All the 2023 New Moons: Calendar and Forecast So You Can Set Powerful Intentions

The 2023 new moons calendar, from January through December. Plus an astrological forecast for each of the 2023 new moons to help you set your intentions.

This article explains new moons and provides an astrological forecast for all the 2023 new moons.

2023 New Moons Calendar by Month

In 2023, there will be 12 new moons and two solar eclipses. Aries will have two new moons and Capricorn will not have one during the 2023 calendar year.

2023 New Moons Calendar

Your answer to: When is the next new moon?

* All times listed for the 2023 new moons are in Eastern Time (New York, NY)

  • January 21 (3:53 PM): Aquarius
  • February 20 (2:05 AM): Pisces
  • March 21 (1:22 PM): Aries #1 of 2
  • April 20 (12:13 AM): Aries #2 of 2 (solar eclipse)
  • May 19 (11:53 AM): Taurus
  • June 18 (12:36 AM): Gemini
  • July 17 (2:31 PM): Cancer
  • August 16 (5:38 AM): Leo
  • September 14 (9:39 PM): Virgo
  • October 14 (1:55 PM): Libra (solar eclipse)
  • November 13 (4:27 AM): Scorpio
  • December 12 (6:32 PM): Sagittarius

Facts about the 2023 New Moons:

  • Sometimes there are NO Capricorn new moons in a calendar year and some years there are two, as there were in 2022 when they bookended the year (one on January 2 and one on December 23)
  • There are two Aries new moons in 2023, one in March and one in April. If these new moons appeared in the same month they would be called black moons (this happened in 2022 when two moons appeared in April, one in Aries and the second in Taurus)

About each of the 2023 new moons

Your astrological forecast for the 2023 new moons

Read on for what to expect for each of the 2023 new moons. Follow our daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for a deeper forecast for your zodiac sign on these dates!

Moons by month

January 21, 2023, Aquarius new moon

The new moon in Aquarius is like a bonus New Year’s celebration, arriving in the sign of the wishful, innovative Water Bearer. As the first of the 2023 new moons, it opens the perfect window for setting resolutions and intentions for the year ahead. (An especially-wise idea, since Mercury retrograde was muddling everyone’s visionary powers back on January 1.)

Ready to find your 2023 peeps? Team-spirited Aquarius rallies people around a common cause. From social justice initiatives to collaborative projects, make space for different opinions and viewpoints. The Aquarius new moon supports community, not conformity.

This evening also ushers in the Chinese New Year, as we say farewell to the sultry, savvy Water Tiger and welcome the spiritual, abundant Water Rabbit. After a year of strategic stakeouts, we can, er, “hop to it” with the Rabbit’s creative flair. But keep your boundaries more firm than fluffy. Without the Tiger’s predatory prowess as protection, you may feel more vulnerable under the gentle Rabbit’s rule. 

February 20, 2023, Pisces new moon

The fantasy floodgates open on February 20 as the only one of the 2023 new moons in Pisces awakens your wildest imaginings.

Since the spiritual veil is thin under these moonbeams, this is one of the best days of the year to download divine inspiration. Get yourself into a quiet space where you can receive the guidance of your inner voice. Start an artistic venture or sign up for training in a spiritual modality. Anything from life drawing workshops to Human Design astrology could make the winter months fly by.

But heed this planetary PSA: Compassion does not equal codependence. This sacrificial lunation may find you playing the role of caretaker instead of companion. It’s great to lend a hand when people need extra support. But if you’re feeling drained, set boundaries around your availability. A healthy “no” or “not right now” saves you from resentment in the future and lays the groundwork for a healthier relationship where everyone pulls their weight. Got a secret wish or desire? Dare to bare it!

March 21, 2023, Aries new moon (1 of 2)

2023’s new moon in trailblazing Aries delivers a burst of momentum to your personal projects and passions.

Forget being wishy-washy; allow yourself to fire on all cylinders! A month from now, on April 20, a rare second Aries new moon (which will be a potent solar eclipse) promises high yields for ventures you start on this day.

Make a vision board, set up a meeting with an expert in your field or take the leap into a new opportunity. Don’t keep those plans to yourself either! Later on this day, the moon will meet up with communicator Mercury, urging you to share your big ideas with someone who will champion them.

April 20, 2023, Aries new moon (2 of 2) and solar eclipse

Bonus round! A rare second new moon in pioneering Aries arrives on this day, a month after the prior one on March 21. This, folks, is how Aries season goes out with a bang!

There’s even bigger news: This new moon is a changemaking solar eclipse, the first one to land in the Ram’s realm since 2015! Think of it like a turbo-charged fresh start, one that might require you to leave a piece of your old life behind. And it kicks off a new eclipse series on the Aries-Libra axis that will power up some of our new and full moons between April 20, 2023 and March 29, 2025. 

May 19, 2023, Taurus new moon

Come back to your senses—all five of them—as the year’s only new moon in Taurus focuses our attention on the physical and material world.

Here’s an invitation to get back into your body. Slow down and savor the pleasures that you might normally rush right through: the first sip of morning coffee, the feel of your softest sweater against your skin, a tree-lined view on your commute to work.

This megadose of Taurean stability couldn’t come at a better time, since the first half of May has been filled with so much radical change. Take a clear-eyed look at the practical pieces of your life, such as budget and schedule. Could you cut back on expenses or contribute more to your retirement fund? Arrange your appointments so they don’t disrupt your most productive work hours?

Since new habits are supported by this lunar liftoff, try adding a practice like morning meditations or cardio workouts that you do the same four days every week. In the coming six months you’ll see real-life results if you create a simple, sustainable plan. Less is more!

June 18, 2023, Gemini new moon

Planetary PSA from this collaborative new moon in Gemini: Twinning is winning!

Whether you’re looking for a workout buddy or a writing partner (or whatevs!), set yourself to “discovery mode.” Your ideal other half could be hiding in plain sight (oh, hello!) or hanging in the outskirts of your social group. That’s more incentive to get out and mingle.

Since Gemini rules local activities, RSVP yes to your neighbor’s solstice BBQ or rally friends for al fresco drinks on that hotel roof deck. The point is to get out and circulate because this lunar lift is sure to connect you to kindred spirits.

Footnote: With boundary-blurring Neptune squaring this new moon, reserve judgment before declaring a new acquaintance your insta-BFF. You could be easily distracted on this day, too—all the more reason to team up with a clever colleague or have a wingperson to go out with in case you need someone to call you an Uber.

July 17, 2023, Cancer new moon

Serve it up family style! Warm-fuzzy vibing is on the menu as the new moon in Cancer beams its nurturing energy into the ether.

Who are the stars of your innermost circle? It’s easy to take those unwavering supporters for granted, but on this day, treat them like VIPs.

Feeling drained from too much giving? Maybe you’ve forgotten where other people’s “shells” end and yours begins. Turn up the volume on self-care and begin a practice of saying “no” to requests that are certain to exhaust you. Besides, there are pool parties and beach weekends to enjoy, as this watery lunation reminds.

This domestic new moon could reveal a dream listing or inspire a remodel or decorating spree. Time to clear some negativity from your space? La luna’s opposition to shadowy Pluto and a harmonious trine to spiritual Neptune sets the stage for Feng Shui, a deep decluttering or a house-blessing ritual.

August 16, 2023, Leo new moon

A fresh start to your creative and romantic endeavors arrives with this Leo lunar lift.

Where have you stopped voicing your feelings or sharing your ideas as openly as you could? Let these moonbeams loosen your tongue. Make a vow to speak up when you have something to contribute to the conversation—or simply when you want to know more. Do one thing to put your talents on display or draw attention to your gifts.

Has your work-to-play ratio been heavy on the responsibility side of things? Generate more fun for yourself, even if you’re busy. Productivity is bound to speed up when you’re taking breaks to relax your mind and enjoy downtime with friends. Poolside happy hour? Let’s go!

September 14, 2023, Virgo new moon

If it’s time for a life edit, you’re in luck. The make-better vibes come flooding in with this new moon in Virgo, the only one of 2023.

Apply a “clean and green” ethos broadly. Set up a new shelving system and fill your house with plants. Get your budget in order and make sure you’re supporting companies with ethics you can stand behind.

Feed your body food that has ingredients it can actually use for fuel.

If you’re surrounded by chaos, don’t just contain it—tackle it head-on. Make a thrift store drop, meal plan, do all that laundry, and scrub the baseboards. With innovators Jupiter and Uranus chiming in, make your maintenance plan a “smart” one. Put a system in place and let your devices remind you to keep them up.

October 14, 2023, Libra new moon and solar eclipse

Partner power! This new moon in Libra is also a potent solar eclipse—the first one to land in this sign since 2016! And it supercharges a six-month window that will refresh and rewire relationships.

Could some part of your work benefit from a collaborator who complements your skill set? With the moon and mindful Mercury making contact, it can help to write down the qualities and capabilities of the person you’d like to attract. Whether that’s for a serious relationship or a business alliance, being clear will sharpen your judgment.

The moon will also oppose Chiron, so pay attention to the type of people you draw in at this eclipse. Are they mirroring a wound that you haven’t resolved? If you sense “more of the same” or an old pattern resurfacing, don’t blame the messenger—but maybe don’t invite them into your inner sanctum too quickly, either.

November 13, 2023, Scorpio new moon

Dive into the depths! 2023’s only Scorpio new moon opens a new chapter for all of your investments: emotional, spiritual and financial.

A bond that begins on this day could develop into a deep soul connection over the next six months. Can this connection go the distance? If it’s got permanent potential, explore!

In resourceful Scorpio, this new moon turns your attention to shared finances, passive income and property matters. Keep your ears perked, too, as a helpful connection to motivator Mars could bring an investment opportunity.

The tricky part? Erratic Uranus and illusory Neptune could make you susceptible to a flash-in-the-pan scheme—or worse, a scam. Better to hang on to what you’ve got than risk it on something untested that you haven’t had time to research. With pushy Mars involved, your first warning is someone pressuring you to sign on the dotted line.

December 12, 2023, Sagittarius new moon

Are you thinking big enough? The year’s only new moon in visionary Sagittarius nudges you out of the safety zone. Get ready for a bold entry into uncharted terrain or to take a supersized leap of faith.

Got the urge to travel? Even if your journey happens next year, don’t shy away from pressing “book now” on a great bucket-list destination deal. With courageous Mars mashing up with la luna, you’re feeling especially bold and ready to risk big. Multiply your adventurous and boundary-expanding ideas by (at least) ten. But make sure you’ve got a backup plan, since you could definitely be tempted to gamble.

Need some extra motivation? Think about the people you’ll help and inspire as a role model. As healing Chiron breezes by the new moon in a supportive trine, do it for the people who didn’t get a chance—or those who might believe they can when you lead by example. Just keep one toe planted on terra firma, as a square from dreamy Neptune doesn’t exactly scream “practical” when it comes to your exciting plans.

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What is a new moon in astrology?

New moons are astrology’s cosmic reset button. Feel like you’re on the wrong path? Was the last month of your life a wash? Here comes a lunar reboot. Once a month (on average) a new moon arrives to help us make a fresh start.

New moons plant the seeds of intention and inspiration that unfold as the moon becomes more visible each day.

What does a new moon look like in the sky?

At a new moon, la luna is perfectly positioned between the Earth and the Sun. As such, the “backside” of the moon is lit, and it becomes invisible from our view down here.

Because everything goes dark, it’s as if we have a blank canvas on which to create. In “nothingness” there is a sense of limitless possibilities. In fact, some people refer to the new moon phase as the “dark moon.”

You can read about all the moon phases here.

When do new moons happen?

New moons occur when the Sun and the moon meet at the same astrological degree that astrologers measure in the sky. The new moon is the very first of eight monthly moon phases which occur in a 29.5-day lunar month. 

Each new moon in a calendar year falls in a different zodiac sign. The new moon is always in the same sign as the Sun. For example, during Aquarius season, the new moon will always be in Aquarius. 

New moons in astronomy terms

The new moon occurs when the Sun and the moon are at the same longitude on the ecliptic—the plane created by the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

The full moon is the reverse of this. A full moon occurs when the Sun and the moon are in opposite zodiac signs, and 180 degrees apart in ecliptic longitude.

What’s the spiritual meaning of a new moon?

The moon is the Sun’s favorite companion, holding space for all the private matters el Sol doesn’t care to shine a light on. These are things like our deepest feelings, secret desires, and the security blankets that we reach for to comfort ourselves. Home and family affairs, how we nurture others and what kind of caretaking we crave are also #MoonMatters. 

That is the gift of the new moon, a great time for setting intentions, making wishes, and taking the first bold step towards a new goal. We may actually start to see the first signs of these lunar requests two weeks later, when the next full moon on the calendar lights up the night skies.

How to do a new moon ritual for the 2023 new moons

Many people honor the new moon by doing a new moon ritual, such as meditating, journaling or setting intentions they’d like to fulfill during this monthlong lunar cycle.

What would you like to begin at the new moon? Anything you start at one of the 2023 new moons can be “harvested” in six months, when the full moon occurs in a corresponding zodiac sign. Short-term rewards can be reaped at the full moon that immediately follows each new moon, even if it’s in a different zodiac sign.

You can do a new moon ritual, journal or write down intentions. Consider making a new moon Power Wish, a method created by Japanese astrologer Keiko that involves a technique called “anchor statements.” 

See our new moon rituals for a suggested 2023 new moons ritual for every zodiac sign.

Is your moon sign important at a new moon?

Your moon sign refers to the zodiac sign that the moon was traveling through at your moment of birth. If someone was to look up at the sky when you were born, or the piece of the sky that we measure from our view on Earth.

Your moon sign is a part of your birth chart, or natal chart. You can find your moon sign by entering your time, date and place of birth into our Moon Sign Cosmic Calculator.

Once a year, a new moon falls in the same zodiac sign as your Sun sign and your moon sign. These can be extra powerful dates to initiate a new plan of action or take a bold first step.

Were you born during a new moon?

Fun fact: If your Sun sign and moon sign are the same, you may have been born during a new moon! How do you find out? Do a free birth chart!

You can also use our moon phase calculator to find out which lunar phase the moon was in when you were born, and what it means about you.

Read about the meaning of your moon sign in our moon sign horoscopes.


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