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Aries Monthly Horoscope

The November 13 Scorpio new moon opens an intimate new chapter

Move in a little closer, Aries. The “come together” synergy of Scorpio season is especially potent at the November 13 Scorpio new moon, which opens the door to strategic alliances. Start hashing out the terms of a joint venture or sit down for a deep dive into your financials. 
Sensing that someone has soulmate potential? This fresh-start moment paves a six-month path to greater intimacy and closeness. For longtime couples, the Scorpio new moon could spark talk of an engagement, kids or merging your lives in another significant way. Take your time and let the bond develop. With Mars hovering close to the new moon this year, you’ll be ready to strike as soon as the urge hits.
A blaring interruption could invade your cocoon, however, because this new moon will sit opposite disruptive Uranus, which is in Taurus and your second house of money, work and daily routines. Mundane matters and responsibilities could throw unexpected curveball demands into the mix. An exciting partnership, for example, might hit a speed bump when you realize that you’re not on the same financial page (or standing) or that your lifestyles and schedules don’t gel easily. If this seems worth it for the long haul, see if you can’t work through those differences now. Watch for temper flare-ups and erratic behavior from people today as egos could run amok, particularly at work.
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