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September 2020 Libra Career Horoscope

Ready, set, visualize! With the Sun in Virgo and your imaginative twelfth house until September 22, you’re in manifestation mode—but not in the way that demands hard work. For the first three weeks of the month, tuning into your emotions and deepest desires is more important than “doing.” Pay attention to the feelings in your body when you picture certain outcomes. Do you feel free and expansive? Go that way. Do you clench up or start taking more shallow breaths? That’s a sign of unresolved tension—or perhaps a direction you just shouldn’t take!
On September 2, the Pisces full moon illuminates your healthy, service-oriented sixth house. This is one day that you CAN take concrete actions, like sending out a resume or contacting a prospective client. Look for work that resonates with your values and helps you feel like you’re making a contribution to bettering the world. With these efficient moonbeams sharpening your analytical powers, it’s a great day to organize your home office or test-drive an app that improves your productivity.
When Libra season begins on September 22, your enthusiasm for new initiatives returns. You’ve got a full month to power ahead with plans AND the solar power to get Team Libra amped up and excited. Start putting your inspired visions into action. You don’t have to commit to anything concrete just yet. But start speaking up! Ask your contacts to make helpful introductions. Let people know about your offerings. Sign up for a workshop to further develop your skills or earn an important certification that can take your goals to the next level.

Key Dates:

September 3: Mercury-Saturn trine
Where normally you might just go with your gut reaction, under today’s alignment, your strength will come from trusting your instincts and then “double-sourcing” them with cold, hard facts. A little digging should give you the confirmation you need.

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