Daily Horoscopes for Saturday October 21 – Sunday October 22, 2023

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October 21 in the stars: Find out what’s in store for you today in our daily horoscopes for Saturday October 21. Read the daily horoscopes for your Sun sign or rising sign (ascendant) to plan your day.

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Your daily horoscopes for Saturday October 21, 2023

Aries Daily horoscope

Aries (March 21-April 19) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Need to have a frank conversation about money? Enchanting Venus in your career corner will be sweetly aligned with expansive Jupiter in your financial sector this weekend, providing cosmic wind in your sails. If you need to post about a special offer or DM a new contact, just screw up your nerve and do it. With Venus so well positioned in your chart, you’ll have the power to charm anyone. And thanks to the auspicious placement of Jupiter, you’ll be delightfully fearless. Where others see obstacles, you sense opportunity! On Sunday, communication planet Mercury slips into your intimate eighth house until November 10. Craving a closer connection, Ram? For the next three weeks, bonding with your nearest and dearest becomes top priority. You may decide to take a blossoming relationship to the next level (could it be time to say the L word?), or you and your partner might have a much-needed heart-to-heart. And be honest: Could you let go of some lukewarm associations to make more space for the ones that matter most? 

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Taurus Daily horoscope

Taurus (April 20-May 20) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

What are you looking for, Bull? All the answers you seek are out there! But if you’re only searching in a tiny area, you may not find them. This weekend, gracious Venus is hovering in your global ninth house AND making a perfect harmonious trine with limitless Jupiter in your sign. Widen your viewfinder, expand your search parameters, think so far outside the box you forget that boxes ever existed! This may involve literal travel or the figurative kind—i.e., found in the spiritual or digital universe. Starting Sunday, expressive Mercury visits your partnership zone and helps iron out any wrinkles in your closest relationships. Dial down your telltale Taurus stubbornness for the sake of compromise. In turn, your partner will likely be more open to showing you the same respect. Take stock of your platonic relationships too: If a friendship has been more give than take lately (or vice versa), start restoring balance between now and November 10. 

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Gemini Daily horoscope

Gemini (May 21-June 20) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

You know that speech you’ve been rehearsing in your head (and your dreams) ad nauseam? Well, this weekend’s starmap may finally pull it out of your brain, through your mouth and into the world! You’ve been keeping things light with your wicked sense of humor, but if you’re seeking intimacy, you need to allow yourself to be a little vulnerable. The good news is that this weekend, as warm-hearted Venus and lucky Jupiter align in your most sensitive houses, you’ll feel supported to take a leap of faith. Pick the perfect setting, whether that’s a quiet corner booth or your own kitchen table. Speaking of that table, the time has come to streamline and systematize, Gemini—before you waste another second hunting for “missing” papers and keys. With your ruling planet, clever Mercury, in your wellness and admin sector from Sunday until November 10, you’ll have plenty of momentum for this efficiency mission. Organize your calendar while you’re at it. Wouldn’t it be nice to settle into a groove for a change? The idea of a structured routine might sound boring, but there’s a lot to be said for the stability it provides. Schedule important things like exercise, grocery-shopping, housecleaning and rest, so you can enjoy your social activities even more.  

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Cancer Daily horoscope

Cancer (June 21-July 22) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

While you want to make a good first impression (because you might not get a second chance), remember that appearances can be deceiving. Love is definitely in the air as confident Jupiter in your partnership house mashes up with the love planet herself—vixen Venus. But are you holding yourself back by obsessing on your physicality and not putting enough trust in your adorably effervescent self? See for yourself what happens when you make eye contact and ask a question that pierces the surface straight away. On Sunday, chatty Mercury starts a three-week stint in Scorpio and your dramatic fifth house, pulling you out of your shell and into the spotlight.  Lights, camera, Cancer! You’re not always comfortable being scrutinized, but that doesn’t make you any less dynamic to behold. Express your opinions candidly and make sure your name is stamped on all your brilliant ideas. Have you completed work that you’re proud of? Launch a social campaign to spread the word. Your confidence could land you a leadership role at work—or maybe a key role in an artistic or musical endeavor. 

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Leo Daily horoscope

Leo (July 23-August 22) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Career opportunities abound, but don’t shift into workaholic mode, Leo! Expansive Jupiter has been heating things up in your professional corner since May, yet this weekend, the jovial planet aligns with balanced Venus in your second house of self-care. Whether you’re feeling it or not, too much work will stress your system, and you need a healthy outlet to burn it off. But instead of doing the same old workout, mix it up with more fun and challenging routines—perhaps a high-energy dance class or power yoga? On Sunday, Mercury dives into Scorpio and your sentimental fourth house until November 10. Oh, the feels! Get ready to take a plunge into the emotion ocean. Prioritize time with your inner circle during this sensitive cycle. You’ll find their company both comforting and uplifting over the next three weeks. Make a nest with some throw pillows and a cozy blanket. Chateau Leo may become the hottest gathering spot in town. Bring on the dinner parties and laid-back crafting and movie nights!  

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Virgo Daily horoscope

Virgo (August 23-September 22) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Love and adventure are the themes of your weekend, thanks to a rosy merger of expansive Jupiter in your travel zone and ardent Venus in your sign. Been crushing on someone in secret? Seriously, best-case scenario, where’s that going to get you? Out with it, Virgo. Even if the attraction is not totally mutual, at least you’ll know and can move onto someone who’ll return your feelings. If you’re in—or considering—a long-distance relationship, book that flight and bridge the miles. Starting Sunday, garrulous Mercury (your ruler) sails through your third house of communication and cooperation, turning you into a networking machine until November 10.  Ready, set, collaborate! Whether you’re guiding your squad through a cultural-activities tour or working your superconnector magic, you’ll have endless charisma. If you’re struggling to bring a goal to fruition, embrace the power of partnership. While you’re at it, get your transportation game up to snuff. Update your ride (or organize a ride share) and invest in a digital device to make your commutes more enjoyable. 

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Libra Daily horoscope

Libra (September 23-October 22) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Come out of your cave—or your work silo—and mingle with the masses this weekend, Libra! Or at least with that special friend you haven’t seen in way too long. Carve out some time to send a few texts and relink with the people who always make you happy. With loving Venus pinging expansive Jupiter in your emotional zones, this will do you more good than a hot-stone massage! Even if your evening together is via FaceTime or WhatsApp, it’s infinitely better than NOT talking! Ready to strengthen your financial foundation? With messenger Mercury settling into your second house of security on Sunday, it’s an ideal time to get your cash flow in order. Saving up for a rainy day doesn’t hold much appeal for a sign that doesn’t even BELIEVE in rainy days. Approach the number-crunching from a more positive perspective while this transit lasts until November 10. What sunny moments do you want to map out for the future? Even if you’ve got a solid budget in place, think outside the box for ways to make bank.

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Scorpio Daily horoscope

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

It’s more important to get your message out there than it is to waste time polishing it to an unnecessarily high gloss. This weekend’s timing is perfect for connecting your head and heart and letting whatever you have to say rip. A congruous concord between eloquent Venus and candid Jupiter lines your tongue with silver AND bestows a hefty dose of diplomacy. Speak up while the iron’s hot, whether to your friend group or your amour du jour. Flying under the radar won’t be possible starting Sunday, when expressive Mercury moves into your sign until November 10. Forget being modest or settling for a humblebrag; it’s time to self-promote! Worried that people will judge you as being arrogant? Focus on how your skills will benefit others. If you’ve felt out of sync with a friend circle, don’t force the togetherness out of misplaced loyalty. Seek people who share your current interests and make room for those who will help you soar. But look out for anything (or anyone) who gives you a sketchy vibe. 

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Sagittarius Daily horoscope

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Less is definitely more this weekend, Sagittarius, so take a minimalist’s delight in keeping it simple. Tempted to buy a big blooming bouquet? How about getting one perfect rose and placing it in an antique bottle? With aesthetic Venus in your practical tenth house forming a harmonious trine with Jupiter in your streamlined sixth, you’ll feel calmer in simple settings. This is also a good day to get something out in the open with your sweetie or current crush. Set aside your anxiety and speak your piece. Social Mercury cruises through your healing sector from Sunday until November 10, helping you snip toxic ties. Energy vampires, begone! In addition to warding off the draining soul-suckers, pay attention to your inner dialogue. Start replacing any self-critical thoughts with tons of self-love and affirmations. If you keep hitting the same frustrating wall in a relationship, take a breather for the next few weeks—or if you know this impasse can’t be healed, break it off for good. But don’t give up before consulting the pros. Therapists, mentors, coaches and spiritual leaders can support you with clearing away the psychic clutter and replacing it with authentic self-confidence.  

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Capricorn Daily horoscope

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Prepared to do a little gambling in the game of love? This weekend could be your lucky moment, with optimistic Jupiter in your romance corner aligned with love planet Venus in your risk-taking zone. You can’t win if you don’t play, but do keep your head. With Jupiter here, it’ll be easy to get carried away with your emotions or inflate someone else’s reactions. But it’s also the planet of honesty, so if all else fails, just come right out and let this person know how you feel. There’s strength in numbers, Capricorn—a reminder you’ll get on Sunday as communicator Mercury moves into your eleventh house of teamwork and technology until November 10. Connect to kindred spirits through group activities and social media. Keep your radar attuned for team-based projects that could utilize your expertise and organizing powers. Join forces with like-minded folks—some seriously innovative ideas could come out of your brain trust. 

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Aquarius Daily horoscope

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Your soft side may be mushier than usual this weekend, thanks to a combo of compassionate Venus in your intuitive eighth house and boundless Jupiter in your domestic zone. Just listening to people’s stories could unleash the waterworks, so keep the tissues handy. It’s a good time to connect on a deep level with your closest friends since your heart will be tender. Don’t be afraid to open up: Trust is your best medicine! Make time to drop your power suits off at the dry cleaner. Starting Sunday, expressive Mercury sails into your career sector until November 10, firing you up with ambition. You’ll ooze can-do magnetism for the next three weeks, so channel it into a rewarding goal. Register for industry events and show up at parties where you could meet your professional peers. Don’t forget to tap the successful people in your existing circle for advice and input. Feeling entrepreneurial? A hobby may hold potential to become a moneymaking venture. Crunch the numbers, do the projections and try a beta test to see what kind of response you get over the next few weeks. 

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Pisces Daily horoscope

Pisces (February 19-March 20) daily horoscope for Saturday October 21

Tough love? This weekend you couldn’t dish that out if you tried, Pisces! A soulful sync-up of compassionate Venus in your partnership zone and expansive Jupiter is more likely to trigger a tidal wave of unconditional love. If you’re just getting to know someone or a group, leave the emotional armor at home and “go commando.” Kick around ideas for creative collaborations and see where the synergies are. If you’re single—and looking to change that status—bear in mind that true love could start with a solid friendship. Starting Sunday, intrepid Mercury launches a three-week tour through your expansive ninth house. Wander outside your comfort zone; spark up conversations with people from different cultures and walks of life. A travel opportunity could emerge before November 10. Make sure you respond with a resounding “yes!” Breaking from routine will do wonders for your motivation levels at work and in general. Your mind will be hungry for knowledge now. Sign up for a creative workshop—or if you’ve reached expert level, consider leading your own!

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