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April 2020 Scorpio Overview Horoscope

Peleton, YogaGlo, home facials anyone? Self-care could be your saving grace for the first three weeks of April. As the world is ordered to socially distance, the Sun is blazing through Aries and your sixth house of fitness, organization and helpful people until April 19. No, you probably can’t get to your favorite gym or bodyworker now. But leaning in to a few lunges and burpees at home could help your sensitive sign stay centered through unsettling times. The key now is to stay busy—by any means possible. Tackle a detailed project, and you’ll have an instant outlet for the stress that builds up. Decluttering and revamping your space (or whatever area you can claim as your own) can keep your mind from wandering into those anxious corners.
But that doesn’t mean your brain won’t be busy! On April 4, philosophical Jupiter makes its first of this year’s three rare conjunctions (meetups) with deep-digging Pluto, your ruling planet, a transit that only happens every 13 years. Jupiter and Pluto will connect in Capricorn, activating your third house of communication and intellect today (then again on June 30 and November 12).
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Candid Jupiter and secretive Pluto are on opposite ends of the spectrum, so when they align, you could find yourself spilling secrets that you’ve kept inside forever or spouting brilliant ideas you didn’t even realize were in you. There’s a potential to transform your mindset here, shucking limiting beliefs and outmoded opinions—perhaps even moving past a fear-based behavior that’s dogged you for ages. Scorpios are some of the most nurturing and caring people but can come across as intimidating without realizing it. If your ironclad mask of self-protection has scared others off, lower the drawbridge today. Show some vulnerability instead of guarding yourself with sarcasm or aloofness. You’ll win someone’s trust by being less opaque and more upfront—worth the risk if you ask us!
A perfect day to let down your walls arrives on April 7, when the annual Libra full moon illuminates your twelfth house of closure, healing and surrender. Your already-sharp intuition could be at an all-time high. Because full moons can signify endings and transitions, it’s an ideal time to release any struggles to the divine and let that chaos go.
Protect your health under these foggy skies—and get extra rest because you may be incredibly tired with the full moon in your sleepy twelfth house. On the flip side, you could be up all night downloading hits of creative inspiration: Capture the fountain of brilliance while it’s running! Dreams could be prophetic, so keep a journal by your bed. As a nurturing water sign, you can get so caught up in caretaking that you forget to look out for yourself. Use this lunar light to focus on your own wellbeing, perhaps even setting up a mini “retreat center” or spa in whatever corner of your home you can lay claim to.  
Caution: You may have to scrap for that space because on April 7, hotheaded Mars in your home and family zone will lock into a tense square with volatile Uranus in your relationship sector. Everyone could feel cooped-up and cranky, and with an irascible Mars-Uranus square, knee-jerk reactions will be hard to prevent. Careful not to sling any of your famous Scorpio barbs. One low blow could trigger an epic shouting match!
Midmonth, the Aries Sun locks into two tense squares with powermonger Pluto (on April 14) and outspoken Jupiter (April 15), both in Capricorn and your communication house. The Sun can drive up our egos, and these two dicey days could find you playing the know-it-all—at your own peril. As Pluto clashes with the Sun in your hyper-analytical sixth house, you could fixate on an issue, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Obsessing will only dig you deeper, and your strong tunnel vision could skew the optics of a situation.
Scorpio, you might only be seeing one side of this story (um, yours?). Be willing to suspend your opinion, even if you end up being right. Make a point of hearing people out, especially when the arrogant Sun-Jupiter square fills everyone with bluster and bravado. Can’t get past that? Table discussions for a few days.
When the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Taurus on April 19, harmony and compromise arrive. Your focus shifts to partnerships, and you’ll be much better equipped to restore balance to your bonds. The April 22 Taurus new moon kicks off a fresh six-month chapter in your relationships. Whether or not you can be together in person, there’s a great opportunity to clear the air, get on the same page or start a collaboration virtually. Someone could make an offer near this date—and you should definitely consider it! But no need to rush, Scorpio. Make sure you gather all the information before signing on the dotted line. Coupled Scorpios who’ve been squabbling will get a lunar lift from this diplomatic new moon. Time to leave the past behind you and start fresh! 
It will be a welcome shift from the day before because on April 21, the Sun in your relationship zone is feuding with structured Saturn in your home and family zone. Yet again, you may need to set firm boundaries with loved ones who share your space. Or you may be feeling lonely and isolated, separated from the people you care about most. Even if quarantines lift by this date, it could still be hard, if not impossible, to visit certain loved ones. Remember that this is only a one-day transit and that gloomy vibes WILL pass.
On April 25, deep-diving Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde, backing through Capricorn and your communication house until October 4. You might decide to press pause on certain friendships or relationships, especially ones that have devolved into power struggles. Take a step back from these dicey dynamics and examine how YOU may be unconsciously playing into them. Practice changing your reactions—for example, if you respond with defensiveness (or a Scorpio stinger) when you feel accused, try a mild or neutral “I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that. Can you clarify?” If you can’t get a handle on your emotions, try walking away instead of throwing verbal daggers you can’t take back.
The third house rules neighborhoods and local connections, and with the world under social-distance mandates at this writing, a receding Pluto could cause you to feel even more disengaged. Implement extra measures to keep yourself from feeling isolated, which can take a toll on your emotional and mental health. Even if you just have a handful of people, strengthen your inner circle. If you need to speak to a therapist or coach, book a weekly phone session.
While leaning on your friends is helpful, they are only qualified to “hold space” to a point. With everyone dealing with their own stresses, we all need to be sensitive about how much we ask. If your own superhuman reserves are being taxed by someone who’s drifting into “energy-vampire” terrain, this is your cue to politely cut that off.
Revolutionize your relationships on April 26, when the bold Sun and pioneering Uranus make their once-a-year meetup. The two luminaries will unite in Taurus and your seventh house of partnerships, prompting you to make a gutsy move. If you’ve been on the fence about a deal or a commitment, you might throw caution to the wind and leap in. Or you could abruptly call the whole thing off. The question to ponder: What will make you feel the freest? If you’ve been shouldering too much of the burden, teaming up could lighten your load. Relinquish some of that famous Scorpio control and “reclaim your time.”

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