Manstrology: His Sign In Love

What do the men of every sign really want from love? Learning to speak “Manstrology”—the astrological language of love—can save you from heartache and hassle. The Sun sign horoscope of every man reveals the secrets to what makes him tick (and if you care, to making a relationship last). No need to guess any longer— we’ve got the inside scoop on love, compatibility secrets and making the right moves with the men of every astrological sign.

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Why you should learn to speak Manstrology

an excerpt from The AstroTwins’ Love Zodiac

200-love-zodiac-1Here’s a no-brainer: raise your hand if you’ve ever felt heartbroken, let down, betrayed or just plain frustrated by a man. 

Sound like the makings of a bad country music song, doesn’t it? But face it: we’ve all been there. For every man claiming that women are impossible to understand, you’ll find at least five females crying themselves to sleep and wondering why the guys in their life think and act like they do. 

Women are relationship-oriented. Whether it’s by nature or nurture doesn’t really matter—at least not when you’re pumped full of adrenaline, every abandonment fear triggered as you obsessively check your cell phone for a call, a text, any contact from Him. We spend so much time on drama, analyzing why he slept in the fetal position instead of spooning us, or what he meant when he said that, we should all win emotional Emmys.

Our story: “failures” at love—or just uniformed?

For years, we found ourselves in a common predicament. Here we were, educated and ambitious women who felt totally lost when it came to men! We couldn’t understand why our relationship track records didn’t match our career success. If we were so smart and self-determined, why did we keep ending up with men who were clearly commitment-phobes? Or sabotaging things with the ones who weren’t? Embarrassing as it is, we had to admit: we were total clichés. 

We studied human psychology, learned the ways of Mars and Venus, and sat through 40-hour workshops on understanding men. In the course of our exploration, we also discovered astrology. 

We began to study the astrological charts of every man we met. We were amazed to discover time-tested patterns. We analyzed current boyfriends, past boyfriends, friends’ boyfriends—and the data was consistent. This knowledge began to heal years of heartache (“Ohhhh, that’s why he did that!”) and saved us from wasting energy on needless future struggle. Astrology transformed our love lives—and the relationships of thousands of our friends and clients. 

The real problem? You keep trying to change him—or yourself—instead of changing your approach.

Chances are, you’re reading this because you’d love some insight into what makes him tick, what ticks him off, what he cherishes most. You may be blind to the ways that you—yes, you—could already be the woman of his dreams. Simply put, if you don’t understand your man, how can you accept him?  Love begins with acceptance. It’s what we women want, too! (Don’t believe us? Ask your cellulite.)

In our opinion and “field research,” men don’t really change unless they have a damn good reason. It’s much better to scope out what you’re really getting into with him. If you choose this mission, grasshopper, you must embrace the good, the bad, and the infuriating. And so must he. You may have to face some difficult choices, to be brutally honest with yourself. Although it’s hard at first, we do believe that the truth sets you free. 

Are you doing the wrong thing with the right guy?

Love and commitment mean something different to each specific sign. In practical terms, what turns on a Pisces ain’t gonna rev up a Virgo’s engine. But since your Pisces ex-boyfriend loved you in heels and black fishnets, you mistakenly assume your virginal Virgo will get all hot and bothered when you slip on the stockings. (Hopefully, you’ve at least bought a new pair. Virgos are clean freaks!) Instead, he runs for the hills.

Or, you read in Cosmopolitan that “stripper chic” is the latest seduction craze, so you take one of those pole-dancing classes that’s all the rage at your gym. Your Gemini man loves it and enjoys a few encores before he disappears. But when, months later, you stage the routine for your new Taurus guy, the curtain falls faster than you can say “lap dance.” 

Maybe you’re doing the right thing…but with the wrong guy.

Not sure? We are. We’ve been studying the secrets of every sign for years. And our advice has gotten actual results. We’ve helped friends get married, gently steered others to better matches, gotten the drama queens to actually communicate with their partners (for the record, yelling, sobbing and making life-or-death demands do not count as communication). 

See, once you learn the basics—what to expect and not expect from a particular sign—you’re free to make choices in your own best interest. There’s nothing more relieving than to discover that you’re not defective…you’re just applying the wrong techniques to someone who could very well be the right person. Or that your nagging suspicion is true: you’ve been casting your pearls before swine, and it’s time to move on to a better match.

So astrology can help…really?

So maybe you’re saying, “Oh come on. You really expect me to take astrology this seriously?” To that we answer: Read it and decide for yourself. Even if your skepticism remains firmly intact, it never hurts to have an extra tool in your pocket. 

We want you to know that regardless of your romantic path, you DO have other choices—of how to react, whom to date, what to tolerate, and how to deal with whatever baggage this particular man brings. Our wish for you? That you have everything you imagined love could bring, in an even better package than you thought possible. Knowledge is power, so go magnetize the perfect man for you. Who knows…he could already be there, just waiting for you to recognize what he’s known all along.

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