Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

March 2020

A vibrant and social month is ahead—with a healthy dose of loving! The Sun is traveling through Pisces and your romantic fifth house until March 19, pumping up the passion. No need to wait for spring to be “official” with the stars serving up an early dose of the fever! Your creativity is also running high, making this a great time to put your talents on display. Scorpio artists and performers could attract serious buzz during Pisces season. 
With Mercury retrograde from February 16 to March 9—and in Pisces until March 4—a former flame might figure into events in the first few days of the month. While Mercury retrograde is known for causing snafus with technology, travel and communication, it also specializes in bringing resolution to the past. If you have a “one that got away” or an unrequited attraction, the first week of March could deliver the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Maybe a second chance isn’t such a bad idea?
From March 4 to 9, Mercury retrograde will slip back into Aquarius and your fourth house of home and roots. Any domestic discord or family feuding will need to be addressed head-on. Time to nip this in the bud for once and for all! If you’re moving, changing roommates or making any tweaks to your living situation, you might want to avoid this five-day window. With Mercury retrograde, it’s likely that some key details could get lost in transmission. People could be especially thin-skinned and reactive while Mercury’s retrograde, which could lead to unnecessary blowups.
Hang tight until March 9, when Mercury corrects course AND the Virgo full moon beams into your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. You’ll get a clear view of who’s adding value to the #ScorpioSquad and which alliances might need some repair work. This objective full moon will also help you step back from any overwhelming feelings and review a tense situation with the proper emotional distance. Wait until cooler heads prevail, Scorpio. A collaborative effort could also come together with a flourish now. Time to celebrate a shared victory? 
Meantime, a rare cosmic quartet is heating up your social and expressive third house all month as energizer Mars, expansive Jupiter, structured Saturn and shadowy Pluto spend time in Capricorn. Not only is the Pisces Sun prodding you onto center stage, but this confident confab helps you assertively air your opinions.
When passionate Mars and supersizer Jupiter unite on March 19, you could get seriously hyped about a big idea. Hello, brand evangelist! One of your innovative concepts might go viral today, so drop a big announcement or post a live video to get raving fans psyched about your creations. But make sure you’re not coming on SO strong that you forget to listen to people. In your excitement, you may not be able to “hear” their concerns or objections. Make an extra effort to listen.
Your co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, will make an exact meetup on March 23, a day when every word could become laden with intensity and hidden meaning. Everyone’s reading into the subtext of everything, and conversations could feel like a game of chess! Rather than getting triggered or hooked into a power struggle, stay quiet and simply observe. Since people may not be upfront about their intentions, hold back on sharing your big ideas (or have them sign a non-disclosure agreement). It might also behoove you to let others show their cards first so you can craft your own pitch accordingly. Listen and gather information before you strike!
Luckily, a little calm and order arrives starting March 19, when the Sun moves into Aries and your sixth house of wellbeing for a month. Get going on that spring cleanup—from your home to your workspace to your plate. The March 24 Aries new moon is perfect for revamping your eating and exercise plans—and for an overall streamlining of your life.  
The headline news arrives on March 21, when structured Saturn shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, its first change of zodiac signs since December 2017. For the past three years, Saturn’s been in your third house of communication and community—a relatively gentle cycle—teaching you how to express yourself directly but lovingly. You may have felt Saturn’s impact on your social life or had a few hermit moments. But if you rose to Saturn’s challenge, you may now have a tighter, brighter circle of loyal souls around you. A relationship with a sibling or close friend could have experienced a few growing pains.
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From March 21 to July 1—then again from December 17, 2020 until March 7, 2023—Saturn will visit Aquarius and your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Over the next three years, you could move, buy or sell property, or deal with a major shift in your family structure. From becoming a parent to supporting an aging relative to dealing with an empty nest, Saturn in Aquarius could bring important tests that make you wiser and stronger. If you’ve been so busy working that you’ve lapsed on self-care, Saturn in this nurturing zone will insist that you pencil in regular (and non-negotiable) times for restoration—especially important for a sensitive water sign like yours, Scorpio.
On the zodiac wheel, Aquarius is a fellow “fixed” sign, and it sits at a harsh 90-degree angle to Scorpio called a square. When Saturn squares your Sun, there can be major tests or a push to restructure your life on a fundamental level. Scorpios born in the earliest degrees of the sign (October 23-25) will feel Saturn’s brief entrance the most this year.  
At its core, this three-year phase is about emotional fortification. Saturn is here to help you establish a solid sense of self from within. When you feel safe and anchored in the world, certain of your ability to provide for yourself, this baseline of self-sufficiency will get you through almost anything. 
You may even start with a little trial by fire as energizer Mars blazes into Aquarius from March 30 to May 12 this year, making an exact meetup with Saturn on March 31. This could prompt you to rush into a major change around family or your living situation. Slow down, Scorpio! Explore your options, being cautious in your search and sticking to a firm “try before you buy” policy. For example, if you’re thinking of relocating to a new city, start by renting a hotel or Airbnb in the area and experiencing a few days there first. Do your homework and go through all the proper channels. With Saturn in command, there’s no cutting corners!

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