Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

Ready for an abundance breakthrough…or just to make more money? January begins with a powerful focus on your funds. The Sun is making its annual visit to Capricorn and your second house of work and finances until January 20, boosting your bottom line. This year it’s joined by expressive Mercury, adventurous Jupiter (your ruler), responsible Saturn and transformational Pluto—all in Capricorn. You’ll be thinking and talking about and magnetizing prosperous new ideas.
Is it time to make a serious change in your spending and saving habits or to reinvent your long-term financial strategy? The stars serve up major mojo this January, from a lunar eclipse to a cosmic meetup that hasn’t happened since 1518! There will be no avoiding the topic of moolah, so might as well dive into it!

2020 Horoscopes by The AstroTwins

On January 12, a historic alignment of Saturn and Pluto—one that’s had the astrology world abuzz—takes place in Capricorn. Underworld ruler Pluto reigns over the hidden realm and governs all things that simmer below the surface. Pluto’s been in Capricorn since 2008, slowly but seismically transforming the way you work and earn a living. Saturn, on the other hand, rules the tangible world. As the two come together, something that’s been developing in the dark could break the surface and become real or visible. With the proud Sun and expressive Mercury both pinging Saturn and Pluto mid-month, your TRUE message could resonate much further than you even imagined.
While the Saturn-Pluto conjunction can certainly bring exciting news—a passion project finally gets recognized, a new position materializes—both planets are associated with karma. Anything that no longer serves your highest good may get swept away now as well. If there’s a job or income source that’s not in sync with your soul, the Saturn-Pluto team-up may just remove it. Resistance is futile, so let it go and make space for what you do best. But prepare to get a glimpse of how you may get in your own way, blocking abundance by stubbornly repeating old patterns.
The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will reveal your blind spots—in harsh and unflattering lighting. Ouch! But hey, sometimes that’s the only way that your sign will snap out of magical thinking (or melodramatic catastrophizing) and get real. Sagittarians do EVERYTHING big and bold, including your moods. When you get looped into a scarcity mindset, the whole world can go dark, and when you’re excited, it lights up like Times Square. This rare transit is here to bring balance and moderation and to steer you onto a more consistent path.
Two days prior—on January 10—the decade’s first lunar (full moon) eclipse arrives. In the sign of Cancer, it will activate your eighth house of joint ventures, wealth and intimacy. From financial to emotional to sexual entanglements, this illuminating eclipse could bring major shifts. You may suddenly begin a relationship that’s more committed than you’ve ever experienced—or meet someone with whom you share a soulmate connection. Other Archers could end a long-term bond, perhaps abruptly. Have you gone as far as you can with a romantic or business partnership? Or is it time to make some major changes to this arrangement?
Whatever comes up at the lunar eclipse could shape the future of this bond. Maybe you’ll entirely transform this relationship by leaning in to the heartfelt Cancerian energy and pouring out your feelings. Try not to draw any “stay or go” conclusions until you’ve truly cleared the air. Who knows? You may completely reinvent your bond once you let the authenticity flow.
In some ways, this is no surprise because this full moon is one of the last in an eclipse series that’s rippled across the Cancer/Capricorn axis since July 2018, shifting your confidence and your cash flow. You may have radically changed the way you spend, save, earn and do business. Perhaps you made a few bold investments or received funding for one of your ventures. In your personal life, these eclipses may have called in a twin flame or transformed your most intimate ties.
At the January 10 eclipse, an opportunity to invest or attract major wealth could ignite out of the blue, so keep your eyes (and your wallet) open. This eclipse could bring a real estate opportunity, a joint business deal or perhaps funding for one of your grand Sagittarius ideas. You may also get the not-so-subtle nudge to deal with debt, taxes, a legal matter or an outstanding payment that’s been hanging over your head. Instead of ignoring it, summon the courage to face this matter head-on.
Also on January 10, changemaker Uranus ends a retrograde that began on August 12, 2018, in Taurus and your sixth house of health and organization. The side-spinning planet has been powered down here for the past few months, stalling some of your fitness goals and driving up stress. Self-care has become more essential than ever, but finding the time for it’s been a different story. As Uranus zooms into direct (forward) motion, you’ll rediscover the mojo to slip on those sneakers and moisture-wicking tanks—and get yourself to the nearest fitness studio. Prepare for profound peace and relief, whether that’s on a Pilates reformer, in the weight room or taking a brisk hike in nature. Bring on the green, clean and lean!
On January 20, the Sun shifts into Aquarius and activates your third house of communication. Over the next four weeks, your mind sharpens, and you’re bubbling with creative ideas. This is a lighter energy, when you’re more open to dialogue and willing to hear the other person out. New kindred spirits pop up, and you’re eager to get out, mingle and spread a message.
Avoid any heavy-duty talks on January 23 because the Sun will lock into its semiannual square with volatile Uranus, which is in your analytical sixth house. This could drive up a critical streak, making you especially hard on people (and yourself). Fuses are short, and tempers flare, not exactly peak conditions for negotiating. Trying to make a decision? Good luck. You can easily work yourself into a state of “analysis paralysis.”
Hold your thoughts (and words) until after January 24, when 2020’s first new moon lands in Aquarius and sparks up your third house of communication and community. Now you can start the talks or begin to explore a synergistic connection that could grow into a thriving alliance in the coming six months.
Today also kicks off the Lunar New Year, when we welcome the industrious Metal Rat. As if you weren’t busy enough, the energy turns even more strategic and focused for the next 12 months. The Rat is associated with the Western sign of Sagittarius, making this an especially prosperous time. Roll up your sleeves and get started, one measured step at a time.

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