Aries Monthly Horoscope

Your March Aries Love Horoscope

Freedom is a turn-on, at least in the first half of the month. Since right around Valentine’s Day, love planets Venus and Mars have been in Aquarius and your eleventh house of friendship and casual connections. Venus is here until March 11 and Mars until March 22. 
Under this influence, you’ll be more interested in lighter encounters that don’t demand your full attention or fence you in too much. Coupled Aries will enjoy hanging out in groups or getting out and being social as a duo. You may need to negotiate more autonomy from your ties, especially when Venus and liberated Uranus square off on March 3.
As the month progresses, your love life takes on a much different flavor, one that beckons you into deeper, more intimately connected waters. That happens as Venus and Mars shift into Pisces and your twelfth house of fantasy and escape. Charming Venus enters Pisces on March 11 and lusty Mars arrives on March 22. Talk about a change of energy!
Is your heart experiencing a sudden spring awakening? Let the winter freeze thaw! With amorous Venus in whimsical Pisces and your imaginative twelfth house from March 11 to April 5, you won't want to remove the rose-colored aviators that have parked themselves on your nose, Aries. Which is all well and good—provided you don't get SO swept away that you overlook any glaring issues. 
If you're in a relationship, a dream trip (near the water if you can swing it) or a special night with all the stops pulled out could be the perfect early birthday gift, so start dropping those hints now. 
Unattached? Your best use of this transit might be a timeout for some heart-healing work and self-care. (Feel free to take yourself on vacation too.) If you're feeling vulnerable, be careful not to get wooed by someone whose intentions or personal storyline isn't clear. When Venus syncs up with sober Saturn on March 21, reality checks could be especially harsh. Mitigate that by keeping it real with yourself and others.
On March 22, sizzling Mars (your ruling planet) will join Venus in Pisces, staying until April 30. The red planet could turn up the steam on a spring fling or intensify emotions around a breakup. 
No matter what the status of your love life is, take this month to be in a more receptive place rather than seeking answers or making decisions. In their next cycle, Venus and Mars will move into Aries, opening the doors for a fresh start. You’ll be in a better position to move forward with clarity—especially if you take the time to process your emotions now.
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