May 2022 Horoscope: Eclipse Season + Jupiter Enters Aries

Mayday! There’s so much going on in the stars in your May 2022 horoscope, from eclipses to Mercury retrograde to a Jupiter sign change.

by The AstroTwins

We’ll all want to race forward into a new chapter, but ride the brake a little. A lot more is going to be revealed this month, especially under the mid-May full blood moon and lunar eclipse. April’s grand finale served us a Taurus solar eclipse (April 30), which shook us all out of our comfort zones. We enter the month in the wake of that unsettled energy.

A steadier pace is always warranted during the season of the Bull, so sensibly explore your options during Taurus time, which lasts until May 20. Crunch the numbers, run the pros and cons, think how any major life decision will impact you not just immediately, but in a few months and even a few years. 

After that, we head into Gemini season, an inquisitive month where you can hash out your new options through conversation, partnerships and a few trial runs. Just remain in “test flight” mode until Mercury turns direct (forward) on June 3 if you can.

Here are the in-the-stars highlights of your May 2022 horoscope

Big Jupiter Energy: Jupiter in Aries 2022 transit begins May 10

On May 10, expansive Jupiter makes another sign change, blasting into cardinal fire sign Aries. Since December 28, 2021, the horizon-expanding planet has been in Pisces, making a historic meetup with imaginative Neptune on April 12. If reality has seemed stranger than fiction (Elon Musk owns Twitter, wha?), you’re witnessing Jupiter’s bold and bohemian brushstrokes here.

Ready to make a dream into reality? Jupiter will form a supportive sextile (60-degree angle) to transformational Pluto in Capricorn this May 3, which could illuminate a deeply-hidden agenda or desire. Pay attention to those inner prompts, because Jupiter will be serving you a cup of courage a week later, firing up your initiative. 

Say goodbye to the Jupiter in Pisces transit

When Jupiter flips from dreamy Pisces into unstoppable Aries, it can be jarring, like waking from a lucid dream to a blaring fire truck’s siren. And everything CAN feel just that immediate with supersizer Jupiter in “first responder” Aries. We’ll need to keep our nerves and our impulses in check with greater vigilance.

Jupiter’s visit to Aries is divided in two parts. Its first round is until October 28; after that, it will dip into Pisces for a final two months, returning to Aries from December 20, 2022, until May 16, 2023. As conscious beings, we have the power to manage how we navigate this combustible energy. Mark the next year “handle with care!”

Both World Wars have started during Jupiter in Aries periods, and while we never want to fearmonger, we’re aware the global Jupiter in warrior Aries can bring times of friction and frustration. With conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalating and drawing in more world powers, this period will likely mark a time when global conflicts are settled with the directness of Aries energy. 

Mercury turns retrograde May 10 to June 3: Save your data!

Back up your data and devices, triple-confirm your plans and keep your opinions off the socials. Mercury, the planet of technology, travel and communication, will make its second of four retrogrades this year. Mercury retrograde periods scramble signals and distort information. Computers crash, cars break down and humans simply don’t understand each other. We’ll need to take extra precautions with all of our messaging and plans—especially since this happens the same day Jupiter moves into hotheaded Aries. 

Mercury will reverse through its native sign of Gemini from May 10 to 22, then it will back into tenacious Taurus for the duration, causing people to dig in their heels (compromise—what’s that?) until it finally corrects course on June 3. The lingering post-retrograde shadow period, essentially the fumes that Mercury leaves behind, will last until June 18.  

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Scorpio total lunar eclipse and full blood moon May 16

Say that ten times fast! On May 16, the full moon arrives as a total lunar eclipse, bringing all the Scorpionic secrets and mysteries under a bright spotlight. This is the third installment in an eclipse series on the Taurus/Scorpio axis that will transform our lives between November 2021 and October 2023—and the first one in transformational Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are the signs associated with money, sensuality, ownership and power, and these themes will prevail over the next 18 months. The lunar eclipse will also bring resolution or a pivotal turning point to an issue from the April 30 Taurus solar eclipse, as well as from the Scorpio new moon last November 4, 2021.

Your May 2022 horoscope includes a Mars and Jupiter hook up

Fiery Mars will join Jupiter in Aries from May 24 to July 5. While this will be a potent time for taking bold risks in our personal lives, it can also be a combustible and impulsive combination. On May 29, Mars and Jupiter make an exact conjunction in Aries for the first time since 2011. Get ready for some headline news—or to make some yourself!

A Gemini new moon May 30 reveals the power of two

Your May 2022 horoscope closes out with a new moon in Gemini, which will hopefully provide some balm in the midst of Mercury retrograde. As the late, great Gemini comedian Joan Rivers used to famously say, “Can we talk?” Open up some productive dialogue and start rolling out the runway to Mercury’s return to direct motion coming a few days later. Where could two heads be better than one? This lunar lift in the sign of dynamic duos supports us teaming up for the win!

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The AstroTwins

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