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September 2020 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Thanks to the annual visit of vixen Venus to Cancer and your seventh house of committed partnerships (where she’s been since August 7), certain key dynamic duos have been getting a boost—and will continue to until Venus departs on September 6. Some Caps may have taken, or are preparing to take, a significant next step or met someone with long-term potential. All good news! And when the love planet tarries on, things can get even steamier.
On September 6, Venus plunges into passionate Leo and your intimate, seductive eighth house. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll want to shuffle your schedule to leave as much room as possible for sexytime (even if the seduction happens screen-to-screen for a while). Single? This soulmate power surge can make it easier to attract someone who’s “the whole enchilada.” This is not the time to settle for an average bear. If someone doesn’t captivate your mind, body AND soul, keep it moving. No chemistry, no time wasted experimenting in the lab!  
Meantime, hale and hearty Mars is keeping the home fires burning during his lengthy trip through Aries and your domestic fourth house (June 27 to January 6). If you’ve got a warm body to nuzzle with, you probably don’t need tips from us. Single Sea Goats might want to entertain (safely) and invite close friends to bring an unattached eligible—or at least, to make an online intro. It’s a good time for a deep boudoir declutter for all Caps. This can clear stagnant energy and make room for something new and stimulating.
Note: Mars will turn retrograde for two months on September 9, which can shorten tempers, churn up intense emotions and make you hypersensitive and a little too quick to react. If you don’t deal with your feelings, you may feel like a storm is brewing inside you. You might get defensive—or go on the offensive, which is not a good tactic now (or really, ever). Remove yourself from the fray and distract yourself with work or a deep-cleaning project.   
A day to look forward to is September 28, when Venus and Mars form their annual congenial trine, which can call a truce on any bickering or sweep in a new love interest. You can make serious headway dealing with old fears and trust issues, perhaps stemming from a childhood sense of abandonment, but there’s no magic wand. You have to be willing to set aside any angst, become vulnerable and talk it through. The emotional closeness you gain could send you racing to the bedroom!

Key Dates:

September 2: Venus-Saturn opposition
Should you double down on boundaries or compromise to keep the peace? Today’s push-pull between withholding Saturn and people-pleasing Venus will yank you between extremes. Make sure you aren’t overextending yourself for the benefit of your partner (or a date). But don’t be so hardcore that the object of your affections is afraid to approach you.

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