The AstroTwins on the Mindfulmedicina Podcast Explore Passion, Purpose and Play by the Planets

Tali Edut, one half of The AstroTwins, is a guest on the Mindfulmedicina podcast to discuss how the planets of your chart shape important aspects of your life.

“Astrology is something that we have recognized to be such a healing factor of insight and of wisdom, that we can start to actually tune into ourselves and understand our passion, purpose play and more,” says Mindfulmedicina podcast host Dr. Jeannette Daneals, at the beginning of the episode: “The Astrology of Purpose, Passion and Play” (link to listen to the episode is below).

Mindfulmedicina tours the planets of a birth chart and romantic compatibility using Cosmic Love

Tali takes Dr. Jeannette and Mindfulmedicina co-host Janell Hartman through the sky, discussing what each planet represents in an astrology birthchart. Dr. Jeannette and Janell are both fans of The AstroTwins’ reality dating show on Amazon Prime, Cosmic Love.

“During the pandemic, astrology experienced a boom, because we’re all looking for answers outside of ourselves,” Tali explains about the creation of Cosmic Love. For years, people would ask The AstroTwins to do an astrology TV show, but the timing felt right with astrology knowledge-seekers on the upswing.

Tali says one of the fun things about creating and filming Cosmic Love is that after years of doing hundreds of readings, the zodiac signs that are supposedly “incompatible” are usually the ones that make the most interesting relationships. Tali and her AstroTwin, Ophi, used complete birth charts, not simply Sun signs, to build matches among the show’s cast.

A lot of astrology advice for romance looks only to the Sun sign (your birthday) or your sign’s astrology element (fire, earth, air, water) but that just scratches the surface. “sameness” is a misconception for compatibility, Tali tells the Medicalmedicina hosts. “It’s more interesting to find someone who brings out a dimension of you.”

You can learn all about the astrology of Cosmic Love here, and the astrology featured in every episode here (each episode is about an aspect of the birth chart, and each episode guide explains it in detail).

A helpful way to understand your astrology birth chart and what makes you unique

Not all sun signs are created equal, Tali tells the Mindfulmedicina podcast hosts, because you have an entire birth chart where every single planet is connected to a different zodiac sign in the sky when you were born. Only someone born at the same time as you will have the same chart. Even she and her twin, Ophi, have different charts because they were born minutes apart!

A helpful way to think of your birth chart is:
• The planets are the actors in the movie of your life
• The zodiac sign is the character they’re playing in the movie
• The astrological house is the stage the actors are on

Here is a easy primer for understanding the planets of your chart, your special cast of characters.

You can also cast a free birthchart on or visit the Cosmic Calculator section to find the position of any planet in your chart.

Other topics discussed on the Mindfulmedicina podcast

Mindfulmedicina podcast hosts Dr. Jeannette and Janell had a deep and interesting discussion about many topics covering passion, purpose and play using astrology. They also talked about how the outer planets shape generation and collective views on things such as work and mental health.

Other topics they explore on the podcast, which you can read more about at the links below:

• Your Sun sign is the essence of who you are.

Moon signs, which are the blueprint for your emotions. Also how these can make love connections.

• The inner planets of your chart and the roles they play in life and love: Mercury (communication), Venus (your dating tool), Mars (your sex drive). Tali says these are the relationship level planets we look to for compatibility.

• Your Rising sign. If you know the time of birth, you can find your Rising sign. The opposite is your Descendent, which is a great place to look for what you need from a relationship.

• The Lunar nodes, which aren’t planets but mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs, and how they shape your life purpose (and our collective purpose wherever the Nodes are; currently in Aries-Libra).

• The role of Saturn in your life, which marks rite of passages after you complete a tour of all 12 zodiac signs, which takes about 29-30 years. “Saturn gets such a bad rap,” Tali says. “But it’s a helpful boundary planet. It’s where we say enough! Saturn is the planet of discipline.” Learn about the Saturn Return here and how to understand this important milestone, and not fear it!

• The zodiac houses and how the planets in your chart are influenced by placement in them

2024 astrology explored on Mindfulmedicina

The timing of the Mindfulmedicina podcast coincided with the launch of The AstroTwins’ 2024 Horoscope book. Tali shared a few highlights with Dr. Jannette and Janell including all about:

2024 Eclipses
• 2024 is “The Year of Transcendent Leadership“, predicted by The AstroTwins.

Dr. Jannette said: “If [people] only knew how useful [astrology] is!”

“It’s a secret weapon for success,” Tali added.


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