As a parent, you believe in structure. You’ll create routines that your kids can depend on. This gives them a sense of safety, which they might rebel against, but will later thank you for. You can be a firm-yet-loving disciplinarian. Kids know better than to act up around you! Education is something you value highly; in fact, many Tauruses wind up working as teachers. Even if you never went to college, you’ll work extra hours to pay for private school tuition or extracurricular activities that nurture their individual interest.

Issue to manage for Taurus: Moralizing

Morality is a big issue for Tauruses. You have a clear cut sense of right and wrong and can be rattled when anyone in your family veers from your values. This can be tough on your family dynamics, for anyone living under your roof who has different ideologies than you. Learning the art of “agreeing to disagree” can do wonders to help you keep the peace with your kin.

Activity ideas for Taurus

Bulls are both mechanical and creative, so find a hobby that requires process and technique. Try cross-stitching or crochet; model building or LEGOs—your Taurus could become a future contender for the LEGO Masters show. With many museums now offering virtual tours of their exhibits, seize the opportunity to “see” the Mona Lisa, and encourage your Bull to pick up a brush of their own. Try a little background music, something classical from one of the many philharmonics also offering access to their performances online or allow yourself a small splurge and subscribe to MarqueeTV, the Netflix for the arts.



An eternal kid at heart, Gemini is the family’s undeniable wild child

You love them, you love them not. As a free-spirited Gemini, family can be a mixed bag for you. Socially, you enjoy the company of aunts, uncles, kids, cousins, siblings—the more, the merrier. You’re the first one on the dance floor at weddings and a live wire at holiday gatherings. Yet, you also have a deep need for individuality that doesn’t bode well for being part of a unit. If homogeny is celebrated in your fam, you’ll be the one to rebel, developing an identity and style that pegs you as the proud and self-proclaimed “black sheep.”

As the zodiac’s communicator, uncensored conversation is one of your favorite things. Relatives who allow you to express your opinions without judgment will be your favorites. Playful adventurers also rank high with you. You’re a big kid with an eternally youthful spirit, the one who organizes family outings and adventurous vacations.

As a parent, you are active, fun, and hands-on. You’ll get down on the floor and build a LEGO castle, set up an Easter Egg hunt, and tutor your kids on their homework for hours on end. You sometimes forget to be the disciplinarian though, and while it’s fun to be BFFs with your brood, make sure to provide more structure for them, like a set bedtime and curfew.

Issue to manage for Gemini: Spreading family gossip

With your curious mind, you’re a magnet for gossip—and you can’t help but spill the tea. What you consider “venting” can do major damage to relationships between relatives. Getting tangled up in the middle is no fun either. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil: unless someone comes to you directly to ask for help with an issue, keep your nose outta their biz. It’s not your job to fix your family’s problems, so to keep the family dynamics steady, tend to your own backyard instead.

Activity ideas for Gemini

Writing and speaking are helpful outlets now, and not the work-related or school-work related kinds. Recording your observations in a journal each day might help stoke your creativity or simply feel therapeutic. Who knows? Your historical record of this strange time could wind up published one day. How about a mock debate? Try to keep the topic light or educational if you’re doing this with kids. Reading is fundamental for bookworm Geminis. Check your library’s online offerings—most public branches offer thousands of free downloads for your devices, and audiobooks too.



Warm-fuzzy Cancer is chicken soup for the family’s soul

A warm-fuzzy nurturer, you are chicken soup for your family’s soul. Few things make you happier than spending time with your beloved relatives, bonding as a close-knit unit. You count the days between each festive gathering, especially holidays that center around one of your sign’s passions: cooking. You may be the family “glue,” your home may be the central location for all get togethers.

Cancer is the zodiac’s “mother sign,” and you can be as protective as a mama bear when it comes to your brood. If you have kids, you will be a hands-on parent with PTA creds. You want the best education and opportunities for your kids. It’s important, however, that your nurturing doesn’t turn to smothering. Give your offspring space to develop their own identities, even if their values diverge from your own (which can be hard on you).

As a child, you need your own share of coddling and special attention, or your shell can become hardened. The relationship between a Cancer child and your mother can affect you deeply. If you didn’t get the TLC you needed, finding a mother figure to “adopt” you can help to heal your heart.

Issue to manage for Cancer: Moody martyrdom

With your heart of gold, your relatives are no strangers to your acts of generosity. Yet you often exhaust yourself showing how much you care. Then, look out! When you veer into martyr terrain, your mood can crash and swing. The sudden shift can be shocking for your family dynamics. One minute you’re smiling the next, you’re raging. Yikes! To keep those crab claws from pinching, give yourself permission to say no when you’re too tired to do your family members yet another favor.

Activity ideas for Cancer

Crabs are probably the most likely sign to settle into the nest without protest. But be careful of getting too comfy on that couch! Cancers can benefit from being active now with frequent walks around the block or playing catch, or for kids, designing scavenger hunts. Cancers also need outlets for their artistic talents—break out some canvas and paints or something simple like plain paper and colored pencils. Staple together some booklets and create a comic book or storyboard. Puzzles are also a good outlet now. Check your basement for that 1,000-piece landscape of ice cream scoops you saved for a rainy day and pop up the tray table you use for Thanksgiving, everyone can do a little of the puzzle at a time or when they need a time-out.

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Family time is always festive for fun-loving Leo

Game nights, movie nights, cookie-baking marathons: No matter what your age, you’re the biggest kid in the bunch. Fun-loving and free-spirited, you just want to play—and your relatives will thank you for it. You’ll organize the annual reunion, the family skit nights, holiday dinners, and anything that brings your loved ones together. Your attitude is always: the more, the merrier. Your family will include at least one stray friend who you’ve adopted into your clan.

As the sign that rules celebrations, you know how to make every occasion feel special and festive. Like Leo Martha Stewart, you’re all about the bells and whistles. You often create a complex decoration scheme or costume theme for your family shindigs.

You believe in nurturing your children’s creativity and passions. From art classes to music lessons to summer sports leagues, you’re the official Parent Taxi. Who knows? You might even spawn a child star. No matter, your kids will grow up feeling as if they can be and do anything they set their hearts on.

You like to be babied and fawned over by relatives, too. You thrive on praise from parents and other adoring kin. Any chance to flaunt your gifts—and be applauded for them—is your idea of the perfect family bonding time. Organize a talent show, karaoke night or pageant for a gathering, and it could turn into an annual tradition.

Issue to manage for Leo: Giving too much

You have a huge heart, Leo, and less scrupulous relatives have been known to take advantage of your kindness in your family dynamics. Don’t be so quick to reach for your wallet when a loved one is in a jam. While you are only trying to help, you could wind up creating unhealthy dependencies or putting yourself in the hole. Teaching kids the value of a dollar is important too. Spoiling them can backfire, making it hard for them to operate as adults in the world.

Activity ideas for Leo

Cabin fever is likely to stress out a Leo quicker than most other signs. Leos are big on extracurricular activities (and an audience) and with everything canceled or on hold, Lions need to find some outlets for their energy. Finding some online dance classes or interactive theater lessons could be helpful now. Civic-minded Leos might be spearheading local efforts to raise money for nonprofits that are filling the gap for delivering meals to students while schools are closed. It wouldn’t be surprising if Leos now, big and small, are thinking of ways to emerge on the other side of this stay-at-home mandate with a fresh entrepreneurial idea. Use this bonus time to map out your ideas, do the research, and find communities (online) to bounce your ideas.



Virgo is the happy helper of the family, always there to lend a hand

Virgo is the sign of service, which may explain why you’re the Happy Helper of your family. Folding laundry, yard work, a ride to the doctor’s office: you never say no when a relative needs you to pinch hit. While this sometimes verges on martyrdom, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Simply being there for your loved ones brings you great joy—and besides, you’d feel too guilty if you bailed.

A strong sense of heritage is important to you. You uphold family traditions through retelling stories, preparing dishes, and educating younger generations on customs and ancestry. Taking a vacation to your family’s country of origin can be a life-changing experience. You might even document it on a blog to share with relatives around the globe.

As a parent, you believe in giving your kids a great education, both when it comes to school and common sense street smarts. You are protective and hands-on in your parenting style, and may run the risk of being overly involved in your kids’ lives. You can’t help it: you want them to be their best. If that means giving them an extra push, you’ll do so in a heartbeat. Just be careful not to “momager” them!

Issue to manage for Virgo: Nitpicking

You say tomato, they say tomahto. Shouldn’t be a big deal, but you, Virgo, are a stickler for the details. Your habit of harping on the little things can cause major family feuds in your family dynamics. Try to be more forgiving of your relatives smaller quirks and hangups. It’s not your job to correct your niece’s table manners or to school your brother on how to raise his kids. You can hold a grudge for years over one backhanded comment, but what a price you pay for icing people out! Missing the important milestones and occasions in your relatives’ lives is not worth being “right.” Let. It. Go.

Activity ideas for Virgo

Practice makes perfect for Virgo, so a new hobby you’ve been wanting to start or a new skill you’ve been wanting to learn—you’re likely to have mastered when the shut-in orders are lifted. Even if it’s becoming familiar with advanced Zoom capabilities, you’ve got this Virgo. Maybe you can lead a tutorial on an activity others can do with their kids, maybe one on hand-washing or making your own moisturizing hand sanitizer. If there’s any sign that can take on the responsibility of organizing and keeping the structure in the family, it’s yours. Get some “me time” in where you can: reading, a few rounds of Words with Friends (remember that app on your phone?), yoga or tai chi. Create a project calendar of what you want to accomplish so you don’t stress everyone out with your impulse to make use of every minute of this time to play home improvement. Research that big family vacation or camping trip you can take when this is all over.



Peacekeeping Libra helps to keep family dynamics balanced and harmonious

Ruled by warm and gracious Venus, you are the beating heart of your family. There’s no shortage of warm-fuzzy vibes and TLC when you’re around. You’re always on hand to snap a family photo, get friends organized into a game, or start a round of playful reminiscing. You’re allergic to conflict and hate the disruption of a family feud in your family dynamics. It’s not uncommon to see you playing peacekeeper—and playing it well—for relatives who are butting heads. Not that you’re all sugar and spice. You are the balancer of the family too. If everything is getting too staid or complacent, you’ll shake it up with a rebellious move. On the contrary, if home life is unstable, you’ll step into a heroic and protective role.

Should you choose to have children, you may become as much their best friend as their parent. That’s because your playful spirit keeps you in tune with the younger generation. You’ll definitely qualify as a cool adult—and “mom jeans” may never find their way into your stylish wardrobe. You do run the risk of becoming too laid back as a parent. Kids need structure, and while it’s fun to have them join you for parties and travels, sometimes it’s best to have the babysitter tuck them in.

Issue to manage for Libra: Being late to the party

Newsflash, Libra: Your family won’t judge you if your hair and makeup aren’t perfect. They will, however, notice your absence, when their stomachs start rumbling as they wait for you to arrive for dinner. You tend to get swept up in the moment and lose track of time, leaving relatives staring at the clock. Start prepping earlier if you must dress in your Sunday best for every get-together. If you’ve made plans to take the kids to the movies, don’t try to squeeze in errands before the opening credits roll. Respecting your family’s precious time is a must if you want to keep the harmonious family dynamics.

Activity ideas for Libra

Cue up the home improvement shows. Since you’re spending so much time at home, why not daydream about renovating your space or tackle rearranging and redecorating with what you have. Suddenly need to carve out a space for a home office? Embellish with glamorous touches. Get kids in on the action by allowing them to reorganize (and maybe clean!) their rooms. If you’ve been strict with what goes on the walls, relax your rules and go all-in for a family mural in the main space of the house. Imaginative play is important for all of you now, as is social contact via FaceTime, Zoom and other apps. Some kids have been having playdates this way, even playing hide-and-seek. One woman we know started a weekly Zoom gathering to play Cards for Humanity, called Cards Against Coronavirus.



You love your family fiercely 

Family: the people you love the most and the ones who drive you the craziest. As a Scorpio, you crave closeness and intimacy, but you also need your alone time. Sharing a room is especially difficult for the Scorpio kid, especially if a sibling or your partner is loud, messy, or the greatest offense—tries to read your diary. Trusting people does not come easily for your sign. If you were lucky enough to grow up in a stable home, you may sidestep some of the issues that can erupt in Scorpios. If not, call the therapist! Childhood wounds cut deep for your sensitive soul and you’ll need to do some healing before you feel ready to build a family of your own.

Because you remember your own childhood so vividly, you are one of the most stellar and compassionate parents around. You can sense your children’s unspoken need for love and security and intuitively provide the perfect haven. You are also great at nurturing their creativity. Bring on the art classes, music lessons, and Montessori tuitions: if it fosters
their talents, you’ll find a way to pay for it. You’re also better than most at keeping a secret which is why relatives of all ages turn to you as their confidant in your family dynamics.

Issue to manage for Scorpio: Overprotectiveness

To say that you’re protective of your peeps would be putting it mildly. Woe betide anyone who messes with The Scorpio Dynasty. You’ll avenge them like a Game of Thrones protagonist until they’ve paid for what they’ve done. While that tiger parent spirit comes from a noble place, it does not set a great example for, say, teaching kids the art of conflict resolution. Learning to pause and reflect before you react to every slight can be tricky. Try to remember the wise words of Gandhi, “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”

Activity ideas for Scorpio

Scorpios are especially talented in the arts or music. Allowing yourself some creative time or to zen out to some music will help calm your nerves. To help keep the kids busy and have a little fun yourself, try a simple activity of crafting from the recycle bin with some tape and markers. If your wardrobe has consisted of PJs, consider putting on some casual work clothes tomorrow or “day jammies” as one of our friends calls the one she puts on that are different from the ones she wears to bed. You could go so far as to get dressed up for dinner one night. Have the kids create a restaurant in your house since going to one right now is unlikely. Be sure to get outside, too, and walk near water if you’re able. Be cognizant that you are easily affected by other people’s energy, so take solo time when and where you can to mentally reset, whether that’s by meditating or just closing your eyes for a few Zs, it won’t feel indulgent if it helps you get back to feeling balanced.



Family? What family? You’re a free agent, embarking on the next voyage before your suitcase is unpacked from the last one. Your squad is often left on the sidelines, waiting for your schedule to clear up…someday. The key for thrill-seeking Sagittarius is to build family time into your active lifestyle. You’re rarely the type to stick around your hometown after graduation. Since you’re a late bloomer, returning to your roots can feel like a bizarre time warp. Having ample personal space is a must for you, and you may decide to leave the nest early. Best of all, you can escape when your father-in-law spouts his backward political views after one too many mojitos.

Going into business with relatives is another way to stay connected and stoke your family dynamics, since your first loyalty is often to your career. You’re also happiest moving around, so take your calls from the treadmill, where you can download the daily agenda while also burning off stress.

Issue to manage for Sagittarius: Temper

Few signs are as claustrophobic as Sag. You get restless behind closed doors—especially when people’s energy distracts you. You want to be left alone to read, have long text convos, cook or explore your latest interest. Family members demanding your time and attention can irritate you to the point of explosion. Carve out some “do not disturb” time or areas of the house. Work on your tendency to overreact or fly off the handle when everything isn’t just how you want it. This is a family, not a fascist dictatorship with you at its helm.

Activity ideas for Sagittarius

The Archer despises being confined, so be sure to get outside as much as you can to fill your lungs with air and feel less confined to the walls you’ve been sequestered to. With an early spring in most places, consider adding yard work or gardening into your daily schedule. The added bonus for your landscaping efforts now is the payoff you’ll see this summer. You love to learn, so take advantage of the flood of online classes being offered this spring. If you live with fur babies, they’re no doubt loving this extra cuddle and playtime. One Sagittarius woman we know adopted a new dog, thinking that training is certainly a way to fill up the time being home-bound!



Loyal Capricorns are the family providers

Loyal and traditional, you come equipped with sterling family values. Few things make you happier than spending time with your relatives, supporting their growth and ambitions. You see your brood as an extension of yourself, and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep the lineage and family name in good standing. You love creating opportunities to share with your kin, especially if making money is involved. It’s likely that you’ll go into business with a least one relative in this lifetime.

Capricorn is the provider sign and you love to supply resources, wise advice, and even money to relatives of all ages. Many Sea Goats support their parents pre-retirement years, or become parents at a younger age as an outlet for your drive to provide.

As a child, you are self-governed and a bit of a perfectionist. Your parents have it easier than most, since you don’t require much discipline to stay on track. You want the best for your own children, especially when it comes to their education. You’ll work a third job to fund their private school tuition. Make sure they learn the value of hard work or you could raise them to be elitist or unappreciative of the value of money. Capricorns tend to age in reverse, and all that responsibility can cause you to rebel around 35-40. Look out! Mid-life crises were invented by (and for!) you. While you’re definitely more fun to be around once you lighten up, don’t shirk all your duties or leave your family in the lurch.

Issue to manage for Capricorn: Being too attached to your family

In your family dynamics, it’s tough for you to show that you’re struggling, and only your family sees your sensitive side. If you come from a stable home, your parents or siblings may be your best friends. As sweet as this is, it can also prevent you from branching out and creating a family of your own. If you come from a tougher environment, you may resent your parents, blaming your unhappiness on their mistakes. There’s a time to cut the cord and forge your own identity. Don’t let your irrational fears stop you from discovering who you are.

Activity ideas for Capricorn

As an earth sign, you’ll want to get outdoors and roam as much as you’re able. Many national and state parks are open free-of-charge right now to encourage activity while practicing social distancing and perhaps a long hike is what will help center you and your family right now. Running can also clear the Cap mind, or just passing the ball back and forth with your loved ones when you all need a time-out. You could easily lose yourself in your work right now, remember to make time for de-stressing as you hunker down. That said, if you’ve had an entrepreneurial idea or an invention in the works, research and develop in earnest. When the shutdown is over, you could hit the ground running on a new side gig or business.

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For social Aquarius, friends become part of your extended family

Shared DNA is not a pre-requisite for being in Aquarius’ inner circle. Your ever-expanding entourage may become your de facto extended and “chosen” family. You’re an idealist and a visionary. In order to feel related to people, you need a shared outlook on life. This doesn’t always come through your bloodline, but if it does, lucky you! You’ll be BFFs with any relatives who see the world through the same colorful kaleidoscope that you do.

In spite of ideological differences, you have a unique ability to radar in on common ground (even if the search is like finding a needle in a haystack) in your family dynamics. Your family may push all your buttons, but it’s likely that you’ll remain loyal and helpful to the end. You love to provide fun-loving energy at family gatherings. You’ll get everyone laughing and talking too, from your 80-year old great aunt to the wee nieces and nephews with whom you have a special affinity. You’re a big kid yourself, after all!

With your adventurous spirit, anything involving “settling down” might turn you cold. If you do become a parent, that Baby Bjorn is sure to get a workout. You’re not one to sit at home for long. Your offspring will just have to trek along on your fantastic voyage.

Issue to manage for Aquarius: Being judgmental

Although you want to think of yourself as open-minded, you don’t have much tolerance for relatives whose ideals are different than your own. You may judge them as small-minded, putting them in a box they can never lift out of. Learn the art of “agreeing to disagree” rather than trying to convince them to see things your way. Otherwise, anger can ensue. When you do hit your limits, your temper can be explosive, burning bridges and whole branches of your family tree.

Activity Ideas for Aquarius

Aquarians may be the sign that has most difficulty adjusting to these new parameters, the Water Bearer LOVES a party, and is the sign of groups and teamwork. Your goal now is to create that feeling using the tools that are available to you—your sign also rules technology, after all! FaceTime dance party? Since team sports are off the table right now, how about just a game of catch with your roommates? A YouTube tutorial on some basic gymnastics could also help you feel accomplished and get in some exercise. Aquarians also love fantasy and wizardry. Is there a chemistry or magic set collecting dust in your basement? This is the rainy day to drag that out, and maybe master some divination tools like tarot and astrology. A little magic, real or imagined, will go a long way toward lifting your spirits and elevating those around you.



Compassionate Pisces is the family favorite for comfort and support

Who needs a hug? With your warm, compassionate nature, you’re the one everyone turns to for comfort and support. Empathic to the core, you never shame people for going through a rough patch. And, like a wise oracle, you know just what to say to get your relatives out of the doldrums. You are definitely chicken soup for your family’s soul!

You have a bossy streak, which siblings especially can attest. When you want to organize a game or get the house whipped into shape, you’ll get everyone off of their butts. You might even resort to guilt-tripping them into action. Well, Pisces, you probably have plenty of ammo to use, as you’re overarchingly generous with the ones you love.

Since you’re the sign that rules the imagination, you do an incredible job of nurturing the creativity of your kids and younger relatives. The downside of your dreamy nature is that you sometimes reveal too much information. This can cause your children to worry or even parent you—especially when you’ve fallen into a despairing spell. Use discretion, Pisces: kids understand more than you give them credit for. Life is a giant fairy tale for you, and your home has a magical quality to it. You know how to create the perfect atmosphere for family gatherings, from the “tablescaping” to the curated playlist of dinner music, to the games you’ll organize after dessert.

Issue to manage for Pisces: Enabling bad behavior

Your compassionate nature has a downside, as you often take on the burden of your relatives’ problems in your family dynamics. Be careful not to enable a family member’s bad behavior or even an addiction by being the “fixer.” While you hate to see your loved ones suffer, they may need to experience the consequence of their actions in order to finally change their ways. You aren’t helping by protecting them, and you could end up carrying the weight of your family tree on your shoulders if you slip up into the rescuer role.

Activity ideas for Pisces

Pisces is the sign of the dreamer, so it’s a balancing act of allowing yourself to let your mind drift but reeling it back in if you’re only imaging doomsday scenarios. Know your limits by setting them! Allow yourself creative outlets: drawing, painting or collaging using regular paper or canvas, cardboard from the recycle bin, an instant camera that’s got an unused roll. This will captivate you for hours, and probably your kids, too, especially if you want to get them off their screens. Pisces rules the feet, so try to get out for a walk each day (near water if you can), play soccer with the kids, or do bust a move on TikTok together. You can find online videos to learn dance moves, how about the lost art of ballroom dancing? You don’t have to practice social distancing with your partner and you’ll be needing the extra cuddles right now. Baking might also be a good distraction and everyone can have a job in the kitchen, including clean up. Raise a glass but keep your consumption in check, as you could easily overindulge now, especially with states like New York allowing wine delivery!

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