Aries Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

Let the good times roll, Aries! February begins with a robust outpouring of life force energy— the conditions your passionate sign adores most. Visionary ideas are swirling, and you’re generating many of them yourself. But it won’t be hard to find a dream team of like-minded innovators to help you manifest them. With the Sun in Aquarius until February 18, your eleventh house of collaborations is aglow. On top of that, your ruling planet, excitable Mars, is rounding out its final two weeks in fiery and adventurous Sagittarius, stoking your ninth house of growth until February 16. Bring on the limitless possibilities!

Valentine’s Day gets some extra mojo too because love planet Venus will move into Aries from February 7 to March 4. When the planet of amour visits your sign once a year, you’re blessed with extra magnetism and mojo. The moon will shimmy through sizzling Scorpio and your erotic eighth house on V-Day, adding a dash of intrigue and setting the stage for intimacy. Even better? La luna will form a flowing trine to enchanting Neptune and communicator Mercury in your twelfth house of fantasy. Book the room, scatter the rose petals and pull out all the stops. Or devote the day to decadent self-love and spoil yourself!

It won’t be long until you’re anointed the zodiac’s official head-turner. In between this Venus transit and Cupid’s arrival, the stars serve up another potent moment. On February 9, two days after Venus lands in your sign, the skies are ablaze with a vibrant full moon in Leo and your fifth house of love, creativity and unbridled self-expression. Chemistry that’s been brewing with a love interest could blossom into a full-on attraction; couples can expect strong feelings to bubble up. Careful, though: This reactive full moon could also send tempers soaring and unleash a tidal wave of pent-up emotions. The fifth house is associated with the heart, so whatever you’ve been keeping in yours may come out in a raw and unfiltered outburst.

The cleanup job could take longer than you expect—but there may be no avoiding that. Sometimes you have to deal to heal, as the saying goes. The full moon might take you by surprise, exposing where you have a “charge” around some topic.

You’ll find out starting February 16, when expressive Mercury, the planet of technology, communication and travel, will make its first retrograde of the decade. When Mercury reverses its commute, all things under this planet’s jurisdiction can go haywire. For the rest of the month, Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces and your twelfth house of illusions, closure and healing. Have you been getting mixed signals or feeling uncertain about whether to stay or go in a certain situation? Slow down and do a gut check.

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While Mercury retrograde can scramble the wires, it can also be a fruitful time to work through your confusion by tuning in. Maybe there’s a reason that you clench up around a coworker—but is it because they make you feel unsafe, or do they remind you of someone from your past? This could be a powerful moment to sort through some past-based fears. The twelfth house rules hidden agendas and, in some cases, secret enemies. Make sure the people in your orbit have earned your trust before you just hand it over to them.

The twelfth house also governs the imagination, and yours could be enriched by Mercury’s reversal. Have you abandoned a creative project? Pick it up again! Fallen out of touch with beloved relatives? Reconnect. The mentally astute planet in your sensitive twelfth house is a prompt to trek down memory lane and get in touch with deeper emotions—including nostalgia, grief or pain you’ve pushed aside for a long time. Woo-woo or not, this is an ideal time to journal, make a vision board for 2020 or dust off a book like Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

Mercury is retrograde until March 9, and it will back into Aquarius on March 4. The last few days of the backspin will place your focus on your eleventh house of friendships and groups. Are the people around you elevating you or bringing you down? Could you work with them more effectively? Take an honest inventory of your own habits: Are you contributing enough, being clear with your requests, holding people accountable? You could have an amazing breakthrough on Team Aries now. Set aside pride and ego. Focus on the bigger opportunity of everyone aligning and working together toward a common goal.

But Mercury’s not the only planet starring in the midmonth show. On February 16, your ruler, Mars, will barrel into Capricorn and your tenth house of professional success, amplifying your ambitions. The go-getter planet visits here every two years, making this prime time for some power moves. Mars also happens to be “exalted” in Capricorn, meaning it’s the sweet spot for this planet, and can yield major results if you prioritize, plan and then strike with strategic timing. This year is especially opportune because the red planet will be in the company of lucky Jupiter, structured Saturn AND transformational Pluto, which are all holding a rare three-way summit in Capricorn. There’s no time to wait or overthink anything!

Whatever your goals are—be they snagging a corner office, starting a family or making a savvy investment—the second half of the month will have you #lit with unstoppable drive. You know what you want, Aries, and nothing will get in your way! (Granted, this can be standard operating procedure for your sign.) But there’s a thin line between being bullish and bulldozing—and with aggressive Mars in Capricorn, you could trample the folks who are just trying to keep up with you.

Maybe what you hear as “no” is them trying to raise a reasonable objection before signing on the dotted line. And with Mercury retrograde overlapping this Mars transit, everyone would be wise to think it all through before plowing into anything irreversible. Make sure you’re crystal-clear about your goals, and take a moment to assess the competition thoroughly. This transit reminds you to look at what others in your market are doing and get clear on industry standards and practices. The point is to win the marathon AND the sprint! 

On February 21, there will be no stopping your quest, so if you’re going to launch an innovative idea or make a big money move, this is your moment! Mars will link up in a harmonious trine to ingenious, tech-savvy Uranus, which is in Taurus and your second house of work and money. Ready to break free from an oppressive job or make a bold leap a few rungs up the ladder? Thinking of investing in the superhot cryptocurrency market or launching a digital venture? The Mars-Uranus trine will add rocket fuel to your tanks. Warning: It can also make emotions highly combustible, especially at work. You want to come across as a thought leader or pioneer, not an out-of-control renegade. Watch that domineering streak that can come up under these skies. 

A cooling influence arrives on February 18, when the Sun slips into watery Pisces and your twelfth house of rest and healing for a month. While the combination of the Sun and Mercury here could make for a few frustrating delays to your Mars-magnified goals, their curveballs might be a blessing in disguise. Astrologers advise rushing into anything binding during Mercury retrograde, especially contracts.

At the Pisces new moon on February 23, you can tune in to your feelings and bring some sweetness back into your life. As these gentle moonbeams glow in your twelfth house of fantasy and forgiveness, it will be hard to stay mad at anyone or to hang on to resentment. Since new moons signal fresh starts, this is an ideal day to either lovingly release a troubling situation or to open a fresh page around creativity and connection. You’ll also get a Valentine’s Day 2.0 do-over if yours didn’t live up to the Hallmark hype (does it ever?)—or a chance to enjoy another wave of passion and heartfelt connection if it did. Remember: The twelfth house is receptive, meaning you don’t have to force any outcomes. In fact, you’d be wisest NOT to push any agendas now, and to let the next steps reveal themselves in divine order.

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