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October 2020 Aries Love Horoscope

It’s a relatively tame month in the passion department, Aries, but perhaps you could use a little break? Not only is your ruler, lusty Mars, retrograde from September 9 to November 13, but it’s back-spinning through your sign, which is like a dangling a carrot you can’t quite grab. It IS a good time, however, to rebalance any scales that got out of whack. If a connection overheated, for instance, you can step back and engage from a more level-headed place. Maybe an attraction or relationship became all-consuming, causing you to lose yourself a bit. Rein it in and focus on your own life and projects. It’s Libra season, and equilibrium is key for all of us.
On top of that, cosmic coquette Venus is spending most of the month (October 2 to 27) in chaste Virgo and your busy, service-oriented sixth house. Single? You could meet someone while working toward a common cause—or just working (or working out). Some Rams might opt for take a little sensual sabbatical and lavish all your love on yourself, which is a great thing to do with beautifying Venus in your zone of self-care.
While not the hottest way to bond, couples may find themselves consumed with household projects. Use the opportunity to connect and support each other, especially if they’re ideas you’ve hatched together. If you’re juggling high-pressure demands, like working from home AND overseeing kids’ remote schooling, do your best to be each other’s oasis rather than taking out your stress on each other. Though it’s hard to make concrete plans these days, getting a romantic getaway on the books could give you something to look forward to. When Venus trines her fellow “benefic” Jupiter on October 19, talking about the future feels far more exciting than suffocating or dispiriting.
But don’t put your sexy skivvies and tight T-shirts in mothballs just yet! Once Venus waltzes into Libra and your partnership house from October 27 to November 21, you’ll be in the mood for romance again. Just bear in mind that with communicator Mercury in signal-scrambling retrograde mode (and backflipping into Libra on October 27), a former flame or old bones of contention could return until November 3. 

Key Dates:

October 19: Venus-Jupiter trine
You’re feeling pragmatic and optimistic about romance or a certain relationship, and without the dreamy vibes that can cloud reality, you can bring about a desired shift in your dynamic. You could restore a healthy balance of give-and-take or meet someone who’s all about fair play in a union.

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