S1, e2

Cosmic Love

Must Be a Full Moon

The Elements go on a group date, then a full moon party creates drama for the cast in the second episode of Cosmic Love on Prime Video. Plus: The AstroTwins break down moon and rising signs on Amazon X-Ray.

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

What happens in Cosmic Love, Episode 2?

Episode 2 Summary:

The singles reel from seeing the Elements who connected with their first dates in Episode 1. Two singles flirt and the Elements they’re matched to take notice! The Elements further explore their connections already made, but they are eager to meet their next matches and go on those dates. Each Element brings two singles they’d like to get to know better on a group activity date that gets messy (literally!) Those left behind wonder why. The episode ends with a full moon party.

Who went on the group date on Cosmic Love, Episode 2?

In Episode 2, the Elements learn about their Sun, moon, and rising signs (the Big 3). They’re informed of a group activity date and that each of them can choose two singles they want to get to know on a deeper level.

Noel (Pisces Sun, Sagittarius rising, Taurus moon)

Noel learns he comes across as bold and charming but his Taurus moon sign means he craves physical affection. Noel choses Jasmine Rodulfo (Cancer) and Ana Miranda (Pisces) for the group activity date. “I crave affection and I crave good, quality time,” Noel says. “I want to have fun and deep, meaningful conversations as well.”

Phoebe (Leo Sun, Leo rising, Pisces moon)

Phoebe chooses Darren Hopes (Scorpio) and Phil Newhard (Capricorn) after it’s revealed that deep down the Pisces moon makes her extremely sensitive. “I have a lot of walls up to guard my feelings,” Phoebe admits. She choses Darren because she feels comfortable around him. And Phil, she believes hides behind a hard-shell exterior and has a different side he’s not yet revealed.

Connor (Gemini Sun, Libra rising, Taurus Moon)

Connor learns he’s good natured but he may go too far to keep the peace. His Taurus moon means he craves comfort and routine but has an internal stubborness. He choses Danae DeSpain (Leo) and Morgan Raphael (Virgo) because he believes they have a calming affect on him. “A lot of times I’ll sacrifice my own comfortability and happiness to keep the peace to keep everyone else happy,” he says. “Hopefully I can relax and enjoy this experiment.”

Maria (Capricorn Sun, Aries rising, Leo moon)

Maria learns that people see her as bold, straight-forward and potentially impatient. Her moon in Leo means she needs attention and respect from her mate. Maria chooses Christopher Jones (Sagittarius) and David Christopher (Aquarius) for the group activity date because she feels she hadn’t had a chance to get to know them yet. Noting her Leo moon, she adds: “I want a man that’s all about me. A man has to have confidence to be with me!”

The Elements learn their next astrological matches!

The Astro Chamber reveals the second astrological matches for each Element. The AstroTwins, voiced through The Astro Chamber, says: “Their charts are overflowing with romantic possibilities, so they need to trust I have chosen them for a reason!”

The Elements meet their matches in the Celestial Sanctuary:

Connor’s second astrological match is: Danae DeSpain (astro fact: they share a Taurus moon!)

Maria’s second astrological match is: Christopher Jones

Phoebe’s second astrological match is: David Christopher

Noel’s second astrological match is: Theresa Vongkhamchanh

The second matches create mixed feelings among the Elements, a few reveals produce a downright lukewarm reception. But the dates in Episode 3 will reveal if these impressions are warranted!

The singles not chosen for first or second dates by the Elements or The AstroTwins still have a chance to be matched in future episodes! Two more matches are yet to be revealed for each Element.

The Astrology of Cosmic Love, Episode 2
Moon & Rising Signs

Astrotwins behind the scenes astrology of Cosmic Love on amazon prime

Tali says in Episode 2 we begin to dig into the astrology of the cast, specifically their “Big 3”:

Sun sign or zodiac sign

This reveals your personality (the focus of Episode 1)

Sun signs change every 30 days or so, in astrological “seasons” (e.g., “Aries season”)

Moon sign

This reveals your emotions and moods, what’s happening “under the surface”

Moon signs change every 2.5 days

Tali says when the cast learned their moon signs, it was one of the most surprising moments for them!

Phoebe is a great example of this, Ophi says. Phoebe is a Leo Sun and a Leo rising. She presents as a fierce warrior, but she found out she has her moon in Pisces, which is spiritual and vulnerable. “That allowed her to access a different part of herself.”

Ophi says in dating, this helps you open your mind to people you may not have otherwised.

What’s your moon sign?

Pro tip: you can calculate a moon sign for a love interest–current, future or past! See how your moon signs match up.

Calculate Yours!

Rising Sign (or the ascendant)

This is what you present, how you present yourself to others

Rising signs change every two hours

The Big 3 in your birth chart

Where the Sun, the moon, and your rising sign appear in your birth chart, along with the other inner and outer planets, make up your “cosmic blueprint.”

“When you were born, all the planets were orbiting through the sky and we freeze-frame them at your exact moment of birth,” Tali says about your unique birth chart.

You can do a deep dive into all the planet in your chart, but if you only look at the Big 3, you are getting a good idea of your “portrait.”

Create a free birth chart here.

What astrology traits are the cast revealing in Episode 2?

In the second episode they’re all still meeting each other, so they’re leading with their rising signs,” Ophi suggests. The moon might be “hiding away” and you only see their Sun and rising signs.

“The more time they spend together, the more the planets start to ‘show up,'” Ophi adds.

The experiment of Cosmic Love continues

The singles gather on the beach for a full moon party and the Elements continue conversations with some of their matches (and some with other Singles they don’t know if they’ll be matched to!).

Some singles and Elements walk away from the night not knowing where things stand. Connor questions, “If I even belong here?” Phoebe says, “I’d like a little fucking respect!”

What’s coming up on Cosmic Love: Season 1, Episode 3?

Some Elements move forward getting to know their matches. The Singles argue about who they can date.