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July 2020 Capricorn Love Horoscope

If you lost your “glow” or your mojo during that interminable lockdown, you can resuscitate it big-time now that amorous Venus has resumed forward motion in your healing sector. While she was retrograde from May 13 to June 25, you may have felt off your game, perhaps struggling to keep your focus or energy up. Now, just a little effort in the healthy-eating and daily-movement categories will take root and put that sexy spring back in your step. Maybe do a short detox or sign up for a mini boot camp to jump-start your efforts. Listen to some motivational meditations as you take your (nightly?) walks.
Relationships that faltered during the past few months are worth reconsidering now, unless irrevocable damage was done (e.g., cheating, lying or another unforgivable offense). But if there’s sincere hope and/or mutual desire, look back to April 3 until mid-May for reminders of what you were getting psyched about. Vixen Venus will tread over those same degrees of Gemini between now and August 7, giving you a chance for a do-over or for a budding connection to pick up speed. But you have to keep a very open mind—and heart! 
Motivator Mars in your foundational fourth house also boosts the self-care factor by putting you in touch with core emotions and inspiring you to speak up for your needs. Home could be a heat zone, both of tension and excitement. Tamp down temper and find a civilized way to address any bones of contention. But you can fuel the romance factor by adding some sexy touches to your house and especially bedroom. To keep the passion burning, set up a workout area to pump your energy whenever it flags. The couple that moves together grooves together!
Try to ignore any family pressure around your relationship—or lack thereof. Presumably your relatives only want the best for you, but they have a funny way of always saying the exact wrong thing! Take the high road and make a joke of it. And if you can’t? Consider better boundaries, like reducing your interactions (hey! You’re just social-distancing!) or declaring the topic of your love life off-limits until Mercury retrograde ends on July 12—if not permanently. Remember, you’re not obligated to share that with anyone.

Key Dates:

July 27: Venus-Neptune square
The rose-colored veil lifts under today’s tense stand-off between idealistic Venus and Neptune. A certain relationship isn’t exactly playing out according to the Grimm Brothers’ rulebook, but this might not be “the end” to your fairy tale. Can you accept the full spectrum of this person? There’s a reason wedding vows include a “for better” and a “for worse.”

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