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Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope

Your November Taurus Monthly Horoscope

November is relationship high season for you, Taurus. The Sun is moving through Scorpio and Sagittarius, which rule the two most committed zones of your chart. Pairing up for romance, success or both could be on your mind. With motivator Mars also traveling in sync with the Sun, you’re extra revved up to make dynamic duos official.
But first: Who ARE you really? Your whole identity—and thus your approach to compatibility and partnership—could be undergoing a radical rearrangement. For that you can thank the October 28 Taurus lunar eclipse, which swept through your first house of selfhood and moved a few molecules around. 
That was the grand finale in an eclipse series that’s been changing up your identity AND your approach to relationships since November 2021. Are you even the same person you were two years ago? Your life and priorities could look quite different, even if it’s been a relatively short time.
The inevitable next step is to surround yourself with people who are a match for Taurus 2.0. When structured Saturn ends a nearly five-month retrograde on November 4, it will power forward through Pisces and your collaborative eleventh house. A group or team project could start to gain real traction. Align with the heavy hitters, Taurus, and you’ll get a supportive status boost.
The month ends with a November 27 full moon in Gemini and your money corner. Whether or not you’ve got a business, Black Friday could put your budget in the black. Don’t spend it all in one place, Bull! We know you’re a generous gifter, but rein yourself in.
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