Aries Monthly Horoscope

June 2019

Get out and circulate, Aries. After an industrious May, you've got planetary permission to break from your bootstrapping efforts and commune with your crew! With the Sun flitting through Gemini and your third house of kindred spirits until June 21, the spotlight is on local events, dynamic duos and unfiltered self-expression. Simply put, it's all about "who you know" this month. Get some quality time on the books with friends. Hit a few festivals, conferences or industry meetups—and watch the synergy spark!
We're not saying you should abandon your personal ambitions, Aries. It's great to have #goals, but with structured Saturn and penetrating Pluto both retrograde in your career house until the fall, this summer is best used for soul-searching around your path and purpose. And what better way than to hear other people's stories—to learn from their experiences or pick up helpful hacks you can implement later this year?

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The June 3 Gemini new moon is an especially good day to get an important conversation started. Got a project to pitch—or an idea for a book, blog or media project? This new moon sets the stage for finding helpful people and outlets to develop your concepts. A meeting of the minds near this date could grow into a much bigger undertaking between now and the Gemini full moon on December 12. Looking for a new neighborhood or city to call home? Start your search at the Gemini new moon. Plan short getaways and road trips this summer. Book an Airbnb in an area that's piqued your curiosity so you can try before you buy (or rent). There's no better way to test if this place is a true fit than by experiencing a few "days in the life" there.
The third house rules messaging and branding. If you own a business, the new moon—and really, all of Gemini season—is great for a style refresh. Even if you don't, we live in an interactive world. Make sure your public profiles are current and truly reflect the person you are now. Got something exciting to share with the world? Make use of all your platforms and networks and go viral with it!
But before you start spreading the news TOO far and wide, there's a midmonth moment to flag. On June 16, the second of this year's three challenging Jupiter-Neptune squares sends a confusing ripple through everyone's hasty plans. With Jupiter in Sagittarius and your outspoken ninth house, you've been quite the open book this year, eager to share your story with everyone you meet. But with Jupiter locked into a harsh 90-degree angle to Neptune in Pisces and your secretive twelfth house, not everyone is an ally or worthy of your trust. Even if you have an "amazing connection," details could be obscured. Conduct due diligence before you install anyone as an official member of Team Aries. There's a fine line between being positive thinking and denial—and you'll need to be clear that you're not sticking your head in the sand and ignoring important cues.
For best results, take it slow and ask all the questions you need. During this particular square, Jupiter is retrograde, pumping the brakes even more. Pause the PR machine to make sure you've truly got your plans in place. The first Jupiter-Neptune square was on January 13, so look back to developments then. Did you rush into something, or could you stand to retrace your steps? An opportunity that got sidelined then could come back around—all the more reason not to leap at the first offer you get. While Jupiter and Neptune will remain in a close square all summer, developments today will come to a head at the final face-off on September 21. There's still more to this story, and you'll have to let the puzzle pieces fall into place.
Meantime, your ruling planet, Mars, is spending the whole month in Cancer and your domestic fourth house, stirring up action and friction in equal doses. If you're thinking of moving or making a big change to your lifestyle, Mars will give you the rocket fuel to make a bold move. Your emotions may be more prickly or quicker to activate now. With Mars in this maternal zone, there could be baby news for some Rams, or your relationship with a key female (possibly a mother figure or a child) may hit a few intense speed bumps.
When Mars makes contact with three other planets midmonth, you may feel prompted (or pressured) to make a decision around home or family. On June 14, Mars will form a flowing trine to Neptune in your spiritual twelfth house. You could have a heart-opening moment with an older relative or perhaps even a "visit" from a departed loved one through a dream or symbol (for example, a bird, butterfly or hearing a meaningful song). If the energy in your home feels heavy or stagnant, this is a great day to try some Feng Shui or to do a deep decluttering.
Work-life balance issues could flare when Mars makes challenging oppositions to structured Saturn (June 14) and intensifying Pluto (June 19), both in Capricorn and your career sector. Dueling demands from both camps could force you to prioritize and put solid systems in place. While there could be stress and pushback, don't give up! You'll get this all worked out, Aries, and create the right balance for achieving your goals and handling the home front—while (important PSA!) also getting the requisite self-care.
If that happens to require a few no-holds-barred conversations, the June 17 Sagittarius full moon hands you the megaphone to speak your truth. With la luna beaming into your outspoken ninth house, you won't be able to bite your tongue any longer. Ready to take a leap of faith? This risk-loving lunation could give you the green light. The ninth house rules travel, entrepreneurship and higher education—all areas that could come together with an exclamation point today.  
The scene gets even cozier starting June 21, when the Sun joins Mars in comfort-loving Cancer and your domestic fourth house for its annual monthlong visit. Solstice salon or backyard barbecue, anyone? If you've been burning the candle at both ends, Cancer season invites you to nest and rest, taking a break from your buzzing social calendar to touch down at home base. Hang out with nurturing friends and family and carve out space to get creative.
You might do some soul-searching or deep emotional processing this summer while empathic Neptune makes its annual retrograde through Pisces and your dreamy twelfth house from June 21 until November 27. If you've put off dealing with a loss or complex emotions, Neptune retrograde can help you work through those, possibly with the help of a therapist or spiritual healer. Just be careful not to get lost in the weeds as nebulous Neptune can pull you far down a rabbit hole. You could be swayed by a charismatic guru type, handing them your power or getting caught up in the process and losing your bearings. Stay grounded, Aries! Catch yourself if you start blurring the line between "self-absorbed" and "self-aware." Navel-gazing is not the same as inner work. This could be a powerful time for a meditation practice, shamanic breathwork or embarking on the path toward forgiveness.

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