2023 Astrology Forecast: How the Planets Shape Your Life, Love and Money This Year

Your 2023 astrology forecast from The AstroTwins can help you “plan it by the planets” so you won’t miss a single important date!

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This 2023 astrology forecast covers the major planetary movements that will affect our day-to-day lives.

Our year 2023 predictions are described in detail in our annual Horoscope Guide, with a comprehensive forecast for all 12 zodiac signs!

2023 Astrological events

Perhaps the most profound astrological event of 2023 arrives on March 23, when Pluto, the cosmic ruler of death and rebirth changes zodiac signs for the first time since 2008. For the next two years, Pluto weaves back and forth between iron-fisted, hierarchical Capricorn and innovative, community-focused Aquarius, ready to shake up one system after another.

That’s part of the reason we’ve dubbed 2023 The Year of “What If…?” Possibilities are endless for technology and society, but where do our outer limits lie? Much like ancient Egypt, the theme of our cover, civilization has outpaced everything…except Mother Earth. Can we continue to advance without destroying our precious planet? In The AstroTwins’ 2023 Horoscope, we talk about it all!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves… We’ll go in order of which the planets appear from our vantage point on Earth (Pluto, you will have to wait!)

We’ll begin your 2023 astrology forecast with the personal-focused inner planets and move to the outer planets, which shape broader, societal trends.

We’ll also cover the lunar nodes, which guide our destiny and collective karma.

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Inner planets

The inner planets move quickly through the zodiac. As a result, they affect your day-to-day life, moods and habits. And you’ll notice the Sun and moon are included among the planets in astrology.

The inner planets:

Outer planets

The outer planets move slowly, changing signs every 1-15 years. As a result, they shape the bigger trends in your life. (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto orbit the Sun so slowly that they’re said to direct entire generations!)

The outer planets:

Lunar Nodes

The lunar nodes aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points that fall in two opposite zodiac signs. They’re determined by the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic—the apparent path the Sun makes around the Earth. (We say “apparent” because, in reality, the Earth is revolving around the Sun…but from our vantage point on the planet, it appears that the Sun is moving.)

The nodes change signs every 18 to 19 months. Unlike the planets, they move backward through the zodiac, underscoring the idea that transformation is as much about reflecting and “unlearning” as it is about chasing new discoveries.

The Sun: 2023 Astrology forecast

The Sun doesn’t actually orbit anywhere at all. But astrology is geocentric, meaning it’s calculated from our vantage point down here on Earth. From that perspective, the Sun does appear to travel like the other planets. Every 30 days or so, el Sol moves into a new zodiac sign, kicking off a new zodiac “season.” This prevailing energy colors the world for all of us.

When the Sun passes through the zodiac signs in 2023

Times are Eastern U.S. time zone

  • Aquarius: January 20 (3:30 AM)
  • Pisces: February 18 (5:34 PM)
  • Aries: March 20 (5:24 PM) Spring Equinox
  • Taurus: April 20 (4:14 AM)
  • Gemini: May 21 (3:09 AM)
  • Cancer: June 21 (10:58 AM) Summer Solstice
  • Leo: July 22 (9:50 PM)
  • Virgo: August 23 (5:01 AM)
  • Libra: September 23 (2:50 AM) Autumn Equinox
  • Scorpio: October 23 (12:21 PM)
  • Sagittarius: November 22 (9:03 AM)
  • Capricorn: December 21 (10:27 PM) Winter Solstice

2023’s Luckiest Day: The April 11 “Day of Miracles”

On April 11 there is an annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction. In recent years, astrologers have referred to this cosmic event as The Day of Miracles because both celestial bodies beam with such bright promise, our optimism alone can attract abundance!

In 2023, the Sun and Jupiter meet up in fierce, fiery, trailblazing Aries. No matter what your sign is, lean into some of that Aries entitlement. Hey, this sign knows they deserve the best! And if you believe you do, too, this could be the day that you manifest it!

2023’s Hardest Day: The February 16 “Day of Challenges”

The life-giving Sun joins up with sobering Saturn in a once-yearly meeting of the minds. This is a day when diligent efforts could finally pay off or attract the hard-earned respect of an industry leader. Give credit where it’s due, then accept kudos with grace.

As the ringed taskmaster merges with el Sol, your buoyant hopes and optimistic plans could get a harsh reality check. Watch for heavy moods under this annual “downer day.” Instead of getting discouraged, go back to the drawing board, mutter some chants- or prayers-of-choice (or just take a deep breath), and put a solid plan in place.

The Moon: 2023 Astrology forecast

The moon in astrology represents things like our deepest feelings, secret desires, and the security blankets that we reach for to comfort ourselves.

Each month, we complete a multi-phase moon cycle, as la luna disappears into the darkness of the new moon, then swells into a full moon two weeks later. During the weeks in between, there are quarter moons. While the moon doesn’t “go retrograde” like Mercury or the other planets, these waxing and waning spells are just as important to track for planning each month.

For your 2023 astrology forecast: There are four eclipses, occurring as two solar (new moon) eclipses and two lunar (full moon) eclipses.

New moons in 2023

On January 21, the first new moon of 2023 arrives in eclectic, eccentric Aquarius. This is a huge contrast to years that begin with industrious, traditional Capricorn, which is the only other zodiac sign that can kickstart the year’s new moon cycle. Everything “certain” is up for examination with this new moon. Highlight these days on your calendar for setting intentions and starting fresh!

When the new moon passes through the zodiac signs in 2023

Times are Eastern U.S. time zone

  • January 21 (3:53 PM) in Aquarius
  • February 20 (2:06 AM) in Pisces
  • March 21 (1:22 PM) in Aries (first of two in 2023)
  • April 20 (12:12 AM) in Aries (second of two in 2023 and a solar eclipse)
  • May 19 (11:53 AM) in Taurus
  • June 18 (12:36 AM) in Gemini
  • July 17 (2:31 PM) in Cancer
  • August 16 (5:38 AM) in Leo
  • September 14 (9:39 PM) in Virgo
  • October 14 (1:55 PM) in Libra (also a solar eclipse)
  • November 13 (4:27 AM) in Scorpio
  • December 12 (6:32 PM) in Sagittarius

Read about all the new moons in 2023 here

Full moons in 2023

During a full moon, you reap the seeds that were sown six months prior during the corresponding new moon. These cosmic manifestation moments can be cause for celebration or major eye-openers.

When the full moon passes through the zodiac signs in 2023

  • January 6 (6:07 PM) in Cancer (first of two in 2023)
  • February 5 (1:28 PM) in Leo
  • March 7 (7:40 AM) in Virgo
  • April 6 (12:34 AM) in Libra
  • May 5 (1:33 PM) in Scorpio (also a lunar eclipse)
  • June 3 (11:41 PM) in Sagittarius
  • July 3 (7:38 AM) in Capricorn
  • August 1 (2:31 PM) in Aquarius
  • August 30 (9:36 PM) in Pisces
  • September 29 (5:58 AM) in Aries
  • October 28 (4:24 PM) in Taurus (also a lunar eclipse)
  • November 27 (4:16 AM) in Gemini
  • December 26 (7:33 PM) in Cancer (second of two in 2023)

Read about all the full moons in 2023 here

Mercury: 2023 Astrology forecast

Mercury is the ruler of information, communication and our intellectual processes. The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury orbits through each zodiac sign for approximately three weeks. These cycles shape our cultural interests. From the topics we buzz about to the ways we communicate, whatever sign Mercury is occupying plays a role.

Each year, Mercury turns retrograde for three cycles, appearing to travel backward through the zodiac. During these reverse commutes, it lingers in one or two signs for approximately 10 weeks. While the scrambled signals can be agonizing, we have a chance to dive into deeper discourse. People from the past may reappear, like old friends, estranged relatives and exes with unfinished business.

Mercury retrogrades in 2023

Mercury begins and ends 2023 in retrograde, bookending the holidays with its notorious signal-scrambling effects.

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn dates: December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023

In the first Mercury retrograde of the year (that began on December 29, 2022), we attempt to set New Year’s resolutions while the cosmic trickster reminds us of the old adage, “Man plans, god laughs.” (For this reason, we recommend waiting until the January 21 new moon to set yearly intentions in 2023!) This Mercury retrograde is in Capricorn and lasts until to January 18.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus dates: April 21 to May 14

Mercury reverse commutes through money-minded Taurus from April 21 to May 14. The economy could go through another spin cycle as interest rates and prices fluctuate along with the availability of labor. Don’t count your cryptocurrency before it’s hatched!

Mercury retrograde in Virgo dates: August 23 to September 15

Mercury retrograde in Virgo is a good time to review your day-to-day systems and protect your important data. Cutting corners could have detrimental effects. Take your time to do everything by the books!

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius dates: December 13 to January 1, 2024

The final retrograde of the year arrives like an unwelcome Grinch at the holiday festivities. On December 13, the messenger planet U-turns in Capricorn for the second time in 2023, turning traditions on their ear.

Then, on December 23, Mercury backs up one spot in the zodiac, rounding out its retrograde in unfiltered Sagittarius before correcting course on New Year’s Day 2024. Not only is this a warning to avoid triggering relatives, but, since Sagittarius is the ruler of travel, expect disruptions to your journeys.

Venus: 2023 Astrology forecast

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and luxury, lending its decadent energy to every zodiac sign for three to five weeks each year. Who will we fall for…and how?

Venus begins 2023 in Capricorn but switches to Aquarius on January 2, quickly turning the tide in a frisky, experimental direction. This could be the year that you rewrite the rules on relationships with a progressive flourish that suits 2023 you.

Happy news for all the die-hard romantics out there. The love planet will linger in Leo for an extra-long time—from June 5 to October 8! That’s four times longer than Venus’ usual visit to a sign. Spring fever could spill over into the most passionate summer lovin’ anyone has felt in years!

Caveat: The reason for this protracted Venus in Leo transit is the dreaded R-word. From July 22 to September 3, Venus will be retrograde, a cycle that comes around every 18 months.

Venus retrograde 2023

Venus retrograde in Leo dates: July 22 to September 3

Love could imitate art while Venus retrogrades through Leo from July 22 to September 3—but this may not be a “midsummer night’s dream.” In the sign of the fiery, dramatic lion, affairs of the heart could feel more like an immersive theater performance.

Enjoy the dopamine rush of attraction but wait until Venus corrects course on September 3 before doing any future planning. You’d be wise to get everything out on the table before July 22. It helps that Venus lingers in Leo until October 8, giving everyone a chance to process the retrograde’s grueling lessons.

Got wedding plans during Venus retrograde?

No need to call off the caterers and elope to Vegas. But it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in one extra therapy session before the nuptials, just to be sure you’ve worked out all those final knots and fears. We recommend a vow renewal on your first anniversary. Thankfully, Venus will NOT be retrograde a year after your wedding since its backspins only take place every 18 months!

Mars: 2023 Astrology forecast

Mars is the last of the personal inner planets—the planets before Jupiter which are closest to the Sun. This might explain its protective, and sometimes combative, stance. Like a celestial sentry, Mars readies us to fight for what we hold dear. The red planet hangs out in a zodiac sign for approximately eight weeks, directing the global temperament and fighting style.

Mars pivots retrograde every couple years, which prolongs its passage through a particular area of the zodiac. Often, these backspins keep the red planet locked and loaded in one sign for seven months—rather than the usual seven weeks. Mars will be in reverse briefly, until January 12, 2023, finishing out a retrograde in Gemini began on October 30, 2022.

When Mars resumes direct motion, we get a chance to decipher fact from fiction. Dig your way through the data and figure out who deserves forgiveness (and to whom you need to extend an apology)? That could take a minute. Fortunately, Mars hovers in Gemini until March 25, setting the stage for healing, but direct, communication.

Lunar Nodes: 2023 Astrology forecast

What’s the next step in the evolution of the human race? What patterns must we break to collectively heal? The lunar nodes hold the keys to our destiny and ultimate life lessons. In astrology, life purpose is encoded in the North Node and South Node of the moon.

The North Node represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn—or the “language” we are learning to speak.

The South Node reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.

Your 2023 astrology forecast accounts for the lunar nodes splitting their time between two pairs of signs.

Lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio

The year begins with the destiny-driven North Node in Taurus and the soul-searching South Node in Scorpio, putting the emphasis on the labor market, the economy and reproductive rights. This is the final third of the Taurus-Scorpio lunar node cycle that began on January 18, 2022.

On July 17, the North Node slips back into autonomous Aries while the South Node calls partnership-powered Libra its home.

Relationships plunge into a new evolutionary cycle as we work to balance our desire for autonomy with the necessity of interdependence. Aries is the sign of war while Libra rules peace. Can we fight the good fight without destroying each other in the process? This 18-month cycle is sure to bring some collective awakenings around personal power—and the power of love.

When the lunar North Node positions itself in Aries on July 17, we can expect lots of groundbreaking and trailblazing innovations to arrive. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and originality ranks high as a “must-have” quality under the Ram’s watch.

The Aries-Libra lunar nodes cycle lasts until January 11, 2025.

Read more about the Lunar nodes in 2023 here

Jupiter: 2023 Astrology forecast

Jupiter is the galactic gambler, global nomad and eternal seeker.

Jupiter’s job is to push us out of our comfort zones—even if that means leaping before we look! If at first we don’t succeed, Jupiter wants us to try again.

Higher learning and philosophy fall under its reign. Issues of global importance are also spotlighted under Jupiter’s watch and often dominate the headline news.

In 2023, Jupiter splits time between a pair of zodiac signs. It begins the year in high-octane, self-serving Aries, a cycle that kicks off on December 20, 2022. On May 16, 2023, Jupiter heads into slow-jamming, tactile Taurus where it remains until May 25, 2024.

Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus from September 4 to December 30.

Jupiter in Aries 2023

Until May 16, Jupiter in Aries provides momentum for new initiatives. (From May 10 to October 28, 2022, Jupiter charged through Aries, creating a fiery worldwide climate that brought an economy-toppling war and some of the bravest fighters in recent history).

Jupiter in innovative Aries is a time for limitless possibilities. Take those “wouldn’t it be crazy if…” ideas for a test run. Let things get messy. That’s how many great discoveries are made!

Jupiter in Taurus 2023

When Jupiter heads into Taurus on May 16, it cools its jets. This cautiously optimistic cycle, which lasts until May 25, 2024, calls for measured, sustainable growth and longevity.

Jupiter is the galactic gambler: Some of the biggest fortunes were made while this planet passed through Taurus. What might get tricky after May 16: Knowing the difference between a “calculated risk” and a straight-up gamble. While Jupiter in Taurus is sure to make some folks rich, it could also bring more crushing losses and a not-altogether-unfounded fear of investing in general.

If financial lulls are good for anything, perhaps it’s a reminder that the best things in life are free. As Jupiter free-ranges through romantic, artistic Taurus, it might just spark a renaissance. If you’re inspired to make art, break out the paints and easel. And by the way, making NFTs could still be a worthy pursuit. Although 2022 was hardly a heyday for the medium, once Jupiter heads back into Taurus on May 16, there could be a new wave of interest.

Jupiter retrograde 2023, in Taurus

Jupiter turns retrograde annually for four months. In 2023, the backspin takes place from September 4 to December 30, in Taurus the entire time.

As exciting as Jupiter’s developments are, they can also be exhausting! The retrograde timeouts may come as a blessed relief, giving us a window to integrate all the rapid changes the fastest-spinning planet has us striving to achieve.

Saturn: 2023 Astrology forecast

As a slower-moving outer planet, Saturn shapes longer trends. The ringed planet lurks in a single zodiac sign for 2.5 to 3 years and orbits through the entire zodiac in 29.5 years.

Taskmaster Saturn applauds perseverance and shines a light on where you need to keep on pushing.

Saturn continues its tour through communal Aquarius for the first nine weeks of 2023.

On March 7, Saturn begins a three-year cycle in Pisces, melting realities, until February 13, 2026.

We already have the technology to create this mind-boggling effect, thanks to Saturn’s three-year pass through Aquarius. But will we use these developments for the good of humanity? That remains to be seen as the ringed taskmaster paddles into Piscean seas for the first time since May 21, 1993 to April 7, 1996.

2023 predictions and themes

The influences of Saturn in Aquarius and Pisces

-Once Saturn heads into Pisces on March 7, our digital overlords (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, etc.) may not receive the same level of planetary protection as they did when the galactic guru was logged in to Aquarius.

-With pious Saturn in reverent Pisces, we are predicting a schism. Religious rule makers from age-old traditions will strengthen their hold in power.

-As we step into 2023, the clock seems to be turning back on many human rights as autocratic forces grow in power. Other planets transiting through Pisces might allow us to bury our heads in the sand, but not Saturn. Will we make the same sacrifices for our beliefs over the coming three years? If Saturn in Pisces has a say in it, yes.

-With Saturn heading out of anti-establishmentarian Aquarius and into Pisces, a sign with a slippery grasp on reality, we need to be extremely mindful of both fringe groups and dominating leaders that seem to be touting the next world-changing ideal.

Turning the tide on environmental damage could be more than a distant dream. Conservation is one of infrastructure-builder Saturn’s favorite words. We’ll continue to hold out for hope that Saturn in Pisces can engineer a water-saving plan that hasn’t yet been considered. If Saturn in Aquarius could send civilians to suborbital space…well, why not?

-Will life in the metaverse become the new normal?

-Saturn’s tours through reality-bending Pisces have brought both legislation and developments in the world of drugs. Will this trend continue? Saturn in Pisces has converged with groundbreaking developments in medicine in the past: the origins of the vaccine for tuberculosis began during this transit in 1906!

Saturn retrograde 2023, in Pisces

Saturn turns retrograde annually for about four and a half months. In 2023, the Saturn retrograde in Pisces dates are June 17 to November 4.

Saturn retrograde can stall progress and shuttle you back to the drawing board. This ensures you develop plans on a stable foundation and with proper levels of integrity. While Saturn’s in reverse, relying on empirical data is more important than ever. Knowing where boundaries lie is equally essential, and you could learn some tough lessons by dropping your guard during a retrograde. Read the directions and don the safety gear—before you make a move!

Uranus: 2023 Astrology forecast

Uranus takes 84 years to cycle through the zodiac. It visits each sign for about seven years. Because of its longer span, it’s considered a generational planet; it shapes the mindset of an entire age group.

Since Uranus governs society and collective consciousness; its transits shape mass culture.

Uranus in Taurus 2023, the “halfway” mark

On May 15, 2018, Uranus moved from firebrand Aries into conservative Taurus, for the first time since 1942. Unconventional Uranus pushes for radical evolution and progress, while nostalgic Taurus upholds time-tested traditions, resisting change at every turn. Definitely a mismatch!

While Uranus is future-driven, Taurus is recalcitrant and conservative. According to the principle of essential dignities in astrology, Uranus is in “fall” in Taurus—a weakened position since the energies are an awkward pairing. It’s a simple energetic mismatch: Uranus governs the future while Taurus clings to the past.

In 2023, we’ve made it past the halfway point of Uranus’ current journey through Taurus and now have a clear-eyed view of its impact on the world.

Until 2026, we are tasked with resolving this planetary paradox: Can we create much-needed progress without erasing timeless traditions that still hold value and utility?

Uranus-Sun conjunction 2023

For your 2023 astrology forecast, Uranus is not making any out-of-the-ordinary connections to other planets, which merits a sigh of relief. One day to circle, though, is May 9.

On that day, Uranus makes its annual conjunction to the Sun, a peak moment for innovation, scientific developments and both civil rights work and civil disobedience.

Uranus retrograde 2023, in Taurus

Uranus’s annual retrograde cycle that lasts about five months each year.

Uranus begins 2023 in a retrograde that began on August, 24, 2022.

The planet is retrograde again from August 28, 2023 to January 27, 2024.

During these spells, progress can slow to a grinding halt. Technology, which is ruled by Uranus, can break down and classified information stored online can be subject to security breaches. The best way to deal? Strengthen your passwords, then step back to reconnect to the analog world.

With the metaphysical planet snoozing, developing mindfulness practices can help you stay alert and aware. Get conscious about your every move—and your impact! Your interest in community work and activism may blossom in the process.

Neptune: 2023 Astrology forecast

Because of its distance from the Sun, Neptune has a huge orbit to make. It takes 165 years to circle el Sol, spending an average of 15 years in each one of the zodiac signs. Each of these cycles shapes a generation, directing the music that moves us, the spiritual ideologies that resonate, the way we live out our dreams.

As the planet of unconditional love (and unconditional everything!), Neptune suspends logic. If romance requires a level of illusion, Neptune is the rose-tinted, soft-filter lens that lets us view the world in this way.

Through its trials, Neptune teaches us how to set boundaries. But first, it dissolves them, creating lessons in compassion and codependence alike.

Neptune is deep into its 15-year transit of Pisces in 2023

Let the spiritual awakening continue. Neptune’s transit through its home sign of Pisces began February 3, 2011 and won’t end until January 27, 2026.

Because the cycle only occurs every 165 years, it’s known as a banner time for art, spirituality and the emergence of esoteric information.

Pisces is ruled by two fish swimming in opposite directions. With limitless Neptune sailing through these waters, we’re ascending to new heights and achieving depth records. The highs and lows have been dizzying at times, bringing out the best and worst of humanity.

Neptune in Pisces with a splash of Saturn in 2023

Neptune is the god of the seas, and we’ve been doing damage to ours for years, for example. Yet, the shadow expression of Neptune in Pisces has brought out climate change deniers, many who are well-funded enough to manipulate public perspectives.

On March 7, 2023, structured, suppressive Saturn will join Neptune in Pisces—a journey that lasts for three years (see the Saturn section in this article for more about that transit). Saturn is a hardcore realist, demanding restrictions and sacrifices be made in the name of change.

While Neptune and Saturn won’t make an exact connection in Pisces, they remain in together in the Fish’s waters until January 2026. As Saturn evaporates Neptune’s fog, it exposes the flaws in our worldwide system. What washes up might not be pretty but it will expedite the implementation of solutions that, we hope, are not too late to turn the tide on this crisis.

Other themes of Neptune in Pisces to watch for

-Astrology may very well be the “neo-Spiritualism” of Neptune’s 2011-2026 cycle. The groundswell of interest has grown into a global obsession that reporters have compared to a modern-day religion.

-This Neptune in Pisces cycle happens against the backdrop of technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now allowing people to have simulated conversations with departed loved ones.

-It’s little surprise that psychedelic healing has been gaining popularity since 2011. Ayahuasca ceremonies, while still held as underground events, have gained notable popularity in recent years.

-Neptune in Pisces forces us to confront our pain, but it expands our ability to process subconscious triggers and ancient emotional blocks. This watery, compassionate cycle has opened up dialogues about empathy, highly sensitive people and fluidity in every arena. The concept of “trauma-bonding” arose during this cycle.

The arts are blessed by this Neptune transit, which has brought fascinating developments in the Pisces-ruled areas of dance, film and music. Legendary Pisces masters include Michelangelo, Nina Simone and Alexander McQueen, all who exemplify the imaginative energy of both planet and sign.

Neptune retrograde 2023

Neptune is retrograde in Pisces from June 30 to December 6

Neptune goes retrograde annually, for about five months. These periods can be deeply introspective times—but ones that require extra reality checks!

You may feel like retreating or escaping from the world, which can be a healing process or one that lures you back to a destructive habit. “Just this once” can become famous last words when Neptune is in reverse.

Set up support systems so you don’t give in to toxic temptations that lure you away from your best life. With Neptune intensifying its boundary-dissolving effect in its home sign of Pisces, that goes double!

Pluto: 2023 Astrology forecast

Because of its distance from the Sun, Pluto has a long, inconsistent orbit, taking approximately 248 years to make one full journey around el Sol. This means Pluto will hover in a single sign for 12-21 years. As a result, it is one of the planets that shapes generational trends.

Pluto can be a destroyer, tearing down what is begging to evolve, forcing us to rebuild from the ashes. As a result, great innovations have been born during these cycles. But they are generally accompanied by grief, crisis and loss as we release the outmoded past. Pluto’s extended cycles often begin with a massive, headline-generating event, but end with breakthroughs that transform an entire industry. Wealth may change hands as a result, resonant with Pluto’s penchant for power plays.

As the cosmic ruler of the underworld, Pluto’s impulse is to conceal. Projection is one of this planet’s favorite defense mechanisms. Whenever and wherever you’re pointing the finger, Pluto is probably at play.

Pluto in Capricorn and a taste of Aquarius

Farewell capitalism, hello technototalitarianism?

From March 23 to June 11, Pluto darts out of corporate Capricorn and into anarchistic Aquarius for the first of two warm-up laps before it settles into Aquarius from November 19, 2024 to January 19, 2044. This is the mighty dwarf planet’s first sign swap since 2008! So yes, this is a very big deal!

While this year’s Pluto-in-Aquarius prequel may be more of a rumble than a thunderclap, it’s our astrological duty to prepare you for the oncoming storm of a transformation. Remind yourself that humans are supremely adaptable…because we’ll need to be as 2023 unfolds.

What might happen when metamorphic Pluto embarks on its 21-year journey through Aquarius, the sign that rules democracy, community, populism, science, innovation and technology?

We wouldn’t exactly call these energies an “easy match.” Not by a long shot. But this will get interesting. It’s important to remember that Pluto is not simply destructive. It’s also regenerative. As the planet overseeing alchemy, reproduction and hidden resources, its brutal teardowns can reveal buried treasures.

For example, “renewable energy” is basically another way of saying “Pluto in Aquarius.” As this regenerative planet pulses through the sign represented by two waves of energy, we eagerly await developments in this realm. Aquarius is an air sign, which bodes well for wind and solar—which capture the sun’s rays from the ether.

Parting note on Pluto in Aquarius 2023

The following passage is excerpted from The 2023 Yearly Horoscope Guide. Our annual astrology book has so much more to read about the Pluto transit, and all of the other planets in this article of 2023 astrology forecasting. Get your copy today!

While Pluto took its 1778-1798 orbit through Aquarius, 39 delegates dipped quills in ink to sign the United States Constitution. And so it began with: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Fast forward to 2023, Pluto’s first journey back into Aquarius since. That “more perfect union” is so divided that the term “Constitutional crisis” has become a favorite of nightly newscasters on both sides of the aisle. Secessionists talk (and write books) about “Texit,” envisioning the Lone Star state being truly…alone. In the Pacific Northwest, dreams of breaking off into Cascadia are nothing new; in fact, they’ve become a board game!

The American Revolution was still going on when Pluto moved into Aquarius back in the 18th century. The French Revolution broke out during this cycle from 1789 to 1799, as did the Irish Rebellion against British rule. Two centuries prior, while Pluto was in Aquarius, the Church of England historically broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and their papal authority. Known as the English Reformation, this event, led by Henry VIII, transformed Christianity. Sadly, that same Pluto transit brought the deadly Roman and Portuguese Inquisitions.

Is unity beyond our reach? Are we really that different? If social media threads tell the story, divisions are so deep that we might as well be aliens to each other. For the record, we’re not ruling out that possibility! With Pluto in otherworldly Aquarius, we may discover that our roots date back to Pleiades and Atlantis or that “lizard people” are…a thing.

Might we all get along, though? For all their utopian ideals, that’s not something our “founding fathers” put to the test. The first Constitution wasn’t exactly a diversity-and-inclusivity initiative. Seam-ripping Pluto won’t let us stand on ceremony. Far from it. Perhaps we’ll end this cycle with a revised edition, one that includes women and considers every person 100% human, rather than three-fifths—as all those who were “not free” were reduced to in the original Constitution.

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