Aries Monthly Horoscope

February 2019

Gather your people, Aries! The Sun is traveling through Aquarius and your vivacious, outgoing eleventh house until February 18, making this a fruitful time to network and collaborate. Don't let the winter temps keep you huddled at home—unless, of course, you open the doors to your 50 closest friends and their friends.

The best day for entertaining and communing could be February 4. Not only is it an Aquarius new moon, but it's also the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, when we bid adieu to the territorial Dog and welcome the friendly, collaborative Earth Pig for the next 12 months. The open-door policy of Aquarius season becomes all the more inclusive under this fresh lunar energy. You'll be in hog heaven hanging with a cutting-edge crowd and connecting to like-minded trailblazers for work and play.


But your indie-spirited sign will still need solo time since your ruling planet, driven Mars, is wrapping up a six-week visito Aries on February 14, and freedom fighter Uranus is here until March 6. Pull away from the herd and give your personal passions the time they need, no matter how much fun you're having.

Remember what you promised yourself you'd carve out time for when you made those New Year's resolutions last month? Yeah, THAT. Use this confident, charismatic Mars energy to make headway or promote your talents. The red planet won't return for another two years, and Uranus will make a permanent exit next month. You won't experience their combined moxie or magnetism like this again in your lifetime. Dare to make a bold bid or a radical change while you can. If you don't advocate for yourself, who will?

When Mars and Uranus spin into a rare conjunction (exact meetup) on February 13, you can make a sudden change, but watch your impulsivity and impatience. Your temper could explode unexpectedly, or you might go way over the edge with a daring move, burning bridges (or yourself) in the process. Shock value is one thing, but if your ego or attention-seeking tactics cross a line, you could be left with a mess to clean up.

On February 14, Mars will slow its roll and move into earthy Taurus, activating your second house of money and security until March 31. This is a highly productive cycle, but there could also be financial stress or tension on the job. Tighten your budget and be careful how much work you say yes to, lest you end up in over your head.

February 14, in case you hadn't heard, also happens to be Valentine's Day. The moon will be in Gemini for Cupid's big celebration, spotlighting your third house of communication and local affairs. You might be happiest hanging at your favorite neighborhood hotspot, perhaps joining beloved peeps both single and coupled to celebrate friendship instead of googly-eyed romance. 

Either way, keep plans loose and expectations modest. The moon will lock into a T-square with expansive Jupiter and nebulous Neptune, making it hard to wrangle everyone onto the same page. Overly elaborate plans could fall apart, especially ones that involve travel. Keep it simple and sweet—the new microbrewery or tapas spot, a live show at a mid-sized venue, a handwritten and thoughtful card. 

On February 18, "wounded healer" Chiron will move into Aries, staying until April 2027. Chiron made a brief pit stop here from April to September 2018, then receded back into Pisces. While Chiron is in Aries, we'll collectively mend old scars around visibility, self-esteem and identity. According to mythology, Chiron was a healer who couldn't heal himself. Under his influence, we transform by helping others overcome struggles that we've dealt with (and may still be muddling through). It's the ultimate act of service, where the giver ends up receiving an unexpected karmic gift.

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Hosting Chiron in YOUR sign might force you to take a hard look in the mirror and question whether you're being 100 percent true to yourself. That's a lofty goal to begin with, but Chiron will help you dismantle any painful blocks. Your work or service in the coming years could involve helping other people find their voices and USE them in daring ways. Summon the courage to be open about your flaws and fumbles, and you'll grant people permission to do the same.

These themes won't feel entirely new because radical Uranus has been in Aries since 2011, shaking up the status quo in this zone of your chart for years. On March 6, Uranus will permanently exit, hopefully minimizing some of the dramatic changes—or at least slowing their pace.

That same day (February 18), the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Pisces and your restful, healing twelfth house. Take a break from the social whirlwind and get your hibernation in before spring—and your birthday season—officially begins. This is a time for wrapping up loose ends rather than starting anything new. Your imagination and intuition will be revving high, and you'll need plenty of downtime to be able to tune in. Keep your calendar loose and don't overbook yourself.

But don't get TOO relaxed yet! On February 19, the Virgo full moon—also a potent supermoon (—illuminates the opposite zone of your chart. La luna in your busy, task-driven sixth house could inspire an epic cleanup that would clutter-shame Marie Kondo herself. This health-conscious full moon can jump-start your spring-training plans by helping you cut back on refined flours and sugars or begin adding regular cardio into your routine. Just pace yourself because diving into anything too extreme, especially during Pisces season, is a setup for failure. Look at where you could make small improvements each day, even if this full moon sparks the urge to blast ahead at warp speed.

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