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September 2020 Leo Career Horoscope

Are you set up for security, Leo? With the Sun in Virgo and your stabilizing second house, take an honest inventory of how efficient and sustainable your lifestyle is. Are you spending more than you make or saving up for that proverbial rainy day? (And of course, the sunny ones, too!) Rethink your calendar and map out efficient new systems. Think: less stress, more productivity—and time left over for fun.
On Saturday, September 12, it’s time to get back into your work groove as expansive Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde backspin. The supersizer planet zooms ahead in steady Capricorn and your administrative, service-oriented sixth house. You’re safe now to pick up any big-picture plans you’ve put on hold and take a few well-considered risks. When Saturn also wakes up from its retrograde nap here September 29, start taking concrete action on those goals.
Ready for a fresh income stream or brand-new gig? On Thursday, September 17, the year’s only new moon in industrious Virgo revitalizes your work and money sector. Seeds planted now could bear fruit by late February, in the form of a plum new client, a promotion or more money in your bank account. Start funneling some funds into savings every day and watch the compound interest add up. Look for ways to cut unnecessary costs without feeling deprived of the luxuries Leos live for.

Key Dates:

September 3: Mercury-Saturn trine
You’ve had some exciting creative downloads lately, and today’s solidifying trine between mental Mercury and structured Saturn can help you get a few of those ideas into concrete form. Not all of them are going to fly; that’s the whole point of sketching them out and crunching the numbers.

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