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May 2022 Aries Love Horoscope

From May 2 to 28, love planet Venus commences its annual parade through Aries and your first house of self. You'll be awake, tingling with kinetic energy and ready to let the world know what it's missing. With your tanks full of romantic rocket fuel, a frisky start to spring awaits! 

Midmonth, the May 16 Scorpio lunar eclipse could bring a mind-body-soul connection out of the blue. When this supercharged full moon hits your eighth house of sex and intimacy, there could be major changes to a relationship. For some Aries, this could be the split you’ve been putting off for some time now; other Rams could take the plunge and go all in with someone. Is it time to be more transparent and vulnerable? The lunar eclipse could bring an openhearted moment.

Your natural drive for independence is further revved up when lusty Mars exits Pisces on May 24 and joins Venus in Aries for her last four days, staying until July 5. Even if you’re in a serious relationship, you'll need some space to "do you.” A partner with a plan will need to learn the fine art of spontaneity to keep you interested! 

Whatever your status, allow yourself to be playful and follow your natural inquisitiveness. A sizzling attraction to someone from another background or could ignite when Mars meets up with global Jupiter in Aries on May 29. It’s a great day for a sexy getaway or to meet someone while traveling. Don’t be surprised if “just a fling” turns into something legit! As Venus treads into Taurus and your stabilizing second house this May 28, you might just find a loyal companion who can keep you excited for years to come.

All your biggest love days, revealed.

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