What Is the Chironeclipse? The April 8 Solar Eclipse Conjunct Chiron Starts the Age of Aquarius

The April 8 total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron is a decisive moment. Aquarian themes of coexistence and community are strong for this Chironeclipse. What it means and how it impacts you.

Much buzz is being made about the April 8 total solar eclipse in Aries—and with good reason! For the first time since August 21, 2017, the eclipse will be visible across an entire swath of the United States. 

Crossing the Mexican border at Eagle Pass, Texas, the solar eclipse (also a supermoon in Aries) will sweep across America and exit at 3:33 PM from Caribou, Maine. After this, the path of totality won’t cross the country again until 2044. Don those protective glasses, or you’ll have to wait another 20 years!

But that’s not the only thing that’s wild about this eclipse. In a mind-blown-emoji kinda way, the Sun, moon AND Chiron will all align at 19°24’ Aries during the total solar eclipse. In astro-speak, Chiron is cazimi (meaning at a close degree to the Sun). 

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Source: Matthew Swann, Twitter (https://twitter.com/blackswann1111)

Why does Chiron matter? The healer-warrior path

Chiron is a comet that was discovered in 1977. Known as the “wounded warrior” or the “wounded healer,” Chiron’s role in astrology is to help us transform others through the challenges we’ve grappled with ourselves. 

Symbolized by a key, Chiron, which is located between structured Saturn and changemaker Uranus, can unlock hope for humanity—if we’re willing to do the inner and outer work alchemize hardships into wisdom.

Conflict vs. Coexistence: The Chironeclipse and the Aries/Libra Eclipses 

The Spring 2024 eclipses have strong themes of war and peace, echoing Chiron’s message. On March 25, a lunar eclipse in Libra shone the light on where our world is out of balance and peace is desperately needed (hashtag: everywhere?).

Interestingly enough, the lunar nodes—karmic points in astrology linked to the eclipses—were also in Aries and Libra during Chiron’s 1977 discovery. They were in reverse positions from today, though. In November 1977, the north node was at 13° Libra and the south node at 13° Aries. 

At the 2024 Chironeclipse, the lunar north node is 15° Aries and the lunar south node is at 15° Libra, a very close degree! You could say that Chiron itself is having a nodal opposition, a moment of reckoning. No wonder we’re grappling with such divisiveness, extremes of war and peace on this planet.

The Age of Aquarius Begins with the Chironeclipse

In our 2024 Horoscope book, we declared that Pluto’s 20-year entry into Aquarius would usher in the true Age of Aquarius. The Chironeclipse (solar eclipse conjunct Chiron) is another decisive date that anchors us into this communal energy. Aquarius is a paradoxical energy: It pushes for strong individuality and freedom, but also wants us to work together (just not at the expense of our voices and truth). 

Because Aquarian themes of coexistence and community are coming in so strong during spring eclipse season, the April 8 total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron is a decisive moment.

As our resident astrologer Matthew Swann writes: “The total solar eclipse over North America on April 8, 2024 will be conclusive as it crosses Makanda, Illinois—ending the age of Pisces and ushering a new age for humanity, the Age of Aquarius, just as the solar eclipse in 33 A.D. heralded the Age of Pisces.” 

Makanda, Illinois: X Marks the Chironeclipse Spot?

Chiron’s imprint is hiding in plain sight—in a modest village called Makanda, Illinois. This town will have the rare designation of being passed over by not one but TWO total solar eclipses this century: It’s the crossroads of the August 2017 and the April 2024 eclipses paths across the USA.

But that’s not all: Makanda was a Xosa warrior, healer and prophet from South Africa whose life story reads like Chiron’s personal bio. Listen to this week’s episode of our AstroTwins Radio podcast to learn about Makanda and this ultra-rare double eclipse!

Where will the Chironeclipse impact you?

Wondering where the Chironeclipse will impact your birth chart and life specifically? Watch the limited-time replay of our webinar Total Eclipse of the Chart.

See Ophi from The AstroTwins talk about how the total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron will affect your zodiac sign, on WABC-TV New York, in the player below or at this link.

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