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March 2020

Rest up, Ram. Even though Aries season starts just before the clock strikes midnight on March 19, this month never “comes in like a lion” for your sign. That’s because the Sun is smack in the middle of its annual visit to Pisces and your restful twelfth house. For the first three weeks of March, your solar-powered mandate is to conserve your batteries in preparation for your birthday...and the spring equinox. 
With communication planet Mercury retrograde until March 9, there’s even more reason to use your energy mindfully—and sparingly. Mercury’s been backstroking through Pisces since February 16, putting you in a foggy state. You may be a bit weepy or nostalgic at moments while at other times, you’re lost in your imagination. But you could also lose hours going down a rabbit hole if you’re not careful. Pinterest could be your poison as much as it is your playground!
Amidst this dreamy energy, a rare cosmic quartet is activating your tenth house of career and success, giving your ambitions and status a major boost. Your ruling planet, Mars, expansive Jupiter, structured Saturn and alchemical Pluto are ALL in Capricorn, heating up your success sector. This could snap you out of your reveries and demand that you answer the call of opportunity. When speedy Mars unites with supersizer Jupiter on March 21, be ready for major-league moments: walking the red carpet, working the cameras or pitching yourself to a decision maker. Impatience will run high, and you may feel like, "Why am I not further along than this?" Let that motivate you to take a bold, Ram-sized risk today! Just be careful not to step on any (well-heeled) toes on your quest for the top. Things could get super-intense (possibly culminating in a power struggle) when Mars and Pluto make an exact meetup on March 23. Choose your allies carefully—and keep them in your corner!
Ready to get your spring training underway? On March 9, the full moon lands in Virgo and your sixth house of health and organization. Perfect timing: That same day, Mercury turns direct (forward) AND you’re rarin’ to get back to business! You could get a burst of motivation to start working out and adding more clean, green fare to your plate. Is it time for a major decluttering? Go full Konmari on any space that’s gotten messy. With the just-ending Mercury retrograde having obscured some details, this analytical full moon will help you find any flaws in the plan that you may have overlooked. Read over paperwork and contracts carefully today. Inspect to protect! 
Aries season begins on March 19 as the Sun enters your sign and ushers in the spring equinox. Ah, now that’s more like it! While you’ve enjoyed your magical mystery tour through ethereal Pisces, you’re ready to make some serious moves. When the March 24 Aries new moon arrives, your “personal new year” begins—and you can unleash all your big plans onto the world! If you feel like 2020 hasn’t really started for you yet, brace yourself. The Aries new moon will kick things into high gear.
But the month’s headline news arrives on March 21, when structured Saturn enters Aquarius and your collaborative eleventh house for the first time since 1991! Get ready for much lighter days as Saturn draws influential friends and powerful teammates into your world. You may experience a few growing pains as you navigate tricky group dynamics. Saturn will be here until July 1, then it will return again from December 17, 2020, until March 7, 2023. 
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Disciplined Saturn has been marching through Capricorn and your tenth house of career since December 2017, serving up some hardcore lessons around leadership and success. You’ve been challenged to grow up, especially when it comes to taking your ambitions seriously, planning and dealing with authority. You may have hit a few speed bumps in your career or questioned your professional path. An important man, possibly your father, could have been linked to a challenging situation over the past three years. Saturn rules aging, and you may be aware of time’s passage within your family (or yourself!).
Because Capricorn is square to Aries on the zodiac wheel, this Saturn cycle felt especially harsh, especially as the ringed planet united with Pluto in January, testing your will. Like yours, Capricorn is a take-charge cardinal sign (, which may have brought up some shadow lessons around ego and power.
Now with Saturn in airy Aquarius, you’ll get some distance from that intensity. Those dark nights of the soul will soon start to make sense. And while you’ll have five more months of Saturn in Capricorn from July until December, after that the structure planet will depart from Capricorn, not to return until 2047. By the end of the year, you’ll reap the rewards of paying your dues in 2020 and can start strategically partnering and networking with a next-level new crew!
Just watch for extreme emotions as March closes out...because it won’t be like a lamb (or even a Ram). Your ruler, restless Mars, will move into Aquarius, meeting up in an exact conjunction with Saturn on March 31. This is like having one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. Be careful not to rush into any group endeavors, especially if they involve doing business with friends. Take the time to vet people carefully. If a team member has become the frustrating “weak link,” don’t just cut them off unceremoniously (which you’ll be tempted to do). See if a conversation, and maybe some additional training for them, might not move things in the right direction. You don’t have to force an outmoded situation, but perhaps one last try will give you the closure you need to either move forward or move on.

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