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June 2021 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Venus gets committed in Cancer on June 2

Time to make it official? Since April 23, passionate Mars has been in Cancer, heating up your committed-partnership zone until June 11. Chances are, you’ve been equal parts motivated and stressed by relationships. Maybe you’ve been eager to understand where a developing bond is headed, and even a tad impatient about it. (“Are we gonna do this or not?”) That kind of foot-tapping, clock’s-ticking style is understandable—you’re a premium catch, after all!—but it rarely invokes the come-hither response you’re hoping for, Cap.

When romantic Venus sweeps into Cancer from June 2 to 27, your softer side will return. Sweetness and synergy come back to your bonds, and if you’re single, this rare convergence of the love planets in your partnership zone can attract someone with serious long-term potential. Coupled Caps should make an effort to do more pleasurable activities together and enjoy happy moments as a duo. Take advantage of the newly reopened outdoor dining and cultural activities if you feel safe attending. 

Mars plunges into Leo on June 11

Going deep! From June 11 to July 29, Mars slips into Leo and your smoldering eighth house of eroticism and intimacy. On the one hand, this could bring sizzling seduction and intrigue to head up summer. But Mars in this placement can also evoke jealousy and competitiveness as well as a tendency to obsess. Catch yourself if you start fixating or trying to control a situation. If you haven’t been feeling your most sensual (like most of the world), Mars in Leo can bring sexy roaring back!

Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 27

The sexytime vibes get ever stronger on June 27, when vixen Venus joins Mars in Leo until July 11. Refresh your lingerie drawer, practice that soul-piercing gaze and adjust your energetic field to “soulmate” setting. You could draw in a person who resonates at your frequency on mind, body and spirit levels. For coupled Caps, this is a powerful window to deepen intimacy across the board.

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