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Venus in Scorpio: 16 Seductive Scents for the Season of the Witch


Venus is in Scorpio and vixen vibes are in the air. Inhale…deeply. From November 7-December 1, Venus, the celestial seductress, plunges into Scorpio and puts us all under her erotic spell. The Season of the Witch has arrived!

Venus in Scorpio works a subtle kind of magic. Think: ethereal enchantment rather than obvious advances. A flash of the eyes, a brush of the hand, an aromatic breeze of perfume…just a little something to leave you wanting more!

To celebrate the sensual cycle of Venus in Scorpio, we’ve curated some of our favorite fragrances tailored especially to this sizzling starmap. And since this mysterious sign loves to peek behind the curtain, we summoned our friend Julie Wray, the passionate perfumer behind Olivine Atelier, for her aromatherapeutic advice on how to maximize “the Season of the Witch”:

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black-lace-fan-venus-in-scorpioAT: Venus is in Scorpio from November 7-December 1, a time to play with the art of seduction. Are there any scents that have known aphrodisiac qualities?

JW: Oh there are many! Cleopatra and Josephine Bonaparte relied on rose oil for its seductive properties. When you see and smell a rose it is hard not to think of pure love! In Indonesia they lay out ylang ylang flowers on the bed of a bride and groom to help get things going! Sandalwood is very relaxing and most helpful for getting into the mood for men and women. When it comes down to it though, anything that makes you feel sexy is going to be an aphrodisiac!

black-lace-fan-venus-in-scorpioAT: On a simpler note, what scents have a “fall feel” to them? Are there particular notes that fit the cooling temperatures?

JW: Yes! There are definitely scents that have that warm, cozy sweater personality to them. Vetiver, vanilla and musky scents play really well in the fall. It’s also nice to add something bright to the mix like bergamot and citrus so things don’t get too serious.


Above: Julie Wray and the top fall fragrances from her Olivine Atelier line: Amongst The Waves, Oxley, and our favorite, More Than The Stars. All are available as Eau de Parfum, perfume oil, and body lotion.

black-lace-fan-venus-in-scorpioAT: You’ve been creating perfumes for over 20 years now. What thrills you most about creating fragrances for a living?

JW: Scent is a game changer. We all are affected emotionally by scent whether we like it or not. When a woman finds a fragrance that makes her feel sensual or playful it is a total win. We all know that when we feel sensual we are sensual. When we feel joy we have an inner light that shines out into the world. The thought that I could be part of that process for a woman is mind blowingly awesome to me!

black-lace-fan-venus-in-scorpio AT: You’re teaching a Natural Perfumery 101 course now to show people how to create their own scents. Tell us a little more about that.

JW: I love my Natural Perfumery 101 Course! I teach women how to tell the difference between natural and synthetic fragrances (You might be surprised what you’re getting duped by!) and how to quickly and easily create blends that are 100% natural. I like simple, so I made it simple. My dream is to empower as many women as possible to create their own perfumes and products that make them feel exquisite. (More here on Julie’s course!)

And here are 13 more fateful fragrances for Venus in Scorpio season. These seductive scents were designed to create chemistry. Purrrrr….

Dior Poison Venus In Scorpio
Poison is like the spellbinding sting of a Scorpion’s tail

Chanel Allure Venus In Scorpio
Allure Sensuelle is modern and magnetic


Le Labo Santal 33 Venus In Scorpio
Le Labo 
Santal 33 smolders with spicy cardamom, wood and leather notes


Strange Invisible Venus In Scorpio
Strange Invisible 
Scorpio is blended to capture this zodiac sign’s essence


YSL Black Opium Venus In Scorpio
 Black Opium Eau de Parfum will make your lover addicted to you


Celebrities with Venus in Scorpio

Celebs born with natal Venus in Scorpio show that seduction has range: Edgy rapper-actress Eve (left), rock-n-roll badass Patti Smith (center), silver screen siren Ava Gardner (right), and pictured above, Game of Thrones dragon-matriarch Emilia Clarke.

Viktor Rolf Venus In Scorpio
Viktor & Rolf 
Bonbon seduces like a sweet, sultry confection


Tom Ford Black Orchid Venus In Scorpio
Tom Ford
 Black Orchid A spicy floral to tuck behind your ear


Bleecker Street Perfume Venus In Scorpio
Bond St 
Bleecker St was bottled to be an aphrodisiac with cinnamon and cassis notes


Hermes Venus In Scorpio
 Ambre Narguile Tobacco, amber, honey and spices…this is like a trip to the East

My Burberry Black Venus In Scorpio
 My Burberry Black Amber patchouli and jasmine for a stormy (and steamy) fall day


Frederic Malle Venus In Scorpio
Frederic Malle
 Portrait of a Lady Rose and patchouli merge for magnetism

Marc Jacobs Venus In Scorpio
Marc Jacobs
 Divine Decadence The snakeskin cap says it all


Dolce Gabbana Intense Venus In Scorpio
Dolce & Gabbana
 Intense Just like Venus in Scorpio, with notes of neroli, tuberose and musk

Additional research and trend forecasting by Rebecca Rorrer

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