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October 2020 Pisces Love Horoscope

Relationships are sweetened this month by love goddess Venus, who’s in Virgo and your partnership zone from October 2 to 27. You could make a romance official or talk about next steps, like meeting each other’s families over the holidays (even if it’s on Zoom or FaceTime).
But don’t rush to security TOO quickly. Mars is retrograde in Aries and your stabilizing second house from September 9 until November 13, giving you second thoughts about making things overly regimented and formal. Keep some of the spontaneity alive!
If someone’s resisting your attempts to make concrete plans, don’t force it. Find out what’s really driving that—perhaps there’s a good reason for their pause? You’ll find out much sooner if you can explore without putting any pressure on them. Couples can use this time to work through tensions, especially around money and day-to-day responsibilities. Given the current conditions with the pandemic and everyone working, schooling, etc. from home, it would be hard NOT to feel that stress, much less not take it out on each other.
A great day for resolution is October 19, when Venus in your partnership house trines open-hearted Jupiter in your friendship zone, helping you approach things from a compassionate place without an agenda. Talk to your love interest the way you would a best friend. If you’re single, one fortuitous swipe could lead to a lucky meeting!
Venus will shimmy through Libra and your smoldering, sexy eighth house from October 27 to November 21. Watch out for the return of a tempting but possibly troublesome ex when Mercury retrogrades back into Libra from October 27 to November 3. Should you reply to that late-night text or friend request from your past? Think carefully before you do.

Key Dates:

October 10: Venus-Uranus trine
Freedom is a turn-on! As the love planet aligns with boho-chic Uranus, seek ways to infuse your love life with independence and novelty. Have things gotten too close for comfort? As long as you’re upfront with your partner, you’ll get the breathing room you need. Reassure them that you’ll be back (if that’s your intention), then go follow your bliss. A sudden attraction may spark with a platonic pal. Could this person actually be the one you’ve been waiting for?

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