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Plan it by the planets

2023 Astrology

Guided advice for your entire year! Explore major planet transits, moon phases, retrogrades, and much more!

2023 Astrology & Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

2023 yearly horoscope by the astrotwins

2023 Astrology Predictions for All 12 Zodiac Signs

A 2023 astrology prediction for each zodiac sign, in plain English, for all levels of astrology users. Learn what’s in store for your sign this year.

2023 astrology forecast of all planet transits

How the 2023 planets will shape your life, love and money this year

A complete overview of inner and outer planet transits and how they affect us on a personal and global level. Plan by the planets!

2023: The Year of “What If…?”

“What If…?” invites us to stretch potential without ignoring the fires burning. An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2023 Horoscope book.

The AstroTwins 2023 Horoscope

Get your 2023 astrology forecast for every zodiac sign in The AstroTwins 2023 Horoscope book!
the astrotwins 2023 horoscope guide inside the big book of predictions
2023 themes by zodiac sign

What Your Sign Can Look Forward To In 2023 & What To Leave Behind (Bye, 2022!)

Let us help you release 2022’s astrological baggage and turn your attention to your theme for 2023, by zodiac sign.

All the 2023 New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses & Nodes

The moon depicts the emotional forecast for your horoscope. The moon shows what you need in order to feel “at home” in the world and in your relationships. Here’s everything you need to know about the moon phases in 2023 astrology.

all the 2023 full moons

All the 2023 Full Moons

Full moons are astrology’s brightest moments, monthly events ideal for manifesting, making transitions and bringing plans to fruition. How to plan for all the full moons in 2023.

all the 2023 new moons

All the 2023 New Moons

New moons are astrology’s cosmic reset button (like a lunar reboot). About once a month, a new moon arrives to help us make a fresh start. A guide to all the new moons in 2023.

all the 2023 eclipses solar and lunar

All the Eclipses in 2023

All about the year’s solar and lunar eclipses, what zodiac signs they’re in & what each eclipse means for you. Plus: a table of eclipse dates table through the 2020s!

2023 lunar nodes astrology

2023 Lunar Nodes Astrology

In astrology, life purpose is encoded in the North Node and South Node of the moon. In 2023, the nodes switch zodiac signs. Learn about it and read your nodes cycle horoscope!

All the Planet Retrogrades in 2023

When a planet passes the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, it’s said to go retrograde, creating the illusion that it’s spinning backward. You’ve probably heard of Mercury retrograde, but did you know that all planets have a retrograde cycle? Here’s what that each planet retrograde means for you in our 2023 astrology forecasts, how to track these planetary “power outages” and tap into these secret windows of opportunity.

2023 mercury retrogrades

All the 2023 Mercury Retrogrades

Mark your calendars! We have dates for all the 2023 Mercury retrogrades. Plus: secrets for living glitch-free during these unavoidable cycles (there are four Mercury retrogrades in 2023!)

2023 planet retrogrades

All the 2023 Planet Retrogrades

Retrogrades happen. Yes, every single year. But don’t get caught unprepared by these planetary power outages. Here are all the 2023 planet retrogrades to help you plan ahead.

is mercury in retrograde right now?

Is Mercury in Retrograde Right Now?

Find out the answer to: Is Mercury in retrograde right now? Learn what it means if the answer is Yes or No! See the Mercury retrograde dates.

2023 Chinese Astrology & Numerology

2023 astrology is also shaped by the prevailing energy of the Universal Year in Numerology and the Chinese zodiac lunar year cycle.

7 universal year forecast for 2023

2023 Numerology: The 7 Universal Year

The energy of the 7 is all about diving inward. Its focus is on spiritual and personal growth and evolution. This is a vital year to take a collective pause as we prepare for a massive reset. Learn about it in our forecast!

year of the rabbit lunar year forecast 2023

The Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit

Calling all cuddlebunnies: The affectionate Rabbit loves to cuddle and bond. This is the year to wrap our arms around each other…literally! Learn all about the Year of the Water Rabbit in Chinese astrology.

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