Year of the Sheep

1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

Sensitive and gentle, Sheep are sweet people who seem not of this world. “How can anyone be so good?” people often ask about them. Like sheep, they often have a cloudlike puff of hair, or even an angelic aura. Their imaginations are vivid and amazing. Timid and self-protective, Sheep harbor many insecurities. To guard against pain, they may isolate themselves from the wider world, or hide behind a false persona. In truth, they’re only comfortable around a few trusted people. Tending to internal issues is paramount for Sheep, who need deep healing to cope with life and find their own resilience. More than any sign, Sheep are prone to chemical addictions, like Kurt Cobain and Mel Gibson. Like sheep, they follow the herd, and should choose their friends wisely. To stay healthy, this sign must incorporate people, habits and activities that reinforce their strength and keep them grounded in reality.

Western Sign: Cancer

Compatible With: Rabbit, Pig

Famous Sheep: Pamela Anderson, Heath Ledger, Nicole Kidman, Pink, Ludacris, Robert DeNiro, Anna Nicole Smith, Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson, Claire Danes, Dave Navarro, Mel Gibson, Rosario Dawson, Chad Lowe, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp