October 2023 Horoscope: Eclipse Season Is Here

After a couple months of retrograde backlogs, the action starts to move as eclipse season sweeps in. Your October 2023 horoscope has all the cosmic details.

What’s happening in the stars in October

Ready for some action again? Be careful what you wish for, because October’s horoscope could shift your life from “driving under the speed limit” to “whiplash alert!” The last two eclipses of 2023 sweep in on October 14 and 28, bringing momentum to your relationships and plans—whether you’re ready or not.

It begins on October 14 with the Libra new moon and concludes on October 28 with the Taurus full moon. Both of these eclipses are in Venus-ruled signs (Libra and Taurus), which is interesting since Venus already stole the show this summer by turning retrograde from July 22 to August 23. The fame-hogging planet is apparently not done with her shenanigans, but instead of bottle-necking everything with a retrograde, she’s changing up the scenery without notice!

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Eclipses are moments of rapid change, here to break us out of our plateaus and procrastination. Gentle they’re not (even with the Venus touch), but sometimes, we have to stop coddling ourselves and start making moves. Beg forgiveness instead of asking permission. Throw our hats over the wall then figure out how to get ’em. That’s what eclipses want for us.

The first one is a solar (new moon) eclipse in Libra on October 14, which will help rebalance relationships. If you have lingering resentment from Venus’ summer retrograde, this could be the day to clear the air and move forward on a fresh page.

No need to prepare a speech because this eclipse could just bring it all tumbling out of you. And hopefully without the passive-aggressive bite that Mars in Libra (its position of detriment) has been stirring up since August 27. Mercifully, Mars will move into Scorpio on October 12, two days before the eclipse. Or maybe not so mercifully, since the red planet is the minor ruler of Scorpio, and this transit could sharpen our stingers! Go easy on ’em between now and November 24.

This is the first eclipse in Libra since 2016, and the second on the Aries/Libra axis in a series that will transform the balance between self and others, individual and relationship, between March 2023 and March 2025.

The second eclipse arrives at the full moon two weeks later. This Taurus lunar eclipse is also the grand finale of a two-year eclipse cycle that’s been rocking the Taurus/Scorpio axis since November 2021. Money, sensuality, sex, reproductive rights—these are among the issues that the world has grappled with since then. On a personal level, these eclipses have shifted our relationship to finances, self-worth and the way we share energy and resources. Look back to where you were a couple years ago and notice any shifts in these areas.

While the eclipses pick up the pace, there’s a counterbalance. Four of the five slow-moving outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune—are retrograde for the entire month, giving us all a chance to do some much-needed processing and integrating. Jupiter and Uranus are backspining through Taurus while Saturn and Neptune are both doing an about-face in Pisces. Take inventory of your money and material matters as well as some of the deeper subconscious stuff.

Halloween could bring tricks AND treats thanks to the moon hanging out in dualistic Gemini. Why choose when you can have both? But leave the fussy folks off your guest list. With the moon square Venus in Virgo, you don’t need anyone reminding you how many grams of sugar you’re eating when you dip into your kid’s Halloween loot or critiquing your costume choice. Make sure your plans also have an escape clause in case a quick pivot is in order!

Deep-dive into the astrology events of October 2023

Mental Mercury in Libra asks: Have you been too quick to judge?

Weigh your options! After a longer run through Virgo, communicator Mercury spends most of the month (October 4-22) in Libra. If you’ve held a hardline perspective, reconsider. Could you adopt a moderate one instead? When mental Mercury visits balanced Libra, we’re reminded to really hear the other person’s POV before leaping to conclusions or talking over them. Try this: Even if you “agree to disagree,” keep it respectful. Diplomatic talks can restore harmony to your relationships. Slow down and patiently negotiate. In objective Libra, Mercury wants you to be thorough. That way, you can make fair judgments based on facts, not feelings.

Venus in Virgo makes self-care sexy

After an extended, four-month strut down the red carpet, Venus leaves hedonistic Leo for healthy Virgo, and suddenly, self-care is sexy. From October 8 to November 8, give your love life a makeover and reboot the routines that restore your glow.

If you’re still smoothing over a conflict from the July 22 to September 3 Venus retrograde, this sensible shift can help you come to a new understanding with your partner. Before the holiday revelry begins, it’s an ideal time to adopt a regimen you look forward to, from dance class to kickboxing, and revel in the endorphins post-workout.

Pro tip: Acts of service is Virgo’s love language. Lavish your partner with extra TLC and support their dreams with a listening ear or by pulling a little extra weight when they have to pull extra hours. Single? With Venus in verbal Virgo, connect over conversation—this deep and discerning sign encourages you to flaunt your intelligence!

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What zodiac sign is your relationship?

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Complexities and conundrums clear up when Pluto retrograde ends October 10

Well, they’ll either clear up or bubble up as secretive Pluto wraps its annual five-month retrograde. Since May 1, intense Pluto’s reversal has called for deeper introspection, especially around generational patterns and the people we surround ourselves with.

Pluto’s direct (forward) turn can help if you’ve felt blocked around processing anything buried in your unconscious, from grief to resentment to addictive or compulsive tendencies. You may have unearthed some root causes during the retrograde. Now, you can take action to heal and deal. Has a so-called friend or family member revealed themselves to be a toxic force in your life? Admitting that is never easy, but Pluto can help you cut ties or recalibrate to more equal power dynamics. Keep an eye on your newsfeeds: Pluto rules power, sex and money, so we may see a buried scandal (or three) make headlines!

Mars in Scorpio builds intensity and intrigue beginning October 12

Until November 24, potent Mars burrows into scintillating and secretive Scorpio. Watch for competitive or jealous flare ups! Power differentials can get more pronounced, but you also have a chance to ascend in a hierarchy. Make sure you don’t come across as ruthless or only concerned with your own agenda. Bonds deepen under this transit, and you’ll gain a strong sense of who you can trust.

In love, you can bring on the holiday season heat! As randy Mars slides into sexy Scorpio, a budding connection could burst into flames of full-on consummation. The red planet is all too happy to set your desire on fire. Warning: Jealousy and possessiveness could run rampant now. If someone’s legitimately betrayed you, then use this courageous transit to walk away. But know that your raw emotions could also be provoking paranoia. Investigate before you accuse (and no, that doesn’t mean snooping or invading privacy).

Welcome, October 2023 eclipses!

Both the new moon and the full moon this month are eclipses:

On October 14, the new moon in Libra is also an annular solar eclipse.

On October 29, the full moon in Taurus is a partial lunar eclipse.

What to expect with the October 2023 Libra new moon: partner power!

The new moon in Libra is also a potent solar eclipse—the first one to land in this sign since 2016! And it supercharges a six-month window that will refresh and rewire your relationships.

Could some part of your work benefit from a collaborator who complements your skill set? With the moon and mindful Mercury making contact, it can help to write down the qualities and capabilities of the person you’d like to attract. Whether that’s for a serious relationship or a business alliance, being clear will sharpen your judgment.

The moon will also oppose Chiron, so pay attention to the type of people you draw in at this eclipse. Are they mirroring a wound that you haven’t resolved? If you sense “more of the same” or an old pattern resurfacing, don’t blame the messenger—but maybe don’t invite them into your inner sanctum too quickly, either.

What to expect with the October 2023 Taurus full moon: over and out!

This is the third and final lunar eclipse in fiscally fit Taurus, the sign of money, material security and hard work. This eclipse series, which began rippling across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on November 19, 2021, has been radically revamping the economy and our personal financial habits for the past two years. No need for austerity, though. Sensible but sensual Taurus loves luxury (this sign is ruled by pleasure goddess Venus).

The key is making sure you’ve got enough resources to cover the basics while enjoying those earthly delights. With this moon, an exciting money-making opportunity could show up. You could have second thoughts about your job satisfaction or an epiphany about better work/life balance.

As Taurus rules our daily routines, this lunar eclipse gives a big push to finally break a bad habit and put a life-affirming practice into place. Instead of focusing on some impossible goal (“I’m cutting out sugar, carbs and dairy!”), set a sustainable shift that fits with your lifestyle—enough of a change to make an impact, but not so gargantuan that you give up before it gains traction.

Scorpio season begins on October 23, ushering in power and resourcefulness

Power is the name of the game for the four weeks of Scorpio season (beginning October 23). While the Sun slinks into this intimate, seductive and magnetic sign, it’s a resourceful time for you. There’s strength in numbers, so consider teaming up on a joint venture, passive income opportunity or co-op venture. Where could you consolidate what’s “yours” and what’s “theirs” for a mutually beneficial win-win? That could be as potent as a group investment or as personal as sharing a babysitter or carpooling to work.

Resourceful Scorpio also helps increase your bottom line by exposing where you’re spending inefficiently. Reduce waste, trim needless costs and watch the profit margins multiply. Scorpio rules transformation, so be mindful of what you focus on. Energy flows where your attention goes, and during Scorpio season, your manifesting powers are dialed up. Don’t be surprised to get a text from a person you were “just thinking about.” If that happens to be a steamy message during sexy Scorpio season, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

For sign-specific advice for all of the astrology events mentioned above, read your October 2023 horoscope below!

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