Drunk Astrology Podcast Explores 2024 Astrology With Tali From The AstroTwins

Tali Edut from The AstroTwins appears on the Drunk Astrology podcast with host and astrologer Graham Breitenstein to discuss The Astrology of 2024.

Tali joined Graham Breitenstein for an episode of the Drunk Astrology podcast series, “How To Manifest BIIG in 2024.” They packed a lot of astrology information into the episode that you can read about here and listen to at the link below!

The AstroTwins on Drunk Astrology podcast

Leaders Emerge in 2024 (That Includes You!)

The AstroTwins call 2024 The Year of Transcendent Leadership.

“Leaders will emerge in 2024,” Tali tells Graham, “not wearing crowns or nepo-baby privileges, they’re going to emerge among the people. And each of us is going to be asked to tap into our leadership.”

Tali says this type of leadership starts new conversations, is about saying something different, doing something different.

The AstroTwins call 2023 “The Year of What If?” which came to fruition in that our collective apocalyptic anxiety opened us up to a curious, innovative channel. We’ll build on that in 2024.

What’s Pluto Got to Do With It?

Pluto in Aquarius helps lead the quest for new leadership.

Mysterious Pluto entered futuristic Aquarius in March 2023 for the first time since 1798! Although it’s dipped back into Capricorn, in November 2024 it will settle into Aquarius for a 20-year stint, and we’ll learn if we’re ready for the developments this transit brings!

2024 is also the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius, Tali says

Our systems will continue to break down, but in terms of the mindset of the Age of Aquarius, it’s power to the people, changing entire systems and re-envisioning things because we have to, for our survival.

“While Pluto is in Aquarius we must change,” Tali says on Drunk Astrology. “We have our work cut out for us.”

Two clues for the coming change were seen during Pluto’s 20-year transit in Capricorn: a move to multidimensional everything and exploring internal family systems as a way to grow. In other words, shaking up the status quo and problem solving from unexplored angles.

“Community is a keyword now that’s coming into focus,” Graham says. “Handing over the power to communities, and what vibrations does that send out to the vast community of global connection.”

Where do the zodiac signs find their power in 2024?

With the Pluto in Aquarius vibe in mind, Graham asks Tali on Drunk Astrology how the signs, by element, can find their power from 2024 and beyond, if Pluto is the power center.

Fire Sign placements (Aries, Libra, Sagittarius)

You’ll be moving into a more collaborative energy that requires more communication. Your power is going to come in numbers, which may feel awkward for fire signs that typically feel independent. Be a part of the show.

Earth Sign placements (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

You’ll make some money; monetize and systematize to actually turn your ideas into a method. It’s not just abut doing it but creating it as something that can be turned into a resource and shared.

Air Sign placements (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

You’ll be the stars now. Your power will come from being the role model. Share your story. You have the transcendent leadership energy coming from Pluto. Think: here’s my new idea that transports you to a new dimension (without fear of being judged). Imagine the world is catching up to you. Take a jetpack ride and we’ll follow!

Water Sign placements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

You’ll be feeling the power of your emotional intelligence. Where you may have gone and cried alone and hid from the world in 2023, in 2024 you’ll be a leader teaching people to have challenging and difficult conversations, how to put words to things and to change them. Your power is exactly where you would like it to be, in your heart.

What We Can Expect in The Year of the Dragon

2024 in Chinese astrology is the Year of the Dragon, which begins on February 10 at the Lunar New Year.

It’s a Wood Dragon year, following a softer, water Rabbit year in 2023. The Year of the Dragon also mixes with Aquarius energy, Graham notes, with the Aquarius new moon.

Tali says the Rabbit is the ultimate prey: defenseless sometimes hiding (and is associated with Neptune, which is dreamy and sensitive). We’ve been hiding with our fluffles (groups of bunnies!) and it’s been nice, but it’s time to break out from that. The Dragon (associated with Mars, which is action-oriented, even aggressive) is about growth and breaking ground, upward movement.

“It’s a year to put your money where your mouth is,” Tali says about The Year of the Dragon’s energy for all of us. “The action plans will start to reveal themselves.”

People may even be a little aggressive, especially at the beginning of the year when The Year of the Dragon energy combined with a Mercury retrograde and Eclipse in Aries in April, and both Jupiter and Uranus coming together in Taurus. “April will be crazy!” Tali says.

Other astrology topics discussed in the Drunk Astrology podcast episode include:

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• Personal ways Graham and Tali will tap into their power in 2024!


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